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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Monday, February 15, 2010


This has pushed it way to the front of my knitting queue.

Meditation Rug

I have been wanting/needing a meditation mat (or rug) for quite some time and lately the need has become pressing. I came up with the idea last month and finally got the yarn, Knit Picks Bare Peruvian Wool.

It's my pattern, knit from the center out using Pi shaping and I am going to knit runes in cables along the border. The plan is for it to be about 36 inches to 45 inches across. I will be offering the pattern for free once it's finished.

Oh and I started this bad boy on Friday (I got the yarn that afternoon and it was wound up in time to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies). It's already nearly a foot across, I am hoping to have it finished before the Closing Ceremonies. Of course, it's going so quickly because it's only the center...just wait until I am on row 197.

I guess I AM knitting an Olympics project after all. ;-)

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finishing, ever?

I am still plugging away at the Lace Ribbon's a good TV project. Unless, I am cuddling with hubby then I switch to the Still Unnamed Shawl (I am knitting it on circular needles so I am not poking Jamey in the eye with the end of my needle). Poor guy has enough cuts and bruises from work. Grin.

Speaking of Still Unnamed Shawl, I am a few repeats from another transition...this time it'll be more pronounced. I am thinking of something leafy. But I am not sure, so this is causing me to put the brakes on the project. I had being undecided. Nevermind that I hate that this shawl is STILL nameless!!

Oh, I saw this lovely shawl today, Clothide. So pretty so simple...wish I had thought if it. Grin. I'd love to knit this, but argh don't have the TIME!!! Knitting Bunnies took one look at it and collectively screeched, "Don't you DARE!!!!"

No pics today: it's raining and I am sore from my new workout routine and bending down to photograph my knitting just hurts

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Saturday, January 9, 2010


I saw a really pretty lacey scarf a few days before Christmas when we walked down the San Antonio Riverwalk-it was really pretty and simple...and so a Knitting Bunny was born. Now, I have been making a TON of scarves. So many I am wondering if I am giving the impression I can only design/knit scarves. I decided to put the lace pattern onto a triangle. Get in line Bunny! I have 3 active Birdy's Knits designs on the needles. Okay 3 that I know of right now writing this blog post...there may be more. (Those Bunnies are sneaky--constantly pushing ans shoving other Bunnies out of line.) The lace is gonna be very clean and I am wondering about the border/edging. Should the border flow straight from the triangle? Should I knit it on? Should it even be jagged border? Would it be best if it was smooth? Should I add a fluttery ruffly type of thingy? I like interesting edgings.

The Bunny is nibbling.

I have been knitting on the long forgotten FO, Lace Ribbons. I thought I was almost done; I am nearly done with the skein. But, really it's not as long as I would like and I have another who skein. So at the most now it's only 2/3 done, at the very least 80%.

I started this scarf in the summer of 2008...the yarn is gorgeous, Alpaca, but it's itchy. I am hoping somehow softens with a wash and a block. I am also wondering if I should make a matching tam or rasta. See the bunnies are NIBBLING!!

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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Knitter

Like Anne Shirley says: It's a brand new day with no mistakes. I am one of those annoying types that sets goals (not resolutions) for myself for the coming year. Since this is a knitting blog, well then: I get to share my knitting goals and plans for this year.

I decided to lay off going after submissions. I thought the deadlines would help, but they just made me feel panicky (and cranky) and began to stifle my creativity. I am not saying I am NOT going to submit anything, if a deadline happens to fall in line with a complete project, then I'll mosey it on over, but no more chasing. I want to concentrate releasing patterns here at my shop for all of you lovelies (and of course on my family--they are young and need me to be more present).

I also need to finish up some UFOs that are so near completion that it's ridiculous that they are still UFOs. Bad knitter, no cookie!

My rusty Ribbon Lace Scarf has like a few more rows and it's done. Purple slippers need to be seamed.

Lace Ribbon ScarfGrandma's Slippers for Lorelei

Then there's the UFOs that are halfway done. My Knitting Bunnies are excellent at knocking UFOs out of queue. I'm figuring that I won't let myself start any more outside projects (outside meaning Other Designers (OD) work), until I finish those UFOs.

