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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not So Crazy

I am feeling less overwhelmed today. I now think it IS conceivable to accomplish all the knitting I set for myself this month and the next--EVEN with NaNoWriMo.

Yesterday I finished Granny's Shawl.

Granny's Comfort Shawl


Anne helped me crochet the top stablising border, while I tried to perform lace surgery on her Tussah Silk leaf wrap.

Anne's Mess

Lesson to all knitters knitting with silk, especially Tussah Silk: life lines! I could not for the life of me fix the mistake in Anne's project. The silk was too sticky and too inflexible to ladder down and repair. Because of the stickiness, Anne didn't realise that she didn't catch a stitch...until 10 rows or so. And then it just exploded.

So I left her to tink it back.

I have started the felted slippers that are also for Granny. Slipper one is half done and it's only taken me less than an hour! See there is LIGHT!! I also am nearly done with Elly Phant! I just need to graft one ear and knit the second!!

The Shawl, you'll want particulars.

Granny's Comfort Shawl

Pattern: Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl (Rav Page and my Ravelry Project Page).
Yarn: Marble Chunky, a little under two skeins.
Needles: US size 13 Denise Interchangeables.
Finished Size: Fits a size 65 inch woman.
Modifications: Some. I didn't garter stitch the center double row of eyelets.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Extreme Lace Surgery

I know I have promised you a lace surgery video. Bad Birdy. Well, actually bad Jamey. In order to get the right angle for you to see the surgery we had to shot it upside down. And Jamey needs to edit the video so it'll be right side up. Jamey has been so busy--he hasn't had a spare moment. So not really his fault. Just how things happen.

But very soon I shall have another lace video for you, but this time I am kicking it up a notch. This will indeed EXTREME lace surgery...with actual cutting involved.

Yikes. I know.

This is the patient.

Swan Lake or MS3

I stopped knitting this September 2007, after discovering that I snagged and broke a stitch. NEVER wear rings when you are knitting and showing off your lace work!!! LEARN FROM ME!!!

Choices-the knot is STARING at me!!

I knotted up the two broken ends so ti wouldn't completely unravel. And when i felt up to it...I would SOMEHOW fix it. And so I put it away. Why finish it when it could all fall apart? The knot is NOT very secure. The alpaca I used is slippery when knotted.

I took it out recently, after all I have grown a lot in skill these two years, to see if I could fix it. Well I can't splice it...the ends are too short and the yarn I am not sure it would hold up to it and it did unravel a teeny bit so I would have to rework the ends. And I CERTAINLY can not live with a knot. No one would see it but me...but DUDE I would know!

There is the knot

I will NOT frog it! Two feet of lace? No way will I frog all that work...that's beyond me. So...


this is where I will graft a new knitted tip. I shall cut and unravel and redo!!

Not today because I had to leave for a BBQ two minutes ago. But tomorrow or the next day and I shall have a video for the cutting and unraveling and place onto a needle or holder. Then at some later point I will show you how I graft the new tip (after I knit the tip). I am doing it in two steps so far apart, to basically pace myself. Otherwise the stress of it all might be the end of me.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Of Lost Videos and Found Yarn

Today I recorded some video of my lace surgery. But no one will get to see it. At first, I thought the video was lost. I had taken three showed up, one was not even a second in length, and the third was GONE. Poof. Disappeared.

So I swore and grumped, then got over it.

THEN I found the third video. But then I watched it. 90% of the video is of my very freckly shoulder.


I have two options right now: I can wait until I make another mistake (I surely will) or I can enlist the help of my husband as the cameraman to hold the camera over my head away from my shoulder, make sure the lace is in focus and I can ladder back down AGAIN and pretend that I didn't fix the mistake at all.

If I chose the later, I may have video for your on Friday. The former? Well who knows the next time I make a mistake...could be tomorrow...or in several weeks.

No video today, but I do have yarn pr0n.

Manos Silky Blend

I bought this Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend from Yarnivore on Sunday during the good bye party for one of my knitty friends. Not sure if I am going to make one of the scarves that is SO very popular to be made with this yarn...or something else...I was thinking perhaps something vesty.

So this made me think though. WHY DO I KEEP BUYING YARN!! I put myself on a yarn diet. I don't need any more...I have enough knitting bunnies chewing up my brains to give them more fertile ground with all this new yarn.

THIS is the yarn I have been buying since I put myself on a yarn diet.

Recently purchased yarn

And every one of those skeins were bought with some sort of rationale why I NEEDED the yarn despite being on a yarn diet. (I did forget to include the yarn I bought at Myrtle Beach, tho). Okay that green yarn, bought in Alexandria at Knit Happens: it's vacation yarn. The big hank of red Baruffa Cashwool is also vacation yarn, bought from Aylse Woolgather's. The gold bamboo and red lace cake (it's alpaca) was WHIBSIB yarn. The yarn cake in the cool autumn colours and the red Malabrigo I bought while I was up in Austin seeing the Yarn Harlot. It's all special!!! The pink in the back...well that WAS an impulse buy months ago at Yarnivore.

