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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Thursday, September 3, 2009


I totally forgot to write about my yarny adventure with good friend T. from Houston. She was in town vacationing right before school two weeks ago. She had a free day and asked us SA girls if we could show her the sights (I kinda got thrown into planning it--a bit unexpected, but I rose to the challenge, hee hee). We (A., B.J, and K.) took her to both of the San Antonio yarn shops, Yarn Barn and Yarnivore, and dragged her up to Boerne to Rosewood Yarns (I had never been and I had been wanted to get some Denise Cords).

I of course brought my camera but took just one picture. Yeah, brilliant, I know! But it was just one of those, DUDE! Moments...


It was across from the Chinese place where we had lunch.

So, first stop was Yarn Barn. Lovely store! Nice sock yarns, nice handmaiden...I did sorta convinced T. to buy some Handmaiden Sea Silk. I didn't twist her arm or anything...but I can be slightly persuasive. Grin. She got a gorgeous rainbow coloured hank. And she let me pet it in the car too...I was told to get a private room next time I want to "pet" yarn. What can I say: I LOVE Handmaiden!!! She pretty much blew her budget...not just on Handmaiden...but dude vacation yarn DOESN'T count toward the budget or the diet!!! It's a law or something. Hee.

We tried to check out a highly recommended Chinese Buffet across from Yarnivore, but found it shuttered up. Sigh. So we went to a sit down Chinese place instead. (Don't try their egg drop--shudder!!) Yarnivore was awesome! as always. I bought a little hank of yarn for a Super Secret Project for Next Summer. It's gorgeous! It matches my hair! (But was a ROYAL bitch to wind!!) I (and B.J. K. and A.) then knitted while T. shopped some more--like I said vacation yarn doesn't count!!

Next we drove up to Boerne. It's about 30 minutes or less outside of San Antonio. After a few minutes of confusion we found Rosewood Yarns. Wow. I have GOT to go back!! With MONEY! They had some BEAUTIFUL lace weight silk I was slobbering all over. The vibrance of the colours...nearly made me weep. Yes, I have a soft spot for silk...a big huge all encompassing soft spot. I quickly grabbed my Denise Cords (I needed long ones for Granny's Shawl) and set to knitting, as not to be distracted and lured by the pretty silks.

Then we went to get ice cream, while T. ducked in an Irish shop. And look what she bought us (on sale mind you!).


So cute!!! It's big enough to be a sock bag or just a notions kit. Awesomeness! It even came with a matching pen. And look at the ZIPPER pull!

So cute!

The cuteness!!!

We had such a great time. I love hanging out with my knitterly friends. Thanks to LSSK-I have so many AWESOME, fantastic knitterly friends ALL OVER TEXAS. I am truly blessed. The Hill Country Yarn Crawl is coming up next month. I am dragging my mate Phisto to this. SHE has a yarn stash that fits into an ottoman. WHAT? Into an ottoman? I am totally going to rectify this on the Crawl. Hee.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Potlucks and Lace

this post was written under the influence of Dare Dukes.

Last night was my knitting groups monthly potluck...despite having brought my camera, it never made it out of the bag and so no pictures! Sad! But we had a marvelous time. We had planned a sort of pool side grill out. But it was rainy (YAY for rain, we are in heavy drought right now), so we moved inside and cooked our meat in the broiler.

It was so awesome seeing my knittahs again (I missed last month's potluck while on vacation) people came and missing people came! I particularly enjoyed the talk of old children's tales and the wonderful morality they taught.

I also discovered (much to Jamey's delight) a mistake in my Swallowtail sometime this week we shall have a lace surgery video to share. Jamey has been wanting a new, proper, video to put on the site. And DAMNED if I was going to make a mistake on purpose. LOL.

The Mistake

Now, I believe the mistake is a forgotten yarn over (marked by the red star). So it should be an easy fix. In theory.

Now to clear things up I did NOT make the mistake at the potluck...but sometime last week...or so...I think. Swallowtail is easy lace and easily knitted while talking about grotesque fairy tales.

I've got some really fun and awesome things on the horizon...I can NOT wait to tell you all about it. Can't right now since we are still working on the details, but it'll be fun. I promise.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The End and the Beginning

Last night was my knitting clubs monthly potluck: once again no piccies. Saturday was so high energy, I was too pooped to snap. I had taken nearly 70 pictures that afternoon of the Aegis scarf, I took about 50 more today. Not sure if I am happy with how they turned out.