Celtic ToteMiss B's Stockings

Because I really want to start Citron from the latest issue of Knitty. I figure having one or two OD projects would be very restful from any sort of decision making when I am working out the Knitting Bunnies.

I also need to work on a few of my older BK projects: one of which needs to be finished by June for the arrival of my brand new niece or nephew.

Snow Flurries ProgressTwisted Scarves

The purple one is done, need to finish the red one. The other two socks are still in time out. My brain hasn't had the time to work out the wibbley wobbley sockie wockie problems.

I also have a few very OLD projects from when I first started knitting that I really ought to finish--almost forgot about those. Nice easy mindless projects...sometimes lately I have needed the easy and mindless. This year my brain felt very overtaxed. And from my current state of ain't gonna get better.

Also less submission less Super Secret Projects: so the tantalizing teasing will be lessened. Grin.

I also need to conquer the big near unravel of 2007.

Stop Gap!

One more thing before I go knit some more. The kids LOVED the knitted toys (Yay!) and someone wants a shawl like Granny's Shawl, but in pink. Grin.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Belated, like always

So I took a bunch of knitting pictures, edited them, and uploaded them to flickr. Then I promptly forgot to blog about them--I think somewhere in my rattled brain, I thought I did. Well obviously I didn't. Oopsie.

My kitty is half done, NOW, but I only have pictures of a wee kitteh head.

Sofeh Kitteh

I should be a good knit blogger and take updated pictures tomorrow. Should. We'll see how it goes: I have cleaning to do and Micci's soccer game. But not in that order. Hee hee.

Progress is going well (even though it is number three on my list of current Designs in Progress [DIP]) on the lace shawl that is yet to be named. I am still working in the shoulder area, so the pattern is the same. I am toying with spreading out the motif so it become separate blocks of lace instead one big lacey piece. Anyway, onto the knit pr0n!

New Shawl

New Shawl

New Shawl

More Lace

More lace

Nice huh. This yarn is really nice, Daphne by Elegant Yarns and I am using a US size 2 circ. I am still in cream, can't wait for peach and pink!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Better Pictures

I got a clue last night and decided that I have a macro function on my camera for a reason. So I re-took the shawl pictures.

These show the true begins off a light greeen and start to transition to white/pale yellow to peach to pink to lavender, to blue and then back to green. I am excited to see how this yarn continues to play out!

New Design

New Design

New Design


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Thursday, September 10, 2009

So knitting...

I've been knitting...but it's nearly all entirely super secret knitting. The only thing I am knitting that I can share in it's entirety is my Granny's Christmas present (I can share it because she doesn't read the blog, although her son does-I think he'd like to see what I am working on for his mum.) Right now it looks like a blob, but it WILL be a shawl someday.

Granny's Shawl

I switched to my biggest cords--52 inches and I started the second ball of Marble Chunky. I think I will need to use every bit of that yarn. I am hoping it will be a full sized shawl. Big enough that she can keep cuddly warm in it this winter.

I am working on two new lace scarf* patterns...both of which I can't show you. The wildflower themed scarf is giving me a headache--and I may frog half of it. (I must be brave!!) The Lorelei scarf-I started it, but I paused so I could learn Orenburg Shawl construction (I am using that technique in the scarf). Basically it's how to knit the pretty edging on the scarf with out too many picked up stitches or sewing. The edging is knitted at the same time as the body, so when you finish you are FINISHED!!


I am only knitting a swatch--because I am using some left over lace weight and dude I do not have time to be knitting a another full sized scarf right now. I am thinking about putting it in a shadow box once I'm done with it. I am thinking it'll be the size of a handkerchief. But I as I knit this, I am wondering that after my current batch of projects if this type of scarf or stole should be next on my list. (Dontcha love how fast these knitting bunnies pop out?)

I am thinking soon, maybe tomorrow?? or next week??? I will see about repairing the Swan Lake stole that I blogged about last month. (And yes I know I promised a lace surgery video...editing still being done!)

*I am wondering if I ought to explain the scarves. Why do I just knit and or design scarves? Well, for one I LOVE scarves. I love how they can transform your look. Second, I live in S. Texas: I can get more mileage out of a scarf that I can a sweater or mittens or hats. C: I knit slow. I can knit scarves faster than a stole or a sweater. Fourthly: I also LOVE expensive I can usually only afford to buy one I try to make one skein projects for those like me that are drawn to expensive yarns. Now I do have stoles/shawls on the way for the yarns I bought (still expensive) that have some serious yardage to them.

