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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Sunday, August 2, 2009

Onward and Upward

A Swallowtail Shawl-various angles

Proper lace shawl pictures!

A Swallowtail Shawl-various angles

And the requisite all spread out pic:

A Swallowtail Shawl-various angles

Yeah, I am totally going to have to make one for myself now. It's fun to wear (I took 50 pictures hee hee). My full photoset is here. BUT, I can't make it right now. First, the knitting bunnies must be appeased.

I am not sure if I am going to send these current bunnies off to get published or if I'll self publish. If I send it off--well mum's the word and NO pictures. Prolly just me bitching about the process. ;-)

Before I took all those lovely pictures, I nailed down some design ideas. And one shawl became two shawls. These will be full sized (not the teeny, shoulder shawl I just finished), but I do intend to make some smaller ones--prolly a lot more. They are better suited to the Texas climate. Anyhoo, two big shawls. One will be Scotland themed using this yarn:

Lorna's Lace Helen Lace Grays Corner

Helen's Lace by Lorna's Laces in Gray's Corner.

The other shawl will be rose themed using this:

Fare Baruffa - Pale Pink

Cashwool by Baruffa in Pale Pink.

(I really ought to retake the yarns picture...a bit blah don't ya think?)

I'll most likely start the Scottish one first since the yarn is all set to go, wound up and excited. This is also the first proper yarn I bought...also the most expensive and special to me. And the Scottish design as been in my head for YEARS.

My mom thought I should add some celtic cables as well...that's an idea...

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Swallowtail DONE

Well it's blocking. I don't consider it totally completely done until I can get nice pictures of the finished object (on Ravelry it shows 100%, but still shows "in progress")

Swallowtail Shawl

It took me nearly two years to finish. Sigh. It's such a little shawl, too. But, I got seriously distracted quite a few times. Hee.

I didn't alter the basic pattern, just added beads. (Full on description when I get finished pics)

On the edge

Alas it isn't for me. But I'll prolly make a Swallowtail for myself--I am itching to start another lace shawl-wonder if I'll be able to make it within a month. Part of me wants to just start now (I want to use some spare Claudia's Hand Painted Silk-from my Crayzee Scarf), then my guilty conscience is poking me. DESIGN!! You said that these two (the Adamas and this one) were your GET TO WORK!

If the light is good tomorrow and I feel up to pictures, I'll take some snazzy pictures of the scarf. (Not promising anything--this week's been rough.)

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Potlucks and Lace

this post was written under the influence of Dare Dukes.

Last night was my knitting groups monthly potluck...despite having brought my camera, it never made it out of the bag and so no pictures! Sad! But we had a marvelous time. We had planned a sort of pool side grill out. But it was rainy (YAY for rain, we are in heavy drought right now), so we moved inside and cooked our meat in the broiler.

It was so awesome seeing my knittahs again (I missed last month's potluck while on vacation) people came and missing people came! I particularly enjoyed the talk of old children's tales and the wonderful morality they taught.

I also discovered (much to Jamey's delight) a mistake in my Swallowtail sometime this week we shall have a lace surgery video to share. Jamey has been wanting a new, proper, video to put on the site. And DAMNED if I was going to make a mistake on purpose. LOL.

The Mistake

Now, I believe the mistake is a forgotten yarn over (marked by the red star). So it should be an easy fix. In theory.

Now to clear things up I did NOT make the mistake at the potluck...but sometime last week...or so...I think. Swallowtail is easy lace and easily knitted while talking about grotesque fairy tales.

I've got some really fun and awesome things on the horizon...I can NOT wait to tell you all about it. Can't right now since we are still working on the details, but it'll be fun. I promise.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So I am still knitting...

So tired today! But I did want to post pictures of my almost done Swallowtail Shawl. I've been knitting it since Dec 07....yeah, long over due for a shawl most knit up in a week. What can I say I am easily distracted.

So without any further ado: CAT SICK!!