Aegis a scarf

The pattern WILL be up Monday. I have to decide what pictures I want to use in publishing it and polish up the formatting in the pattern as well.

So I'll ask y'all a question (or two): What do you like to see in pattern pictures? What is it that makes or breaks whether you'll buy/knit up a pattern based in the image?

Last night, I was finally persuaded to take the dive and join I did in spades. I joined both as an individual and a business so look for me (if ya want) as Birdy Evans or Birdy's Knits. So far I feel lost and I am a definite newbie. And since we are on the subject of social networks, I am also on MySpace, as the same.

Now that I am finished with Aegis and before I start a new design, I decided to start some socks. I decided upon the Bettie's Lace Stockings (rav link) from Spring 09 Interweave. I just started them so I don't have proper in progress pics. I did decide to do my own toe (instead of following the pattern, so I had to rearrange some things when the lace pattern started). I am using some of the new sock yarn I got for my birthday, a delicious red yarn.

Essential Kettle Dyed

I picked up the needles on the Lace Ribbon Scarf and the Snow Flurries Blanket. I'll prolly start sketching my new design this week...letting the knitting bunny work itself into a slather sometimes makes the design have a bit of punch to it. Grin.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Presenty Goodness

I've gotten so many packages this week, my son has become very jealous. I got my Secret Santa presents from my various knit lists. My birthday presents. And then Jamey got a package too (his 10 year gift from his work).

First on the table: Birthday. I picked these lovelies from Knit Picks (gift card from the 'rents).

Knitting Pr0n

Pile of Yarn

I can't wait to dig into these pattern books and yarn!!

This came yesterday from my Father.

Knit Two

Now Secret Santa loot! I participated in two this year. First up my loot from my Lone Star State Knitter sister, Caroline.

Secret Santa from Caroline

A "B" pillow for my back! She had meant to get me some of that purple yarn I couldn't resist at kid N Ewe--but I was naughty and bought it. Grin. The soap is Lavender, one of my favourite scents (lilac being the other). Chocolate--well that's a given...suprisingly, it not all gone yet. hee hee.

Next up: Laurel from my ravelry group, Alamo City Knitters.

Secret Santa from Laurel

That yarn? Her very own silk and merino handspun! Wow, I am naming it Twilight. It reminds me of the colours in the rain forests of Washington. Here's a close up.

Laurel's Handspun

Now, I am giving this to my secret santa. Shhh, don't tell her.

Secret Santa for Becca

I finally finished ONE of the skinny scarves.

Purple Skinny Scarf

It is entirely too cold today. My hands are freezing...and me without fingerless mitts. I think I'll be casting on for some as soon as I finish blogging. My hands are freezing--little ice pops. I think our heater is from Canada and is telling us to fuck off because this cold is NOTHING compared to the winters up there. Suck it up! Grin. Gotta find myself a stitch pattern to use...

But ya know--I start a pair of mitts AND it WILL be 80 degrees. Actually yesterday it WAS 80 degrees and a few hours later snow was falling from the sky (didn't stick of course). But hey, it WILL be cold again.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Little of This a little of That

I have been called out. And I am missed! I feel loved...thanks all.

Life has gotten very busy. Homeschooling Micci takes up a lot of time...and my spare time is spent knitting. And I am feeling a bit boring. No big knitting news or anything. And so far monogamy is working...although I am being tempted (here's a rav link).

I am being a good girl.

I have worked on Mic's tiger socks...I started the heel turn at the game last night (more on THAT later). I also worked one the Lace Ribbon scarf...I nearly knitted through one skein of yarn so far. And I snuck in a square for a charity project.

Stars Square

It was for the Knit Nite at the Silver Stars event I organised last night--but I think I'll collect these through out the year.

On to the knit night!! I actually had people show up!! It was doubtful for a while.

First the knitters!!

Wendy and David

That's Wendy and David there. Super serious sock knitters there...smirk. I love getting shots where no one expects it---I need to work on my technique I know. I need to be more bold and ask for a smile or two...LOL.

Wedny's Kids

Wendy's Clan, plus soon to be daughter in law at the end there. The chica in the red knits--but I had just given her a prezzie so her lap was newly occupied. (Yes I handed out bribes to those that came.)

The Fox and MicciMicci and Lorelei

The kids all had fun too ;-).

I hope to make this a yearly event.

Really that's what's been going on knit wise with me.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Knitting Group

Okay, so folks have been clamouring for pictures of the recent Knit Meet Ups. Life's been I am just now finished with all the editing and uploading.