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Friday, August 14, 2009


Knitting Bunny knitted and I hate it. I don't like how it turned out. And I am thoroughly disgusted with it. A mature designer would let a small sigh escape her lips and start all over. But the impetuous designer I am tosses it in the corner and considers it a bad job...which may languish or not. I am pouting.

So I started something new, something cute and relaxing with no brains behind it because I didn't have to exercise any braincells. I found the cute plaything while reading my Curly Haired forum at Ravelry, Dream Swatch Head Wrap. I am a big fan of Wendy Bernard. She's built like me (ahem, slender) and she designs sweaters to fit herself. IF (big if) I ever knit a sweater for myself, it would probably be one of hers (okay, this is cute too--oh and I am still lusting after that birdy one from Ysolda). Anyhoo--I am enchanted with this headwrap.

Dream Swatch head scarf

I have all this hair now (it's nearly to my waist) and it needs some reigning in and the scrunchies I have been using aren't as cute.

I dug out a ball of plain icy blue bamboo and acrylic blend I bought a few years back. And went to town this morning during a jag of sleeplessness.

It kept my mind off disaster and of course (OF COURSE) it helped grow a new bunny. I am wondering now what this stitch pattern would look like if the loops were crossed individually. A wrap would be cute and I am thinking finer yarn...a bit more delicate...or shiny or...I don't's newly born and the eyes aren't open yet.

Dream Swatch head scarf

(Oh I also learned something valuable this week. If you are feeling down, quite inexplicably down: GET THEE SOME CHOCOLATE. There's a great chance it'll make you feel completely better.)

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Juices Are 'A Flowin'!

After spending the weekend (and most of the week) wrestling and chasing various knitting bunnies: I finally had a break through! Relief! I can now attribute most (if not some) of my ferociously bad mood this week to the naughty, difficult Knitting Bunnies. I think what helped the break through was the spontaneous mitosis of a knitting bunny. One shawl design that's been percolating in my brain for upwards of 5 years became two shawls. Somehow this just let the dams burst forth and helped the other design that was giving me fits smooth out and play nice.

So two shawls were born this weekend: one will remain secret and will be featured in a special event I am planning with a yarny friend of mine. The other: not sure if it'll be totally secret (this is the Thistle/Scottish themed shawl)... We shall see.

I took better pictures of the Helen's Lace this morning.

Helen's Lace Gray's Corner

I am all hot and ready to swatch, but I have some detangling ahead of me.

Helen's Lace Gray's Corner

See that bit of yarn barf behind the cake? A while back the kids got into my stash and played with my lace...Mic used THIS yarn my favourite yarn to make a spider web. So before I swatch I need to untangle. Which, really isn't a horrible thing...I enjoy this sort of thing. It's sort of zen for me; calming and centering.

While I was re-taking pictures of the Helen's Lace, I figured it would be a good idea to take a picture of some green malabrigo lace I kept forgetting to record for my stash on Ravelry. So I bring out this bag from my stash dresser:

Most of my Malabrigo

Jamey just about had a mini-stroke. "What is all THAT?! Where did THAT come from." LOL. Slowly slowly, piece my piece, through out the months and years. Hee hee. But I do have a lot of yarn...which is why I have been trying to slow up my yarn purchases. But it's so hard when I see pretty pretty softy yarn!

He also didn't think my idea of keeping a duffle bag near my yarn dresser was particularly brilliant. (My thought was in an emergency and we need to leave the house and maybe not come back...I would need something to carry my yarn in) He thinks my priorities are messed up.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Onward and Upward

A Swallowtail Shawl-various angles

Proper lace shawl pictures!

A Swallowtail Shawl-various angles

And the requisite all spread out pic:

A Swallowtail Shawl-various angles

Yeah, I am totally going to have to make one for myself now. It's fun to wear (I took 50 pictures hee hee). My full photoset is here. BUT, I can't make it right now. First, the knitting bunnies must be appeased.

