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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Friday, April 2, 2010

Le Sigh

Once again I must apologise for being a bad blogger. Between, not having a camera, STILL knitting on the border of my meditation rug and technical website concerns, blogging has been difficult and secondary.

Right now I have stitch pattern books laid open around me. I am having a hard time finding my muse for this new project. While the yarn is beautiful, it hasn't really sung to me yet. I've started carrying it around with me, trying to spark something. I just need a little spark, something to fan to flame.

I have also been working (still) on the mediation rug. I have roughly two feet of border left to knit. It's the longest two feet in the history. It seems like i have been knitting these last two feet FOREVER. It's daunting and frustrating. Never mind that...I don;t know if my Pi calculations were off or what but the mediation rug is shaped more like a bowl that a flat circle. I am desperately hoping that blocking will smooth it all out.

I am also bummed by all the techy stuff going on with my websites. I have still found no resolution to the domain name debacle for my Birdwell Productions website. It's so disheartening: I have had this domain for ten years and it looks like because of shaddy business practises of the domain register ( I am losing it. So I think I have decided to try to combine knitting blog and personal blog onto one. I am not sure if I'll still have tag functionality when I move the blogs to a new content manager (blogger will not support FTP or own domain hosting as of May 1-and i am a control freak over content management). But I will work out something. I have been working with webs design and architecture for over 12 years I will figure something out. Grin. I just need to remind myself that I can DO THIS!

In any case it is Spring and I am happy. Easter is soon...true mark of SPRING! and rebirth. I feel like I am waking up after my grey winter sleepiness. Although, I have to admit the allergies from the fornicating trees have been acting like a sleeping potion.


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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Knitting: Not So Much

Well, I am knitting, quite a lot actually--every spare minute I am knitting on my meditation rug. The runes are coming out WONDERFULLY. But so far the project isn't very photogenic and I am not totally sure what I did with my camera. I am very excited to be nearly done (well nearer anyway), I really needed this rug for a very long time.

The "Not So Much" refers more to the fact that this post won't be about knitting. If you also follow my personal (non-knitting blog) Dubh Croi you will have noticed it's gone, replaced by one of those annoying placeholder search engine thingys. My domain registar hasn't been returning my emails or anything and my domain name is expired. Grrrr argh. I have been tryimg to work this out, but I am being ignored on all fronts it seems. (No fear this website is hosted and registered with someone else)

I am seriously missing my blogging outlet, so I am gonna spew all that personal non knitting stuff here, because ARGH I need my outlet!

On a related blogging note: this blog is gonna be a changin' soon--hopefully without too much down time. I use Blogger (and have since April 2000) as my content manager, before then I hand coded and FTP everything myself. This included handcoding at least two pages and FTP multiple files (including pictures). Back then there was no such thing as blogspot either. Blogger did all the dirty work for me and all I had to do was write the post and click a button; everything was archived for me. Sigh. Blogger (rather Google) is tired of dealing with FTP and is no longer allowing FTP type blogs: which files are hosted on the server of my choice. Blogger/Google wants my content on THEIR servers. Nuh-uh, am I giving them any sort of control over my content (I write many blogs not just this knitting one). Yes, it's a control thing. WordPress is an option but my in house TechGuy (Jamey) hates WordPress and we might use an open source CMS. Fun times! SO now you know, weirdness might abound this Spring.

Which leads me to this rant: Sunday is Spring Forward. NOOOOOO!! Already? I am NOT READY!!! I have been sick and depressed with our car situation and I am SO behind. I am playing catch up and losing an hour overnight is NOT HELPING! Sob I really don't buy the whole energy saving spin on Daylight Savings. Office buildings and stores ALWAYS have lights on no matter how many windows they have letting in the bright light. My house is always dark no matter what so the lights that are on during the day are the same I have on at night. It's all VERY pointless. It's just an aggravation that at this point in time I DO NOT NEED. Stomp, stomp

(Not I am not having a tantrum)

One last word, a nice bookend, KNITTING. Because my meditation rug is rather pagan (I am a pagany type of Christian chick), I am planning on designing a Christian themed rug as well. I am also toying with other religious symbols as well, such as the Buddhist Ashtamangala. Although I am a bit weary committing myself without knowing it'll be needed or appreciated since I have a new big project coming up (the yarn is in the mail-and it's definitely a Super Secret Project) and the Knitting Bunnies are beginning to froth at the mouth.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ask my mother, sometimes my grasp on reality is tenuous. Honestly, I thought I had blogged recently, I thought I showed all y'all pictures of my new yarn organisation, and my loverly yarn I got from kid n ewe. It turns out, I had merely thought about doing it and then promptly forgot just because I wish it to happen doesn't mean it does. (Okay sometimes that works, but apparently not with blog posts--grin.)

One of my favourite quotes always has been a gem from Albert Einstein Phisto: Reality is optional. Edit: I am confused. Albert actually said: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

Okay, now that I have got your attention: you will get the blog post I thought I wrote. Just give me a moment to compose it and add pictures; yes lot's pf lovely yarn pr0n is on its way.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Bit Stretched...