This is from our wonderful pot luck in July (a bit before we left on vacation).

And from our August pot luck this past Saturday. It was a small affair due to all the rain and storms. But still full of good food and fun.


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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Austin Fun

Well we made it to and from Austin in one piece, much knitting hilarity ensured and I didn't buy that much yarn AND I made some contacts for our stitch markers. We also rescued a kitten.

And we got to see the famous SABLE (Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy) of JoAn, our hostess.

We got a late start on our road trip to Austin and got lost trying to find Hill Country Weavers. Apparently Yahoo Maps doesn't know there is a difference between 1701 S. Congress and 1701 Congress. We're talking abut MILES here. Anyhoo I lost my marbles and bought something so I could make a Crayzee Scarf. Yep lace, stockinette, and size 0 circs...oh yeah! I am so excited!

Once at the Knit and Eat--great fun and hilarities ensued and Leah rescued a poor starving stray kitten from our hostesses' back yard. As you can see it's a mouser--with thought huge ears! It's the sweetest thing ever.

After the luncheon we stopped by The Knitting Nest and saw the evidence (make sure you look at my entire slide show above) Franklin left when he came for the 1000 Knitters event (I wish I could have gone!!). I also bought some Malabrigo lace--because the factory burned down dude!! That and the owner bought some of our stitch markers so I felt that I had to reciprocate.

We all had such a nice time and we came to the conclusion we need to go to Austin more often ;-) I ain't gonna say no.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am on a yarn diet. I have plenty of yarn and enough projects in the works that I feel like I am drowning. Because I buy yarn with something in mind for it...stop the excessive Knitting Bunnies by not buying more yarn. Sigh, if only it worked that way. (Can you hear the Knitting Bunnies cackling? They are mocking me.)

Being on a yarn diet is all well and good, but the tempation out there is just overwhelming. Take Knit Picks--tons of beautiful yarn (especially lace weight) at very very affordable prices. I really really want some of the new Shimmer Colors (specifically Lilac Dream and Sherry)--drooool. Never mind tomorrow I am going to Austin for a Knit n Eat luncheon with a stop at Hill Country Weavers A.K.A. Yarn Heaven!! and perhaps a stop at the Knitting Nest. HCW: seriously yarn jumps out at you and INTO your bag!

Sigh. I am also in the doldrums because all my current projects are still stuck in the middle, with no end in sight!!

Speaking of meet ups: last night was our weekly impromptu meet up (yes, the irony is NOT lost on us), we've decided to pare down the extravagant dinners out and had dinner in. Beth made beautiful pot roast...and helped me in an ahem rather personal matter....much to my embarrassment. I took my camera--but pretty much forgot about it entirely. It was great fun.

I will report on tomorrow's road trip (which starts at a ghastly hour!)--on Saturday. And I will NOT forget to take pictures.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've Been Knitting!!

Really really I have!

I also have been working on making more videos of my lace surgery. Good news, they are better lit. Bad news, you can't really see any detail. It also affirms just how much I hate my voice...argh it just is horrible. But it also does explain how I do my thang.

So here it is in two parts...a bit under 20 minutes combined. Enjoy. I will try to continue to perfect these videos and have something a lot better.

Knitting Surgery 6.8.08 - Part One from Birdy Evans on Vimeo.

Lace Surgery 6.6.08 - Part Two from Birdy Evans on Vimeo.

Aside from the videos, I have been mired in FOs that seem neverending. BORING. But I have been very good and I have not started any new projects.

Tomorrow I have our weekly Impromptu meet up--we have come to our senses and will restrict our eating out. On Friday, some of the San Antonio gals are truckin' up to Austin for a special Knit and Eat they have up there. And perhaps a stop at Yarn Heaven will be in order (Hill Country Weavers). Grin.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

In Which Hubby Gives Me Toys...

I mentioned to Jamey that I needed a tripod because I had to balance my camera in my bra while I recorded myself repairing lace. And I also mentioned the same to Anne. So she produced a cute portable tripod. Which works GREAT! for recording my knitting.

Want evidence on how terribly slow I knit?

Here ya go!

This is me knitting with kids. Ha!

When I got home from my Wednesday knit meet up Jamey had this for me as well!

My new Tripods

You can also see my new wee tripod as well (which fits in my camera bag and is great for small stuff).

Yesterday at Anne's (I typically spend the entire day at Anne's--first we go to the Farmer's Market and then we let our kids play in her back yard then head over to Starbucks for our "Impromptu" meet up and dinner), I managed to knit several inches of the skinny scarves. Woot! I had put it aside for a bit and Jamey guilt tripped me into working on it some more.