I am not sure if I am going to send these current bunnies off to get published or if I'll self publish. If I send it off--well mum's the word and NO pictures. Prolly just me bitching about the process. ;-)

Before I took all those lovely pictures, I nailed down some design ideas. And one shawl became two shawls. These will be full sized (not the teeny, shoulder shawl I just finished), but I do intend to make some smaller ones--prolly a lot more. They are better suited to the Texas climate. Anyhoo, two big shawls. One will be Scotland themed using this yarn:

Lorna's Lace Helen Lace Grays Corner

Helen's Lace by Lorna's Laces in Gray's Corner.

The other shawl will be rose themed using this:

Fare Baruffa - Pale Pink

Cashwool by Baruffa in Pale Pink.

(I really ought to retake the yarns picture...a bit blah don't ya think?)

I'll most likely start the Scottish one first since the yarn is all set to go, wound up and excited. This is also the first proper yarn I bought...also the most expensive and special to me. And the Scottish design as been in my head for YEARS.

My mom thought I should add some celtic cables as well...that's an idea...

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Swallowtail DONE

Well it's blocking. I don't consider it totally completely done until I can get nice pictures of the finished object (on Ravelry it shows 100%, but still shows "in progress")

Swallowtail Shawl

It took me nearly two years to finish. Sigh. It's such a little shawl, too. But, I got seriously distracted quite a few times. Hee.

I didn't alter the basic pattern, just added beads. (Full on description when I get finished pics)

On the edge

Alas it isn't for me. But I'll prolly make a Swallowtail for myself--I am itching to start another lace shawl-wonder if I'll be able to make it within a month. Part of me wants to just start now (I want to use some spare Claudia's Hand Painted Silk-from my Crayzee Scarf), then my guilty conscience is poking me. DESIGN!! You said that these two (the Adamas and this one) were your GET TO WORK!

If the light is good tomorrow and I feel up to pictures, I'll take some snazzy pictures of the scarf. (Not promising anything--this week's been rough.)

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lost: Knitting Mojo

If you find it can you talk to it kindly and tell it to please go home?

I am feeling pretty blase about my current projects. Blah. I can't find my second needle for my ribbon scarf, and the other projects just feel boooooring. The knitting bunnies are still being difficult--pouty I think.

Right now I am knitting a dishcloth (my goal is 5 or 7--I am on the 4th), but I decided to shakes things up a little and knit it continental. I need the practise.

WHIBSIB (my yearly knitting retreat is this weekend) and I am hoping it's the recharge I need.

Happy Earth Day--if you feel so inclined to celebrate, might I suggest knitting up on of my Swiffer Cloths? I also just learned that you can knit two swiffer cloths and a grandmother's favourite dishcloth out of two skeins (2 oz) Sugar 'n Cream cotton.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

See the Light!

Sorry for the lack of knitting content. Toward the end of the twirly skirt, it's just miles and miles of stockinette (boring blog fodder). BUT, I am nearly done!!

Twirly Skirt

I began casting off on Monday night. And finished sometime Tuesday evening, after I finished the pictures. It's a long slog. But it looks so great!

Here is what I am doing for the hem.

The Edging

It's a k1, ssk, yo repeat, and once I finish the hem it'll be cute picot.

I am nearly half way around the seaming of the hem right now as I am typing this post up. While I am tempted to take a picture of the half finished's also ridiculous. I am almost finished...if I spend more time hemming and less time snapping pictures: it'll be done just that much faster. Grin.

I do really hate the seaming: it's TAKING FOREVER!! I am excited for it to be done and one Lori, so I can start on some Knitting Bunny projects (which may be secret) and maybe work on those lace stockings I have been neglecting. I think this PURE stockinette skirt has sufficiently rested my knitty brain.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009


So I have been wondering what to do with the 6 grams of the Sea Silk I had left over from the Aegis.

Yarn Left Over

Jamey suggested I make a bracelet. Eh. That idea didn't pop, although gauntlets did sound interesting. But today, a wee, tiny knitting bunny was born. What about a choker? That was be fun. (Okay yeah I have serious issues with things on my hands, esp nice things that I could lose or ruin. I had an incident as a child with a dumpster). I gotta go run and look at my stitch dictionaries now.