I've not been feeling the knitting lately--basically going through the motions. I am rushing to finish up my Super Secret Projects. I also have a few days till we leave for vacation. We'll be in Virginia for two weeks--posting here will definitely be spotty, at best.

Like I said, I am feeling stretched. I think it's a collusion of things. Family fun stuff (not the one I made, but the one I was put into) mainly--with other stresses sprinkled in. So I found something to put myself in a better mood. While it DID put me in a grand (grand) mood, I was tethered to the couch for a bit.

I chronicled my tethering (smirk) on The other Blog. Really I don't want to have to re-write the post here as well--so go!!

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Blame Game

Okay okay, it wasn't blogger's fault it was my server's fault. The hosting company was playing fun and fancy free with the servers and changed the FTP access on me. All fixed and now you can see all the posts I have made this week. I haven't abandoned you.

Sock woes: I ripped and ripped and listened to that horrible horrible sound of stitches being ripped out. Shudder. I figured out what I did wrong in my sock math. Yeah we all know I go all wonky when it comes to math. I calculated the arch and heel length instead of the toe the toe was a inch too long before the arch increase. All torn out and already have 3 increase rows done.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Okay THAT was weird

Second day of the site being open and pow it's slower than dog shit (sorry but I am frustrated) and the shop isn't even loading.

THEN I check out the blog and some how my about page--the entire page--is suck in the side panel. WTF! I check the template and some idiot (ME) had pasted the code for the about page into my side bar. SIGH.


I am told growing pains like this is normal...sigh...I need to stup publishing without reading back over my work. Thunk, thunk.

I doubt the blog snafu is causing the shop not to load, I can always hope right-in any case I'll bew having my in house techno wizard look at it when he gets home.

UPDATE: Okay blog fixed, shop fixed--not sure how--it may have been the blog problem--all I know is that the shop loads fine now. Whew.


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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm OPEN!!

It's offcial--my web site is open and finished and beautiful.

I got my Knitting Secret Santa assignment today. It is going to be so fun. I was so excited, but now I am like gee this in gonna be SO FREAKIN' HARD. But I am still excited.

I am planning on having some advertising on this blog--small stuff--some AD sense and maybe some Amazon ads too.


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Monday, November 12, 2007

Crazy much?

I found my camera today. It was misplaced so I didn't get many pictures of the craft fair. Funny enough it was right next to my bed. Which really isn't funny...because it's getting tiresome. (I am always losing it) Anyhoo--so this means more pictures. I got a temporary image editing software thingy--so I can edit my pics for the blog.

Since most knitting blogs have pictures--I got to get off my lazy butt and make sure I have pics.

But tomorrow--it is nearly midnight and WHY am I blogging?

Because I am knitting and the blog was sitting open right next to me--begging to be written in.

I have about 3 weeks to finish the Adamas Shawl and I think I have 5 repeats and an edging to complete. Because I am at the end--the stitch count is nuts and each row takes's hard to keep focused and interested.

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Publishing Day

So I launched the blog today--a bit premature since the whole website isn't ready yet. I still have two pages to finish coding AND we need to set up payment methods in the store. BUT the blog is finished and I wanted finally release it from draft.

I still have a few minor things to work out for the blog layout. (I aplogise for the blogger var--I started this blog as a blogspot and even though it's on my server I still have the bar. I think I still have it because my old blogspot points here...just in case...but I hate the fact that you could get p0rn if you select next blog buttin (I have so many times--some idiot thinksit's fun to use blogspot as a pointer)

Anyhoo--Knitting. I already have a blog--but I collect blogs and enjoy compartmentaling my bloggy self. I figured I needed to separate the knitting and see about driving up traffic. I am sure I'll be geting confused soon--but it'll be fun.


My craft show went well--I learned A LOT. I spent two solid weeks kitting the Thursday befpre the Saturday show, I had a knitting blister. My bracelets were very pretty and very unique. I thin too unique. So I learned that I needed to make traditional colors (I got carried away with the pretty yarn and bead colors) and my prosective buyer/user is young adult. I also learned that I ought to have knitted up more teddy bear sweaters. But I did sell two bracelets--enough to pay for the booth ad some yanr for me as a balm for my knitting blister.

Now that the craft show is done--I can knit with bigger needles. Of course, it's still thread--since I am finishing up some lace. Last post I did NOT want to talk about MS3. Well, folks, back burner till after holdays. In October I went to the Austin Knit oUT and as I was showing it off--I caught the stole in one of my rings an broke a thread. I performed some quick and dirty surgery and put it away till I have the time to permenantly fix the thread.

So I am back to knitting the Adamas Shawl. I have 5 more repeats and then the edging and I will be done with my first lace shawl. Then it's on to Swallowtail Shawl and THEN to work on my first lace shawl design.

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