Swallowtail Shawl

I am adding beading to the edging, yes I am at the edging I should be done (if I actually spend time knitting on it) with in a weeks time.

Swallowtail Shawl

If you ignore my hands and toes, you can sorta see what this lace is supposed to look like.

Swallowtail Shawl

I did say, "sorta see." It will be exquisite when it's done. Like all lace it looks like a mess of tangles and then with the magic of blocking it'll turn into a thing of delicate beauty.

I've also been working a bit on my crayzee scarf, because folks, what the hand knits the mind reflects.



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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vacation Knitting

As a knitter packing (getting ready) for vacation is a bit more involved that it is for the "muggles." Since we go to the same place every year, I already know the locations of all the area yarn shops. Before Ravelry I found them by searching online; now it's easy peasy using the myriad of Ravelry's search features and forums. It is a little known fact that vacation yarn doesn't count in a Yarn Diet. Grin. So for me what's left: what knitting to bring.

I am project whore. I have several going on at once, because for me different projects suit different moods and environments. Example: lace should not be worked while waiting in line at a post office, but a sock or are a simple patterned scarf--totally. Knowing I am going to have a 2 hour wait at a Doctor's office: break out the lace or difficult cables. Nevermind there are different projects that sooth a rumpled or excited spirit. Anyhoo, I must pack accordingly for vacation.

I already decided to start a new plain jane sock (out of that lovely Acaundadia sock yarn I bought last week)--that's gonna be my beach sock or talking with people sock...mindless...just keeps my hands busy. Now car knitting (since we are driving 24 hours to get to Virginia), I will need a varied amount of knitting. I will get bored so I need to have a variety of things to keep me occupied. I am thinking of bringing along my neglected Swallowtail Shawl. I am nearly done and I am working on border nupps (pronounced NUPS!! I am sorry in no way should it be pronounced noops, that us just SILLY. If it was MEANT to be pronounced NOOP then it would either be spelled noop or nupe!!! Sorry small side rant that has been bubbling up for quite awhile) and beading. My only "fear" or concern, is I may finish it while on vacation and will have to wait on blocking until I get home. Yes, stupid concern I know.

As I am trying to decide what to bring, I will invariably just bring all my current projects (at least the top six in my Ravelry project tab). I think the hardest part is to resist the urge to bring virgin yarn, all my Barbara Walker books, and the Knitting Bunnies. YES, the knitting bunnies are staying HOME!! This is a vacation after all...

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tiger Socks: An FO!!

Woot! Finally I finished something.

Tiger Socks

Mic's Tiger Socks (rav link with details). I finished them on Monday (Lorelei's birthday) while we were at the library.

Tiger SocksTiger SocksTiger Socks

What to work on next? My swallowtail is very close to being finished--I just need to work on the beading. Sandy thinks I should work on the Celtic Tote next. She has a good point. But I have the Austin Knit Out in a few days--it would be fun to arrive with a new shawl--IF I can get it finished. Hmmmm.

I did work on the Lace Ribbon Scarf--it's my only other project that is immediately available on the needles. I finished one ball of yarn. So now it's half way done.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Knitting Monogamy

So I am think of giving some monogamy in my knitting a try. I tend to have at least 5 knitting projects going on a one time...and I really don't spend a significant amount of time on any of them. Sorta just skipping around.

So I really don't get anything finished.

It's getting rather aggravating--especially when I don't feel right starting new projects because I have nothing finished.

But what to concentrate on, Lace Ribbon Scarf, Swallowtail Shawl, Tiger Socks, Celtic Tote or those two skinny lace scarves I have been working on my my little shop.

Lace Ribbon ScarfSwallowtail NubsTiger SockCeltic ToteTwisted Scarves

Jamey suggested I work on the project that is closest to the finish line. That would be the shawl, but it's in time out (I am beading the edging and the beads are giving me troubles--and I need to tink half a row). I think the socks are next, then the tote and skinny scarves. Course I am really loving the Ribbon Lace Scarf--so I don't want to stop knitting that. And knitting on plain jane vanilla socks doesn't sounds appealing.