And ya know: speaking of the Aegis...ya know despite it being lace. It is quite manly lace. Just so ya know...

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Knitting Woe

The other day a Knitting Bunny jumped out of my head fully formed. Yea!! It's one I have been working on for that Buffalo Gold yarn I bought a few months back (at Kid N Ewe).

Now, I am wishing that damn Bunny could knit too! My swatch is giving me a headache on top of the sinus headache (thank YOU allergies!) I already have. The numbers aren't adding up and with this head ache--GOOD BYE!

So I frogged the blasted thing and threw the yarn back in the drawer. Arggh! I think I might swatch again with some left over lace yarn to work out the numbers (don't want to ruin this nice luxury yarn with multiple froggings). The yarn looks great knitted's really lovely.

Now, the Aegis scarf is coming along swimmingly...if I could behave myself and I might be able to finish it this weekend (yeah didn't I say that LAST week?) And very very soon you all will get a nice surprise: one that's been cooking for months...

P.S. I hope y'all have enjoyed my husband's posts. He's having lot's of fun writing posts when I come up "dry."

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to Use Stitch Markers

Well I have been watching where our traffic comes from through searches, and one of the most interesting is the search string "how to use stitch markers". I found this interesting, since we sell stitch markers, but have never set up anything explaining how to use them. I think many knitters already know how to use them, but new knitters, or knitters who are just now moving up to more complex knitting designs are starting to use them. So I thought I might put a bit of a note in here. Today I will cover the First installment, Kinds of stitch markers and when they are best used.

There are several types of stitch markers out there. They are all used in similar methods but with slightly different methods in some cases, or applications. For instance we sell Lace Stitch Markers which are a bit smaller and no dangles to get tangled in your knitting. These work best when you have the need for many stitch markers on a project, since they will not weigh down your knitting. A very inexpensive method to do this, but not as pretty, is to use jump rings of different sizes to match your needles.

Next is the typical plastic or rubber stitch markers from companies like Boyle. These are usually just like plastic jump rings, though some are split so that you can remove them your needles or project if they accidentally get stitch in. They usually come in a mixed pack of different colors, this can come in handy later when I talk about how to use them.

Then there are your typical beaded stitch markers, usually made on either split rings or jump rings, these have been known to snag your yarn, which can be a bad thing if it's a thin and expensive yarn. Many makers of these do try and take the time to work with the rings and make sure they are smooth so they do not snag your yarn. A few makers will either use toggle clasp ends or wrapped wire to avoid the snagging bit.

Let's not forget about our crocheting friends. They have their own unique stitch markers, although some will use the same as a knitter. Theirs usually need to clip onto some stitches, in order for them to hold them while they come back to them. There are other reasons too, but we will get into that in the next segment. So these are usually made with either a lobster claw clasp, or are open on one end similar to a fish hook earring.

Last there are multipurpose stitch markers, our Dual Use Stitch Markers line fits into this category. They are designed with more than one purpose in mind, I have see many of these out there, many are meant to be used for knitting and crochet. I have seen some unique designs to help get achieve their multi-purpose goal. I will probably feature some of them, even though they compete against us, so that you can see what their thought process is. Our thought process was a knitting stitch marker that was easy to remove if it got stitch in. Could be used with crochet as well. Did not get snagged easily in the yarn, and was something that you would love to add to your knitting. In the process we created something that could also be worn as Jewelry (earrings). Now we are creating several designs and are expanding the line of Dual Use Notions. Remember: They're not just jewelry for you, they're for your knitting too!

Next time I will actually start the break down of how to use them. If we are lucky I might be able to persuade Birdy to take some pictures or a video of stitch markers at work.

--James, Birdy's Husband

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally A Name

Visually it would be awesome to present the name I decided upon with a splashy beautiful, scrumptious work in progress shot. A lovely photographed close up that shows precisely why, Aegis, is SUCH a great name for this scarf of mine.

Sadly, I have misplaced my camera (once again--seriously I need a clapper for that thing. I suspect the camera and the remote have gone off on holiday together.) and I can't give you that photo.

But I did give you a name, Aegis. It means shield and it sounds really nifty. Eeejiss. And there isn't any other pattern by that name on Ravelry either. (It did come down to a pattern name search on Ravelry to decide between Athena and Aegis).