Speaking of our Impromptu meet up: we typically knit outside Starbucks after we get our assorted iced drinks (I always get a venti Mocha Frap--I really need to broaden my horizons). Yesterday a woman and her two young daughters walked by and we heard her mutter to her kids, "How nice they are learning to knit." In a very condescending manner, by the way. She had already passed so she didn't see the multiple obscene gestures we made with our knitting needles. THEN, a very nice lady walked by and said, "How neat! My mom knits and she tried to teach me, but I just can't do it." So we shanghaied her and Beth showed her her way (left hand continental). She told us her name was Kathy (who is also left handed) and we got her to say she will come back next week. One more knitter for the fold!

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Knitting for Nerves

Last night I was very tense and anxious. (Don't ask me why--and now I can't blame hormones). My neck was incredibly tense. All I wanted was to relax. For me: the prescription is to knit with some lace weight (weird, yes, but for some reason it makes me relax). The kicker? Could_not_find_it! WTF!?

So I dig out my I-Pod from purse (and wash off all the chocolate that has somehow found their way all over the darn thing--doot doot!) and listen to some Joshua Tree. The GOOD stuff. But I really need my lace.

My neck is still incredibly sore. Oh well.

Yesterday, the kids and I spent the day with Anne (at her house) and then went to our weekly knit meet up at Starbucks (and dinner elsewhere). I bribed the kids with milk shakes and chocolate milk.

Mic's shake

Lori and her milk

It worked. Mostly.

We had a nice time talking and knitting. It was hot sure, but there was a nice breeze. I got to work on both my super secret projects. I am still not totally sure where they will go, but that are both chucking along. And they are admired.

Although, I am pretty sure that THIS might be why I had a head ache.


Both kids were less than stellar at the restaurant. I left a good tip at least.

My neck is still killing me and after I publish this post I am going to try to knit away the stress (I did find my lace--yip yip!).

On some blog related business: thank y'all for commenting in regards to my various questions and queries. Very helpful and makes me feel read. ;-)

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To Knit or NOT To Knit

Question my dear readers, I am presuming all y'all knit (if you don't wow thanks for reading and ignore this question). It's summer and here in San Antonio we have unofficially hit a hundred degrees already and it's been in the nineties for a while now. Are you still knitting.

I was at my Stitch and Bitch yesterday and every one (okay two folks but it was half the group--me and Phisto being the other half) weren't knitting and said lately they didn't feel like knitting because it was SO HOT!!


Not_knitting_because_it_was_hot. I am not shocked at not knitting in the heat--I understand the idea, but well not the practise. I told them, "Really? I can't NOT knit. I knit all the time, in fact the last thoughts of mine before falling asleep IS knitting. If I am not knitting I am thinking about knitting (so much so that I have to GO back to knitting--esp. when it keeps me up and night)."

So folks--how many are still knitting and how many are as obsessed as I am and knows that someone will have to pry my knitting needles from my cold dead hands.

Completely unrelated to the question BUT related to the fact that we went to SnB: after the SnB ended (it was short)--we went to the ice cream shop (homemade gelato--YUM) and who should I see on the couch? A knitter and I recognised her from Ravelry (I run the San Antonio group and and try to welcome everyone personally and have been known to hunt the San Antonians down making sure they know about the group-got over a 140 knitters woot!). I exclaimed, "I know you! You're on Ravlery and I am Birdy!" (See famouz in my own head!) So Phisto and I had another (impromptu) knit meet up, for about an hour. It was a great way to end the evening. (Well for me...P. met someone one the way out and her own brand of fun ;-) )

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A plea and a tempation

Sorry I have been out of pocket. Life got super busy there.

The Samara Scarf has entered an ugly phase and I am not so sure about it.

Samara Progress

Okay it looks pretty here...lot's of purples, and mauves.

Samara Progress

Not so bad...the green adds some interest. But then...

Samara Progress

A BRUISE!!! It would be different if there wasn't such a big expanse of pretty purple-ness. But the colour change is too shocking after so much soothing colours.

Am I nuts? What do y'all think? Does it work? I am very tempted to tear out the bruise colours and cut it out, continuing with the purple.

Samara Progress

In other news:

I got attacked by a new knitting bunny and it's going to be a Super Secret Project. So no pictures, just lot's of hints and I am sure grumping and groaning (right now it's all about the wedge of EVIL!). Hmm let's call it Super Secret Project 3. It's going to be entered for submission somewhere--just haven't decided where yet. And it's going to be a gift.