I am hopeless.

Any suggestions?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Knitting Updates

I've made some good progress on my crayzee scarf--which let's you in on my mood lately. Sigh. Oh well, life is brightening and I am perking up. I am really LOVING this yarn, Claudia Hand Painted Lace in's so yummy.

Crayzee Scarf Back

The pattern on the reverse side (front? maybe--it'll depend on my mood when I start wearing it--some day) has been giving me trouble...mainly me forgeting to SSK or KTOG when I am supposed and me trying to ladder back.

Crayzee Scarf Front

On vacation when I went to On the Lamb (I just love that shop and it's owner--Joe is awesome), he pointed out that Claudia's Hand Painted yarns is just up the road 30 minutes away. I am sure the entire knitting world heard my jaw thunk to the ground, "Really?!?!" Sadly, we were leaving the very next day so there was no time for me to take a field trip. Next year? I am so going to Harrisonburg and try not to drool all over the yarn. And hopefully I'll have something to show them as well (yes another Knitting Bunny).

Speaking of On the Lamb, I nearly fainted when I saw the pile of malabrigo lace weight AND on SALE!! Woot! Forgetting (once again) that I am a knitting blogger, I neglected to take a picture of the lusciousness. But I did manage to rescue to skeins and brought them home with me.

Malabrigo in ChocolateMalabrigo in Orchid

I just want to eat them all up.

Yes, I have a small weakness for Malabrigo lace.

Once I finished, my Super Secret Project (to be unveiled soon), I was free to start this beauty. (Yes i also have a small weakness for scarves).

Lace Ribbon Scarf

It's Lace Ribbon Scarf (Rav link) by Veronik Avery. This is such a simple fun scarf. I barely need the pattern any more. Great semi-mindless knitting.

Not so mindless, the Swallowtail Shawl (Rav link). Now I understand the nubs do suck--I have had tink back trying to fix a nub gone wrong. I have cursed when a nub tried to go wrong. Bad BAD nub!! I am half way through the second set of nub horror and hopefully can finish soon.

Swallowtail Nubs

I am considering adding beads to the edging--I just need to find them. I have a sneaky suspicion Jamey borrowed them for his stitch holders. I am looking forward to having this off my needles.

Although I am not sure if I am going to start the Bee Fields Shawl (rav link) or if I want to start a shawl of my own design. I guess it depends on my level of laziness. Grin.

Before I leave for today, I wanted to show you a work of art from Jamey's Grand Mother. I love it (although I may replace the buttons).

Bed Capelet

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Monday, July 21, 2008

A Tinking I Will Go


This is something I can not fix. I tried to fix it--I started out with two less stitches than I was supposed to have--and it just opened up a can of words. I am not sure what I did. So I must tink...all the way down to that 3rd nub. I am NOT looking forward to this. I figured out how to fix lace mistakes so I wouldn't have to tink, but must be done.

It's too late tonight to tink tonight, so I'll have to do it tomorrow.


I am also goign through some knitting blahs...and this is definitely NOT helping.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birdy's Knits is Famouz!

One of my good knitting friends, Brenda dropped me a line last night, telling me that my swiffer cloths was mentioned on a podcast on Sunday. Moi? Little ol' me? (I have to say that Brenda did email me as soon as she heard it and some how that email either didn't get to me or my brain lost it--it's been known to happen! So she emailed me again about it last night).

Any hoo the pod cast is here, at Knitting at Night episode 35 (corresponding blog with links). Sweet sweet Casey lovingly mentioned them toward the end of the podcast.

This was actually the first time I ever listened to a podcast and I have to thank Brenda and Casey for potentially starting a new obsession. While listening to the podcast I found my self wondering...hmmm, could I do one too? Nah...actually I hate my speaking voice and I would be worried about my speech fluency--lately it's been really bothering me. AND REALLY do I need one more thing on my plate?? I _don't_think_so.