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Knitting Bunny is Being Fed

Jamey helped me solve my knitting bunny logical fashion. His goal is: DESIGN SOMETHING--KNIT SOMETHING already with all that expensive yarn you insist on buying!!! I am inclined to agree with him because I love the thrill of the New. And I am still researching pictures and stitch patterns for the wild flower motifs I want to use for the bison wool. So: the shield scarf (temp name) come up to BAT!

I found the exact stitch patterns I want to use and I finished writing up the charts with the motifs I'll be using. They are working BEAUTIFULLY together (so far) on my speadsheet. Now, I gotta knit it up and see for sure.

First I need to wind this pretty soft thing up into a ball, tomorrow.

Hand Maiden Sea Silk

It's a great feeling of accomplishment. Knitting Bunny is happy: current WIPS well I hear some grumbling coming from the basket. Lalalala I don't hear you!!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

A Solution

So, to tackle my problem and prevent bloodshed. I don't want knitting or writing to win out--a compromise IS needed. I am going to (ah the Dread) try to schedule myself. Knit in the afternoons and evenings; write in bed before I go to sleep (kids asleep or at least quiet in their room). I am even going to schedule myself some design time.

Now, I just need to figure out how to compromise my high knitting standards and learn how to knit faster. Yeah that is totally happening...hahaha!

I also need to decide which knitting bunny to tackle first. Do I go the easy road or the hard road: one is pretty much designed in my head; the other the IDEA is in my head and is a more complex design. Should I rush it? Grrr...argh.

Today, I am cleaning and getting tidy. I'll sneak some knitting time in after dinner. And maybe then, I'll decide which knitting bunny to placate.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Duel at Daybreak

At heart I am a creator and a dabbler. It's good and it's bad. So it goes. (All that is a rant of it's own).

Right now I've got knitting to do: projects I want to finish up; projects I want to start. However, my writing mojo is coming back. I have missed my writers self. For many years that was fundamentally who I was, then it died (it wasn't pretty). Not sure how, however I do like to place blame on working at evil soul sucking bank, it just left me.

I could knit on WIPs while I brainstorm characters and plot, but inevitably the knitting bunnies want a piece of me as well. I DO really NEED to get some design work done.


This is where the dabbling messes me up.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not Knitting

I think the Mountain Cedar is turning me into sleeping beauty: I've knit just a few rows in 3 or 4 days. Too tired to take snap shots of finished dishcloths. Blah.

It's a new year and I have knitting plans! However, I feel like I am already falling behind. My new office is still unfinished: I need to clear the way for the desk. But I need the desk to clear the way. Heck, I need to unearth the desk from the garage: I don't even know if I have the screws to put it back together again. I love my's big, with lot's surface area to work and some shelves and hidey holes.

I have knitting bunnies to feed and ideas to create...

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No More Popsicles!

Yet UnNamed Mitts

And I get to show off my new birthday coat! Grin.

I was able to get these done in two days. Woot--just in time for the cold snap. Monday, I wore one while I worked knitting up the other. Nice and toasty. I only had one 50 ball gram of wool and it really came down to the wire whether I would have enough yarn to complete the pair. While we were out on Monday, I picked up an extra ball of wool (not the same yarn but a complementary colour), just in case. Luckily I have 2 or so feet left...I was so worried, I couldn't go to bed until I had either used up all the yarn or finished the mitt.

Yet UnNamed Mitts

I am really pleased at how these came out. Elegant, yet gender nuetral and easy peasy.

Yet UnNamed Mitts

Jamey wants a pair too. It'll take just a few days to finish them for his Christmas present. I also picked him up some dark blue wool for his pair.

Yet UnNamed Mitts

But, I am at a loss for a name for these mitts. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Give me a few days to finish writing up the pattern. This is a real fun knit.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Knittin' My Fingers Off

Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to plummet, so I am furiously trying to finish mitts I started early this afternoon. I am hoping to finish at least one by tomorrow. I figure ONE will keep my hand warm while I work on the other one. Grin.