Reading my knitting blogs I came across the most fantastic knitting accessory ever. Growing up Mormon, we are drilled in emergency preparedness--we take the Boy Scout code very seriously. We have 72 hour kits (for evacuations), food and water storage (the goal is a year's worth), and so on. Bad things happened: BE PREPARED! I myself have laid awake nights what I will do in case of a fire: how to save both my children and my yarn and not come off looking like a putz. But, this idea is just right up my alley! I really want to get it--but what I really need to do is convince that I need another knitting bag. (Someone buy a pattern so I can justify my knitting existence!!)

Last night we moved our weekly informal (it's started out as a cry for company and now it's a week;y thing) knit meet up to Anne's house. Quite lovely. We talked and cooked/chopped/snuck pieces of food more the knitted, but we got a few rows in I think. And it's the companionship that's important--not the actually knitting, right?

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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Weekend

This weekend was awesome and exhausting. We had our monthly pot luck. Everyone admired my socks and new Rav shirt and I even sold some stitch markers! The food was great and the gabbing was terrific. So awesome in fact that no one noticed when the clock struck midnight, then 1 am then---we finally noticed at nearly 2 am the time. Thankfully, Anne and I only had a short drive home, the other live across town. I took just a few pictures...lot's of incriminating pictures with a certain fervently childless knitter who seemed to be quite taken with a certain baby.

I was exhausted because well I didn't get home till 2 am and the kids were still UP! I put them to bed and then I went to bed, but they did not stay in bed. Sigh. So I was up at 7 am, when the kids got really loud because after all the sun was up! So I stayed on the couch in semi comatose state.

And if you peeked in here and read my twitters, I cooked my very first pot roast in my new crock pot (which I learned later was not the first time...I made it YEARS ago--but really if I can't remember the first time--then it doesn't count, does it?). It came out awesome! I cooked the meat and potatoes, carrots and onions with some merlot, garlic, salt and pepper, Quimby's pepper mix, fresh thyme and tarragon. I had to eat it by my self because Jamey had to work late--but it worked for him to when he came home.

This weekend I worked on the Samara scarf. Got raves for my super secret project. And frogged and re-knitted a wrap I am knitting with that blue mohair with silver bits in it yarn. And of course worked on the tiger sock some more (it's an awesome chat with the girls about all sorts of inappropriate things project).

I really want to start the design work on my Spring Stole. So far I have a sketch in my mind and now I need to translate that to charts and to yarn. BUT, I need to finish the Swallowtail Shawl, to free up my lace needles. Of course I could just move my stagnating MS3 to a holder (or fix it and finish it!)

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Clutter Problem

I am glad I am not alone, both Wendy B. and Stephanie are going through clutter problems. I do keep a messy house because (like Stephanie) I'd rather be knitting. But it really does bother me, I feel heavy with all this clutter. Thankfully, the dreams (like Wendy) haven't started yet. But I have had the ol' you are back in school panicking because not only did you forget that you should have been going to English class all semester, but you have NO idea where that class is held!

It's hard: clutter makes it hard to be creative, so I should roll up my sleeves and get dirty, HOWEVER I still have that spark of creativity that needs to be nourished.

Oh and after my rare Tuesday knit night: I've got a new knitting bunny in the form of a new knee high sock! I have got to start nurturing them. The knit night was fun: met a new knitter and got more acquainted with another. Although if you read the twitter to the side there: I had horrible OLD cheesecake. Shudder, it was hard/gummy and tasted like the freezer.

Tomorrow I will be doing some babysitting--I am hoping to do some tidying--namely laundry. Then another knit meet up (this week is raining meet up opportunities!)

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Hilarity

Saturday we had our monthly knitting meet up/pot luck.

And really, although there was wine available, I did not imbibe. That's just me all the time. LOL

We had lot's of fun. And lot's of great food! Leah made some awesome Cuban dishes. She made a great rice pudding and if I didn't have texture issues I would have eaten the entire bowl.

I also finished Lorelei's socks. Finally! It was supposed to take me a week or two. But no-it took me two MONTHS!! Sigh, I think sometimes I knit so slow, I actually knit backwards.

Purple Heart Socks

Lorelei loves them! She told me she wanted to wear them forever-day and night.

MY socks!!