I am chucking away at the Swallowtail shawl--about thirty more rows left--woot!! I am tired of it being a work in progress (WIP) and I have to admit I am using it to procrastinate a certain super secret project.

Today I also worked on a video for some lace surgery. Sadly my heart wasn't really in to it and consequently my head wasn't there either. The repair is on a very lacy bit, so it's gonna take more brain cells than I had available today.

Here's to brain cells speaking to each other tomorrow!!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where's Birdy?

Yeah, I have been incommunicado this week. I took a lot of knitting pictures, but kept them hostage in the camera. I wanted to just take one_more_picture. So I have several different subjects today.

Last Monday (gee the last time I blogged), I helped Anne cast on her toe up socks. Judy's Magic Cast On can be finicky for average fingers, but when one has RA--it can be nearly impossible. I knit the toe, increases and all and handed it off to her once the straight knitting started. I am a tight sock knitter and so the toes were very much cast iron toes. She couldn't poke her needle through my toes, but she could once she had knitted enough. Grin.

Cast Iron Toes

I just love the color.

I also started my crayzee scarf inspired by Amy Singer from Knitty. She's started hers back in the beginning of the year and I am sure you remember me ranting about how crazy she was and how if I ever even expressed interest in doing it too--to make sure my husband carted me off to the looney bin. Well...I went off the deep end and started one of my own. (Although I didn't stash dive, but had to BUY some new lace weight)

Crayzee Scarf

It's so beautiful. I found the yarn, Claudia's Hand Painted Silk Lace) at Hill Country Weavers. And it inspired me to move past pure stockinette and do a solid pattern on one side. The dark teal just screams scales, so I modified a dragon scale pattern for the other side of the scarf. So one side stockinette, with two faux seams (p1, k1, p1) and the dragon scale. It's maddening.

Crayzee Scarf

I love it. Yep that's a penny. And I am about an inch into it now. I hope to show you the other patterned side once I get some more repeats of the dragon scale.

Yes, this is meant to be a long term project.

Speaking of which--I started knitting on the Swallowtail shawl again.

Swallowtail Center

I have finished the main bud pattern and am working my way through the first lily of the valley edge border. I must say I am loving the nupps.

Swallowtail Nubs

Yes, it does look a bit like cat sick, but once it's finished and blocked--it'll be exquisite. And I am not sure who the recipient is going to be...


I am still working on several projects I am not at liberty to discuss---which probably explains my bloggy silence. I kept some knitting updates under my belt so I can blog again tomorrow with something fresh...grin.

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Monday, June 2, 2008


Happy June y'all. I don't have much to show you knitting wise because half of it is boring (me being a slow knitter and all there's really no new progress shots to show you--they look they same) and half of it is top secret Super Secret Projects (the kind I could show you but then I'd have to kill you type--heh). Because I HATE being bored, I have pretty much exclusively been knitting on the SSP and not on the boring stuff that if had not gotten so bored--they would have been FOs. Smirk.

I also dropped a bunch of stitches on my Swallowtail Shawl--and haven't had clarity of mind to repair it (ha I don't frog!! I do lace surgery!!). But then I figured: I can finally show you how I repair lace! HA! So now I have to wait for quiet. (No one wants to hear the Wiggles or Bunnytown while listening to a knitting video.) Depending on how long it goes--I could easily put it on flickr or if it runs over the 90 second allotment (poot) I'll see about something else--perhaps Vimeo or YouTube (I am leaning toward Vimeo.

So tomorrow you'll have a video!

And in other news: Guess what Micci has???!?!?!

His very FIRST loose tooth!! Isn't that awesome!! We discovered it when he took a bite of pizza at lunch today--he bit and said OW!!