Our "cold" snap will stick around for two days warming up on Wednesday till we are supposed to have a high of 80 on Thursday. Yes, this is early winter in San Antonio: we are teased with cold and then warmth. So I can easily be wearing shorts in the afternoon and a bulky sweater and sweats in the night. Fun fun FUN.

I am a bit worried I won't have enough yarn: I am using yarn I got from October's Bobbin' for Yarn Potluck...I have one ball. It's really pretty. Splooshes of purple, grey, blue and red.

A german yarn

I have a vague idea of what I am doing: I started out with a rolled wrist edge and then I started a 2x2 which I think will grow into cables. Hopefully I can take pictures tomorrow. (I am having issues with uploading pictures from my camera.)

I did succumb to the Knitting Bunny and am a good 5 inches into my Twilight Scarf: it's very mossy and purty. I would show pictures but...see above. Yeah, stupid technology.

Apparently my uploader basey thing just needed a time out, now (2 days later) it works just fine.

Twilight Scarf

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Knitting Stuff

So when I am not tagging and meme-ing, I am knitting. Since it's the Holidays, folks have ACTUALLY been buying stuff from my little Birdy's Knits booth, so I am trying to crank out more swiffer cloths. Trying to-is the key--I knit so slow--most folks can knock one of these out in a few hours: me...I am on day 2 or is that 3.

And my Twilight yarn is staring at me...and it's knitting bunny is chomping on my grey matter. It wants, NEEDS to be put to needles. I am thinking a long scarf (if I have enough yarn), in a vine type pattern. I am not sure if I'll do a border....not sure of I have enough yarn for one.

I want to start some of the lace in my new birthday books, but I have other projects yelling at me. Hmm. I need 6 more hands.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Deadlines Are Not For the Faint of Heart

Aiieeee!! I have three days to finish knitting, photograph and compose a pattern. Sigh...I've been so busy trying to squeeze in knitting time in between Holiday prep, I have been having knitting night mares.

So--I am not planning on sleeping much these next three days. I hope to see you on the flipside of December with actual projects I can share with you ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving! (And for my non-American readers--Happy November 27th!!)

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Pattern Release

I can finally let one Knitting Bunny aka Super Secret Project #1 out of the bag.

Snow Flurries Baby Blanket

I had entered it in the Lone Star State Knitters Dogs Days of Summer design contest and it won first place (it tied actually with a sock design from one of my best friends--oh sweet!) I have been waiting to tell its story for months!! It was knit for Jamey's newest baby cousin and despite some problems with the edging motifs--I was able to gift the blanket before we left Virginia this summer. My job on vacation was to finish this blanket. The picot bind off (on very nearly 700 stitches) took me 3 solid 16 hour days. It nearly undid me, I had to place warm cloths on my arms to go to bed at night. But it turned out beautifully and I am very proud of it.

Snowy Swatch

I played with different snow flake motifs and finally decided on one I worked up myself (but I am sure it's already been done before)--it's the motif between the white and red pins. I had originally wanted to use a rocking horse motif for the edging, but I was having problems turning it upside down so I decided to go with the pinwheels for a more blizzardy snow theme.

The pattern is available for sale for $6.00 as a three page PDF file. The Ravelry pattern page is here.

Snow Flurries Nursing ShawlSnow Flurries detail large

I hope y'all enjoy it, it was a blast to design and knit (even though the cast off can be brutal if tackled as I did--in one fell swoop). It was so fun I am working on another one right now.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Jamey brought home some beads on Sunday that we had been looking at a few days before (Beading 2 Go had a half off sale). I have settled on some yarn/beads pairing and I am excited to start something.

Michelle Shawl

First, there is the Friendship Shawl. It's from Alison Hyde's new book, she calls it Michelle. It's called friendship because there's going to be three of us--one of whom lives in Australia--will be knitting on this. (I do need to see if everyone else is ready--heck I need to get some needles free!)

yarn and beads

Then there's a brand new bunny that's been sparking in my brain. I am seeing perhaps a faroese-style shawl...with a leaf panel down the back in this yarn/bead combination.

yarn and beads

Funny--while the yarn color was a bit washed out--the beads look perfect--although the smokey grey ones are a bit more light--esp one on one.

So between this brand new shawl bunny and the new sock bunny--there's bunnies everywhere. Knitting Bunny!!!

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