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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy Bees

Today, actually this week, has been full of cleaning, not so much knitting being done. I am still knitting away on my Super Secret Project-it's fun and right now easily memorised. Really all you need to remember is TWO rows. Easy peasy.

It's been drizzling today, the sun never even peeked out of the clouds...I know because I was up before dawn...and once again no soccer. Today was supposed to be Micci's make up game for last Saturday's game that was rained out. Oh well. Just gives me more time to clean, less time to knit.

We have about a week before we HAVE to migrate off of Blogger...I keep bugging my husband: you are running out of time!! Come on! Poor guy is overworked. This Spring has been murder on us. Between Jamey volunteering with the Final Four and special project AND Micci and Lorelei's activities our evenings have been jammed up.

Hopefully the Super Secret Project can be finished before May starts and I can concentrate once again on projects I can actually show you. I'll prolly work on the shawl and Kimmy's baby blanket. The blanket needs to be done by June. I do not want to procrastinate on it this pattern again. We all remember the pain I was in trying to complete the first Snow Flurries--I do not want to relive that!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Buzzing Along...

No more brain fugue! or even fatigue! I worked out the stitch problem and wrangled it into a triangle shape. I COULD see the triangle, just couldn't get the pieces to fit and I KNEW the solution was just beyond my "sight." So I turned off my internet browser and turned up my iTunes playlist. I blocked out the world and focused. Viola, problem solved and a good week of aggravation and turmoil ended. Woot!

I've been buzzing along ever since...the shawl is coming along nicely now. Smooth sailin' ahead. Knock on wood.

I wish I could show you pictures, the yarn I am using and the pattern is just perfect together. My friend, Yvonne, from Germany dyes the most beautiful yarn and she asked me to design a shawl to show case the yarns in her new summer yarn club: Jewel Tones Lace (etsy link). There's also another designer working with Yvonne so you'll receive my pattern and her pattern with as part of the club, along with other fun surprises. You have until May 15th to sign up.

She also has a sign up thru ArtFire, so you can sign up there if you prefer: Jewel Tones Lace Yarn Club.

Have a look at all her various yarns they are all gorgeous!

Yes I know, I am such a temptress.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Le Sigh

Once again I must apologise for being a bad blogger. Between, not having a camera, STILL knitting on the border of my meditation rug and technical website concerns, blogging has been difficult and secondary.

Right now I have stitch pattern books laid open around me. I am having a hard time finding my muse for this new project. While the yarn is beautiful, it hasn't really sung to me yet. I've started carrying it around with me, trying to spark something. I just need a little spark, something to fan to flame.

I have also been working (still) on the mediation rug. I have roughly two feet of border left to knit. It's the longest two feet in the history. It seems like i have been knitting these last two feet FOREVER. It's daunting and frustrating. Never mind that...I don;t know if my Pi calculations were off or what but the mediation rug is shaped more like a bowl that a flat circle. I am desperately hoping that blocking will smooth it all out.

I am also bummed by all the techy stuff going on with my websites. I have still found no resolution to the domain name debacle for my Birdwell Productions website. It's so disheartening: I have had this domain for ten years and it looks like because of shaddy business practises of the domain register ( I am losing it. So I think I have decided to try to combine knitting blog and personal blog onto one. I am not sure if I'll still have tag functionality when I move the blogs to a new content manager (blogger will not support FTP or own domain hosting as of May 1-and i am a control freak over content management). But I will work out something. I have been working with webs design and architecture for over 12 years I will figure something out. Grin. I just need to remind myself that I can DO THIS!

In any case it is Spring and I am happy. Easter is soon...true mark of SPRING! and rebirth. I feel like I am waking up after my grey winter sleepiness. Although, I have to admit the allergies from the fornicating trees have been acting like a sleeping potion.


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Keep Knitting...

I have ten inches left of knitting left on the meditation rug. Right now: 382 stitches per round. Depending on how things work out, I think I will have 764 stitches for my border and then I will make a knitted on edging with intricate cables.

I will be lucky if the main portion of this rug is done by closing ceremonies of the Winter Games. I have 90 rows left, but all of this garter stitch is the boring part...the border and edging is the fun part! That will be thrilling...if I can decide the order and placement of the runes. lol

In other knitting news: I think I will be taking my socks out of time out. I am feeling the sock itch again. (No there is NOT a cream for that!) Not sure which sock I will take out first...prolly the cute bees kness knee highs...because I don't beed to seriously rework them like i need to rework the Cat Bordhi socks I am working on that refuse to go over my heel.

Refresher pictures!

Miss B's Stockings

These are super cute no thinking required (not my pattern afterall)


Like the cute strappy, but it's pulling the instep too tight. Must solve the puzzle, but I do not, at this time, want to spare the brain cells.

HP Sock progress

These (I forgot to mention them above), need more design work. I am stalled creatively on these.

Right now my brains is stuck on a few other things more lacey in nature. It's a good thing because I have a new project that I welcomed into my lap (Super Secret though) and my knitting bunnies have been working over time weaving a pattern in my head.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew?