I am looking forward to holding him down and yanking it out in a couple days--although Mic wants to let an apple or a carrot take care of it for him ;-)

In other other news. For fans of my other blog--it's obviously down very down. This weekend--one of the transformers blew at the site of my hosting. And while the data is all there--the electricity is not. So stay tuned and I'll let you know when my personal blog (ya know where I rant and rave about politics and the family) is up.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Knitting for Nerves

Last night I was very tense and anxious. (Don't ask me why--and now I can't blame hormones). My neck was incredibly tense. All I wanted was to relax. For me: the prescription is to knit with some lace weight (weird, yes, but for some reason it makes me relax). The kicker? Could_not_find_it! WTF!?

So I dig out my I-Pod from purse (and wash off all the chocolate that has somehow found their way all over the darn thing--doot doot!) and listen to some Joshua Tree. The GOOD stuff. But I really need my lace.

My neck is still incredibly sore. Oh well.

Yesterday, the kids and I spent the day with Anne (at her house) and then went to our weekly knit meet up at Starbucks (and dinner elsewhere). I bribed the kids with milk shakes and chocolate milk.

Mic's shake

Lori and her milk

It worked. Mostly.

We had a nice time talking and knitting. It was hot sure, but there was a nice breeze. I got to work on both my super secret projects. I am still not totally sure where they will go, but that are both chucking along. And they are admired.

Although, I am pretty sure that THIS might be why I had a head ache.


Both kids were less than stellar at the restaurant. I left a good tip at least.

My neck is still killing me and after I publish this post I am going to try to knit away the stress (I did find my lace--yip yip!).

On some blog related business: thank y'all for commenting in regards to my various questions and queries. Very helpful and makes me feel read. ;-)

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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Weekend

This weekend was awesome and exhausting. We had our monthly pot luck. Everyone admired my socks and new Rav shirt and I even sold some stitch markers! The food was great and the gabbing was terrific. So awesome in fact that no one noticed when the clock struck midnight, then 1 am then---we finally noticed at nearly 2 am the time. Thankfully, Anne and I only had a short drive home, the other live across town. I took just a few pictures...lot's of incriminating pictures with a certain fervently childless knitter who seemed to be quite taken with a certain baby.

I was exhausted because well I didn't get home till 2 am and the kids were still UP! I put them to bed and then I went to bed, but they did not stay in bed. Sigh. So I was up at 7 am, when the kids got really loud because after all the sun was up! So I stayed on the couch in semi comatose state.

And if you peeked in here and read my twitters, I cooked my very first pot roast in my new crock pot (which I learned later was not the first time...I made it YEARS ago--but really if I can't remember the first time--then it doesn't count, does it?). It came out awesome! I cooked the meat and potatoes, carrots and onions with some merlot, garlic, salt and pepper, Quimby's pepper mix, fresh thyme and tarragon. I had to eat it by my self because Jamey had to work late--but it worked for him to when he came home.

This weekend I worked on the Samara scarf. Got raves for my super secret project. And frogged and re-knitted a wrap I am knitting with that blue mohair with silver bits in it yarn. And of course worked on the tiger sock some more (it's an awesome chat with the girls about all sorts of inappropriate things project).

I really want to start the design work on my Spring Stole. So far I have a sketch in my mind and now I need to translate that to charts and to yarn. BUT, I need to finish the Swallowtail Shawl, to free up my lace needles. Of course I could just move my stagnating MS3 to a holder (or fix it and finish it!)

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Monday, May 12, 2008

No Knitting for Mother's Day

I've been in a mood--since yesterday. I blame stress, my cycle, and aggravating words from a "friend." I vegged on Mother's Day--I wasn't even up to knitting. I forced my self to knit two rows on the swallowtail shawl. I have been neglecting that shawl shockingly.


This morning I decided to finally join Twitter [see red box on the side bar] (makes sense--I always have some silly small thing to say--why not broadcast that too). I may get a cell phone soon (yes I know one of the few people left in the free world to get one) and it'll be fun to blog from my cellphone.