I really need to stop buying yarn...

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Potlucks and Lace

this post was written under the influence of Dare Dukes.

Last night was my knitting groups monthly potluck...despite having brought my camera, it never made it out of the bag and so no pictures! Sad! But we had a marvelous time. We had planned a sort of pool side grill out. But it was rainy (YAY for rain, we are in heavy drought right now), so we moved inside and cooked our meat in the broiler.

It was so awesome seeing my knittahs again (I missed last month's potluck while on vacation) people came and missing people came! I particularly enjoyed the talk of old children's tales and the wonderful morality they taught.

I also discovered (much to Jamey's delight) a mistake in my Swallowtail sometime this week we shall have a lace surgery video to share. Jamey has been wanting a new, proper, video to put on the site. And DAMNED if I was going to make a mistake on purpose. LOL.

The Mistake

Now, I believe the mistake is a forgotten yarn over (marked by the red star). So it should be an easy fix. In theory.

Now to clear things up I did NOT make the mistake at the potluck...but sometime last week...or so...I think. Swallowtail is easy lace and easily knitted while talking about grotesque fairy tales.

I've got some really fun and awesome things on the horizon...I can NOT wait to tell you all about it. Can't right now since we are still working on the details, but it'll be fun. I promise.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Extreme Knitting Surgery

My heart did drop to my feet and I did gasp when I saw this blog entry from TurtleGirl.

Oh my GOD--49 rows!!!

This folks IS extreme Knitting Surgery.


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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birdy's Knits is Famouz!

One of my good knitting friends, Brenda dropped me a line last night, telling me that my swiffer cloths was mentioned on a podcast on Sunday. Moi? Little ol' me? (I have to say that Brenda did email me as soon as she heard it and some how that email either didn't get to me or my brain lost it--it's been known to happen! So she emailed me again about it last night).

Any hoo the pod cast is here, at Knitting at Night episode 35 (corresponding blog with links). Sweet sweet Casey lovingly mentioned them toward the end of the podcast.

This was actually the first time I ever listened to a podcast and I have to thank Brenda and Casey for potentially starting a new obsession. While listening to the podcast I found my self wondering...hmmm, could I do one too? Nah...actually I hate my speaking voice and I would be worried about my speech fluency--lately it's been really bothering me. AND REALLY do I need one more thing on my plate?? I _don't_think_so.

I am chucking away at the Swallowtail shawl--about thirty more rows left--woot!! I am tired of it being a work in progress (WIP) and I have to admit I am using it to procrastinate a certain super secret project.

Today I also worked on a video for some lace surgery. Sadly my heart wasn't really in to it and consequently my head wasn't there either. The repair is on a very lacy bit, so it's gonna take more brain cells than I had available today.

Here's to brain cells speaking to each other tomorrow!!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How I Learned How to Love Stockinette

I've been feeling pretty blah and tired these past few days. But I did manage to knit a bit. Not much though, however I do have lot's of pictures: go figure!

New Bag

I got myself another knitting bag. Like my husband said, I don't need another one, but I saw it and it was pretty. I didn't think I'd be able to find another one like it again. Grin.

Crayzee Scarf

I got lot's more done on the scarf...well...a few rows at least. I also have enough know to show y'all the scale pattern I am knitting on the flip side.

Crayzee Scarf
Crayzee Scarf

I really love the color and the pattern. This scarf really is teaching me the loveliness of stockinette. I am now looking forward to the straight knit bits rather than the pattern.

And it's so utterly soft.

Anne dropped off her Dem Fischer again...she needs my lace surgery skills once again.

A Lace Fix

From how she went on I thought it was a huge mistake. But it's very small. An easy fix.

A closer look

I could repair it now in five minutes, but I want to try doing another lace surgery video so tomorrow I am going to work on both.

I've been feeling pretty sucky for a few days. I haven't been sleeping right...going to bed very late and waking up very late. It had me very drained. Even so, going to bed at a "decent" hour was incredibly hard. I tossed and turned for over an hour and a half. But managed to drag my arse out of bed before 9 am.

I think these helped.


Twelve beautiful things from my dear husband.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

As Promised

I apologise in advance for the bad lighting on the video. I like to do lace surgery after everyone is asleep. I did learn a very important thing while taping this video: I NEED A TRIPOD. I tried several different ways to hold up the camera: balanced in on the couch, the armrest, on some legos, on a tray. I ended up balancing the camera in up my bra. That was interesting.

In any case this lace surgery was very easy and simple. So it's a short video, about 2 and a half minutes.