She almost wore them all day (which would have meant I wasn't going to be able to show them off at my knitting group), but when she went to put on her running shoes-they wouldn't fit in the sneaker. They are brand new Disney Princess sneakers she got this past week. Princess trumps Mommy's homemade socks. So she settled for thinner socks.

I had lot's of fun making them--I am almost tempted to make myself some--but really, I want to do something different!! Maybe in a few projects. I have lined up a test knitter and I expect the pattern to be released early summer. Fingers crossed.

This weekend I also finally started work on painting the name badges for WHIBSIB. I am making them out of those thin wooden shapes you can get at the craft store. So far the sheep look awesome--the other's well we're working on that.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meet Ups and New Obsessions

Last night, we had our March San Antonio pot luck and knit fest.

Great fun was had by all...if I mention half of what happened I would have very very interesting and inappropriate ads on my side bar. I brought Texas brownies with some Irish baked in (Irish Cream--oh it MADE the brownies.) I put the recipe in the pages at the Ravelry ACK group.

I showed off Jamey's stitch markers and sold three sets. Woot! I also showed off my bee row counter. Seriously get yours total I have sold 5 sets.

Bee Row Counter

I have requests for this too...I got the idea from TurtleGirl. Added my own touches and voila made just for me. Wendy things I should make some for lace charts that have 20 repeats. I love it because it's got bees!

I made reference to the chocolate Jamey brought me when I was in desperate need of it. I finally got it out of my camera...I ate the lady bugs and beetles, but the bees had to have a photo op. But even then in the end they got eaten as well.

Bee Candy

On the heart socks front: I am having serious issues with my cast off. I can't remember how I did it. I wrote it down...and now the instructions make no sense. Le sigh. I'll get it eventually, but right now it's ever so slightly aggravating.

Almost forgot: I finally have my caralets on sale on the shop as well.

Boysenberry Caralet

Just a taste...

All of them are also available for me to knit up for YOU custom in any color you want.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sorry for no posts

Blame blogger it's all their fault. Sigh.

Quick update: I am starting the heel on the heart sock. Woot! Did I mention this is my first heel flap? It'll be fun!

Today will be busy--I have some baking and cleaning to do for a knit club meeting (it's not at my house but I am getting picked up so let's pretend I am not a total slob).

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


For 4 months I will spontaneously dance around and whisper WHIBSIB is almost here! FREEDOM!!!

My knitting group had a yearly retreat in the Buda area--it's pronounced beeeeuuuuuda. I kno, but it's a Texas thing. Anyhoo--the retreat is called "What Happens in Buda STAYS in Buda" hence WHIBSIB. This year we are staying in cabins (like last year) in Wimberly (a bit outside Buda). It's three days and two nights with no kids and no husbands! Just the girls and lot's and lot's of knitting!! And maybe some yarn shopping at the Alpaca farm.

Because I am SO excited--I am also making every one name badges. Every one is excited and thrilled I am doing this. LOL I am totally doing it for me because of my swiss cheese brain. I need help putting faces to names. I bought a bunch of wooden shapes and paint yesterday and ooo I get to be crafty!

So expect the random snoopy dance as I look forward to my retreat.

Last night, I escaped the house to knit with adults--I had little kids hanging on my legs as I tried to reach the door, so it was a definite escape. Most of the gang couldn't come, but heck I would have been happy to knit by myself with in kids...but luckily Enid came and we gabbed and knitted and had a great time. Afterwards, I spent my Borders' giftcard on a neat knitting reference book, The knitter's Companion. Normally I don't buy books at those big boxes (I prefer used books stores), but this book is normally used until it's in pieces...or pried from some one's cold dead fingers.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Knitting With the Girls

Today Anne and Brenda kidnapped me and the kids for a day with Laurel at her mini ranch. The gals chatted and knitted and the kids played inside and with the outdoor animals.

I got to see some amazing progress on the various KAL my friends are addicted to: Mystic Waters and Secret of the Stole. I am still pluggin' along on the Adamas--it must be done soon!

Laurel also let us do some stash diving and I took home 5 or 6 cones of yarn, some lace weight some fingering. Jamey will be both dismayed and delighted. Dismayed because he doesn't think I need more yarn; delighted because at least it was free yarn. LOL. I am already planning on some hats for Lorelei. (Anne was calling Lori Cindi Lauper.)

Brenda and and haggling over Laurel's yarn.

Will it come to blows?

The kids didn't want to go home they were having so much fun with Laurel's kids and animals. Now that I think about it I should have atleast taken soe snap shots of the Guinea Hens or the cats or the turkey...bad bad blogger.


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