A. and I took the kids to the Witte Museum--her son in law came too--so we got some knitting time in while he chased the kids. I am looking forward to some quiet knitting tonight. cross your fingers for me

We did stop by the Yarn Barn--eh, I am reserving finally judgment until they move to the new location this summer. I like the increased floor space, not crazy with the pattern storage (hidden away in binders) and yarn selection I am hoping will improve at the new locale, which will be on San Pedro, near Jackson Keller--it's going to take over a day care.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008


I swear I have been going to my local yarn shops (lys) more often than I thought I ever would--thanks to Anne I am going at least once a week. Sometimes just to look or support, but more often than not something comes home with me. Yesterday was a bumper day: we went to BOTH LYS here in SA (yeah it's a tragedy we only have two). I held out at the "Yarn Barn (I've been there so often this month I have already bought what I wanted), for some yarny goodness at Yarnivore.


Pure Silk by Debbie Bliss

I bought silk--pure 100% silk--finally. I have been terribly afraid to buy some. It is a tad expensive and I am terrified the kids or me will destroy it.

When I saw this sitting in it's little cubby at Yarnivore I knew it's destiny! And perhaps it'll be a super secret destiny!

My quandary? I want to start it NOW!! I have the pattern envisioned (mostly-I am still trying to figure out an edging--oo a clue!). But I am still banging my head against the wall with Lori's sock (still can't remember my special cast off) and of course theres all the other beauties hanging on to my needles (see that side bar--it's enormous!)...never mind my Leafy Spring Stole! I am dying to start that one as well. Of course I could start it once I finish the garter for Anne--and I really need to hurry up an finish the Swallowtail Shawl.

I love blogs--I just talked my self down. I will be patient and start the SSP after I finish the garter. And I NEED to finish that shawl. Heck I need to finish everything on that pesky side bat of mine.

On funny story from Yarnivore. I am not sure how long we spent there...a far amount. Lori enjoyed playing with the dollies and legos provided at the store, but then got bored and started running around giggling like a mad thing. Finally we get the hint and pay. And knowing us yarnies--it still takes a while to leave cause we're still talking. Meanwhile, I am chasing Lori around and scoop her up in my arms. And she's chewing on something. I never gave her gum or candy?

"Lori what are you eating? Open up!"


Yes folks, I pull a wad of roving (pink and purple unspun merino and possibly silk) from her silly little mouth. I guess the child need more fiber in her diet.

I offered to pay for the ruined wad; but Melanie told me not worry about it and tossed the icky wad into the trash.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Feeling Lacey

Working on Anne's shawl made me yearn for some real lace. So I picked up the Swallowtail Shawl to work on during the storms we had yesterday. (After the parched winter we NEEDED a good soak--it rained all day, had a nice quiet power outage--no loud children's shows--, and then some high powered winds) I think I am nearly to the half way point--a few more repeats. But then again--I could be wrong--I need to do a stitch count to be sure.

Lace was particularily calming when The Mood hit me like a brick yesterday. I texted my husband to "Pleeeeeeeeeeease bring home chocolate." When he came in he asked how i was feeling and said--ick--I was beginning to get a headache. To which replied, "Maybe you don't need the chocolate then."

"Sure, if you want to see my head start spinning around! Gimme!!"

No new pics--since the weather was so dark yesterday.

But knitting the shawl woke up some knitting bunnies so I sketched some notes for a stole that's been in my head for a while now. Once the needles I am using on the shawl are free: I am off to start Spring Stole (tentatively titled). Yippy skippy!!

On a side note: I am trying to convince hubs to let me go to the Yarn Barn for some needles...wish me luck!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mistakes Abound

Yesterday when I collapsed on a sofa at the museum (while the kids explored the science tree house), I pulled out some knitting. First my heart sock since it is terribly late. I was only able to do a half round because I lost my special tooth pick cable holder. (It IS only a tooth pick, but it was sanded just right.) So I put the sock back and pulled out the celtic tote. I hadn't worked on it in a good two weeks (more sock love) and then I realised I had forgotten a decrease row two rows back. I was too exhausted to fix it (I told you I had collapsed on the couch.) In my knitting bag went the tote. LACE! I'll work on the swallowtail. Yeah for Birdy lace equals relaxation. I miss knitting with lace weight. I am hoping to get back to it soon. After all I knit all the socks I promised.