Lace Surgery from Birdy Evans on Vimeo.


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Monday, June 2, 2008


Happy June y'all. I don't have much to show you knitting wise because half of it is boring (me being a slow knitter and all there's really no new progress shots to show you--they look they same) and half of it is top secret Super Secret Projects (the kind I could show you but then I'd have to kill you type--heh). Because I HATE being bored, I have pretty much exclusively been knitting on the SSP and not on the boring stuff that if had not gotten so bored--they would have been FOs. Smirk.

I also dropped a bunch of stitches on my Swallowtail Shawl--and haven't had clarity of mind to repair it (ha I don't frog!! I do lace surgery!!). But then I figured: I can finally show you how I repair lace! HA! So now I have to wait for quiet. (No one wants to hear the Wiggles or Bunnytown while listening to a knitting video.) Depending on how long it goes--I could easily put it on flickr or if it runs over the 90 second allotment (poot) I'll see about something else--perhaps Vimeo or YouTube (I am leaning toward Vimeo.

So tomorrow you'll have a video!

And in other news: Guess what Micci has???!?!?!

His very FIRST loose tooth!! Isn't that awesome!! We discovered it when he took a bite of pizza at lunch today--he bit and said OW!!

I am looking forward to holding him down and yanking it out in a couple days--although Mic wants to let an apple or a carrot take care of it for him ;-)

In other other news. For fans of my other blog--it's obviously down very down. This weekend--one of the transformers blew at the site of my hosting. And while the data is all there--the electricity is not. So stay tuned and I'll let you know when my personal blog (ya know where I rant and rave about politics and the family) is up.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Lace Doctor is IN

Once again I forgot to properly document a lace surgery. I didn't think of taking a before picture of the lace with all the dropped stitches, until I was nearly finished fixing it.

Fixed Dim Fischer

I am quite proud of myself though--this is my friend Anne's shawl and I have never worked with this pattern before or studied the pattern before today. Yet it's all fixed and looks beautiful. I don't think you can tell where I re-knitted the dropped stitches. (They are the ones that are on the needle--about 3 or 4 rows down).

Fixed Dim Fischer Close Up

I am still working on Lorelei's sock--rather staring at it and thinking about working on it. It's annoying working on the fix without being about to lie the problem flat.

Purple N**s

Stop LOOKING at me!

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Whistling Dixie

I am wondering if I have totally lost it. I've been ignoring Lorelei's sock ever since I laddered down...I have to be in the right mood and it has to be very quiet in my house for me to repair lace work. I am wondering if I bit off more than I can chew--especially when I counted the rows I laddered: twelve! Ack!

I think part of the problem is that I can't really stretch the area out it's easy to loose the "rungs" of yarn.

I am also hungering for some reallace. The kind with itty bitty airy yarn. Sigh, but I have to sneak it around Lori--she's quite the task mistress.

And I totally forgot to tell James to upload the Swiffer Cloth pattern when he came home. He setup the shop and I have NO idea how he uploads the patterns.

Back to the mine of lace sock repair--actually I lied--it's off to bed. I am still getting over the stomach bug and I am wiped.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Code Blue!!

Once again--Dr. Birdy is being paged.

I dropped a mess of stitches on the Swallowtail on row 5 on the 7th repeat of the second chart. Causation? Improper securing of circulars.

Luckily in lace surgery, although prep must be done ASAP, the actual procedure can be put off. You want to be calm, cool and collected when you are messing with fine thread. I noticed I dropped the stitches when I pulled out my knitting after dinner...I was so looking forward to quietly knitting lace. Instead I worked a few rows on the Celtic Tote.

And collected myself.

I didn't take pictures of the surgery because I have no good way to photograph it without major blurry issues (and the good camera has low batteries). And it just may be too graphic for some was a mite ugly this time around. It was a new pattern, 2 decrease stitches and a some yarn overs. 3.5 rows down as well...not too deep...I've done deeper in the Adamas, but I knew the Adamas. I actually had to go back once and redo. But ya know what--you can't tell I fubar'd.

I really wish I could explain the surgery--a big part of it is experience and a knowledge of how the stitches fit together. You need to see the big picture AND the little picture. And now I am making it sound all hoighty-toighty--see--suck as a knitting instructor.

Hmmm--next time I drop a ton of stitches I'll wait until day light and see about documenting the grisly details.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I am getting WAY too good

No, I am not putting on airs. I mean, once again I slipped a ton of lace stitches off my needle and I have to perform more lace surgery. I just did minor surgery last night.

Well at least I have had practising fixing lace. I have my tools: a few size 0 dpns, a crichet hook and a bunch of pins.

Tonight I slipped more than a few, luckily it's not too deep. It should be an easy fix. In an effort to be interesting, I'll try adding pictures...

Here's a link to a prior lace surgery from my old blog.


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