I still don't know how I am going to knit up Micci's tiger socks. Not sure what sort of heel and if I do a flap I need to decide on a gusset increase. Thank goodness I decided to do plain stockinette! Or I would be in another circle of hell trying to decide a stitch pattern.

I am still ignoring a small error in my gusset increase in this current sock. I am hoping the one row diff won't make a big diff...

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Code Blue!!

Once again--Dr. Birdy is being paged.

I dropped a mess of stitches on the Swallowtail on row 5 on the 7th repeat of the second chart. Causation? Improper securing of circulars.

Luckily in lace surgery, although prep must be done ASAP, the actual procedure can be put off. You want to be calm, cool and collected when you are messing with fine thread. I noticed I dropped the stitches when I pulled out my knitting after dinner...I was so looking forward to quietly knitting lace. Instead I worked a few rows on the Celtic Tote.

And collected myself.

I didn't take pictures of the surgery because I have no good way to photograph it without major blurry issues (and the good camera has low batteries). And it just may be too graphic for some was a mite ugly this time around. It was a new pattern, 2 decrease stitches and a some yarn overs. 3.5 rows down as well...not too deep...I've done deeper in the Adamas, but I knew the Adamas. I actually had to go back once and redo. But ya know what--you can't tell I fubar'd.

I really wish I could explain the surgery--a big part of it is experience and a knowledge of how the stitches fit together. You need to see the big picture AND the little picture. And now I am making it sound all hoighty-toighty--see--suck as a knitting instructor.

Hmmm--next time I drop a ton of stitches I'll wait until day light and see about documenting the grisly details.

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Monday, December 31, 2007

It is FINISHED!!!!! and on to new things.

Yes, I do think that the number of exclamation marks are quite necessary. The Adamas Shawl is finished! I finished it on Saturday, blocked it, snapped a few pics, and now I am ignoring it while it quietly tells me--YOU NEED TO WEAVE IN THE ENDS!

It took me over 4 hours to cast off and 2 hours to block it with my new dressing wires. Most of the time was spent arranging the beads just right.

Here's pictures of the blocking.

Adamas Blocking

Adamas BlockingAdamas BlockingAdamas BlockingAdamas Blocking

The final product!

Beaded Adamas Shawl Beaded Adamas

Beaded Adamas - Detail 1Beaded Adamas - Detail 2

As soon as I finished the knitting bunny tackled me and cut his way in line and I started knitting the Celtic Tote from Interweave Knits Winter 2007.

It's also on Ravelry as well--all the specs and the hordes that have begun knitting this up. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I am knitting it using the same yarn as KnitMongrel. I love the way the bag looks old in these colours. I was tempted to knit it in red, but I like these neutral shades.

Patons - Merino; NaturalPatons - Merino; Chestnut Brown

I bought the yarn using my Michael's gift card that Jamey got me for Christmas. They are having a 30% off yarn sale this week. If you care to peruse my flickr yarn set, you'll see the haul. I got yarn for more Lorelei hats and a cardiganette for me as well.

I spent hours last night winding the yarn for my Swallowtail Shawl from Interweave Knits Fall 2006, designed by Evelyn A. Clark. It was horrifyingly annoying and I am getting a swift! I can wind it myself--but trying to use my arm and knee as a swift was getting on my last nerve. Didn't help that the yarn had three breaks! In any case, I was able to cast on and complete the first chart this morning. I need to snap a picture of it for Ravelry and of course for your benefit beloved reader.

I need to finish the Swallowtail asap--I've heard of people knitting this up in a week or two. So that'll get my full attention, as it is a gift. Maybe someday I'll actually knit a shawl for me. I plan to knit on the Celtic Tote when I need a good travel project.

Oh shoot--I still need to start the socks for my niece. Heck I need to finish the gauge swatch and finish up the numbers for the design. Knitting bunnies may be cute and irresistible, but they sure are rascally.

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