This question has been rolling around my head this week. I feel that perhaps, once again, I have over committed myself. I have less than two months...less than one and a half months till Dec. 1. I have at least one super secret project that MUST be done by then. And on the needles I have actively committed: 6 projects--no back that up 8. (Dude, counting that out just made me cringe.) 5 Christmas presents due by the second week of November. That 1 super secret project due Dec 1. Another Super Secret Project that I want to get enough done to show off at Kid N Ewe. And then there's the new one: a lace design I am doing for my LYS new lace weight wool (I think it actually might be cobweb).


I am freaking out...a little bit...a lot. If knitting was the ONLY thing on my plate, I wouldn't be hyper-ventilating. I also need to clean for the holiday/in-law visit. And keep up with homeschooling-now that kids are all healthy again, school is in session!!


I definitely suffer from over confidence (but my friends, you know that about me already) and I kinda think all of this is doable. Yeah, I totally have a warped sense of time. I might have to spend the extra money and ship some of the Christmas presents instead of trying to kill myself.

So wanna see what I have been killing myself with???

Here's the newest Birdy's Knits design, I am kinda winging it. I have an out line of the pattern in my head, but I am filing in the gaps as I go. In a few inches, I'll enlarge the leafy pattern...

Not So Secret Project

Or is it a flower?

Not So Secret Project

I whipped it out at our October Potluck (dress up--so fun, I went as Victoria from Twilight) and I got a round of oohs and aahhs. That's hopeful. It's a dead easy pattern, easily memorised.

I am almost done with Elly Phant. One arm and two ears and I am done.

Ellie Phant

The second arm though is giving me fits. I tried three times and tore it out there times. So I put it aside and worked on something else. Sometimes in knitting you need a breather...taking a step back before you do something you regret. lol.

It's also giving my finger tips a break. Rapid k2tog on a tight gauge is rough on my fingers.

Did I mention I also plan to partipate in NaNoWriMo in November? Yeah, I am certifiable.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Christmas Knitting!

It's October and so begins in earnest the Christmas Knitting. I had originally decided NOT to knit for Christmas, because I wanted to focus on designing and creating new patterns. For me it's always hard to resist the pull to knit for others, especially when I see the need and or the joy that it would give others. So I am knitting Granny a shawl and slippers, and my niece, M. a elephant. Well I can't not knit for my other niece and nephew, so I am knitting them a kitty and a hedge hog. But really that's it! (Maybe a bunny for Lori if I have time...excuse me Lorelei-she told me she doesn't like being called Lori.)

So on Friday I started knitting the elephant, which I named on Rav: Elly Phant. Grin. She's lavender and I bought some yarn to make a coordinating scarf and maybe a boy for her head.

Elly Phant's head

The pattern is one of Ysolda's brilliant toy patterns. I can't promote her enough--I am a huge fan. Although, this is the first time I have bought any of her patterns really just busy with other knitting (or trying to knit) my stuff.

Today I finished the head and am now picking up stitches for the body (LOVE LOVE how this toy is constructed all in the round, no seaming!). I did it twice, the second time (when I realised it wasn't square and a bit too forward) I used the Birdy's Knits stitch markers to mark the corners where I need to pick up stitches.

Marks for the pick ups

These are the stitches picked up...making sure the little "bumps" from picking up are INSIDE the square.

Pick Up sitcks!

I think I've mentioned it before, but I am going to alter her Sophie the bunny pattern to make a Kitty for I. I talked with Brandy (I.'s mom) and she told me that N. (her nephew and mine) would like a hedgehog. He also loves blue. I have the perfect blue yarn for a toy, but I was wondering: would a blue hedgehog be weird? Too weird for a nearly 5 year old. Nope, duh, not when there's a Sonic the Hedgehog busting out all over.

Blue Sky Cotton

Great huh? I might see about buying a contrasting shade of blue (either lighter or darker) for the hedgehog (pattern page). What do you think? Stick with the one colour of blue I have or try for two tone??? (Leave me a comment please-Yarn Crawl is this weekend, so I have the opportunity then to buy the yarn).

Granny's Shawl is nearly done (put on another burner since I am so hot to trot with Elly Phant). I am knitting a few more rows to make sure it'll be super cuddly for her this winter. Then afterwards I'll start her slippers.

On other knitting news: my Super Secret projects are zipping fast as I can zip anyway. And so far I am very happy with all three. I just wish I had extra arms to knit everything I want to knit.

This picture filled blog post was brought to you by at least 15 mosquito bites. What I do for my readers... ;-)

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall is HERE!

It even feeeels like fall! The temps this week have been in the mid-60s. It's wonderous knitting weather. I had planned to start Fall Cleaning, but yesterday I tore the nail nearly clean off my big toe. So that put my plans on hold, as standing, squatting, moving objects, and scrubbing do not work well with a very painful throbbing toe. Gee, knitting--knitting I can do.

Right now I am working on Granny's Shawl. Christmas is less than 3 months away and I still need to knit her slippers. The shawl I think is nearly done...each row is taking FOREVER!! I might watch Wolverine to help take my mind off the EXTREME boredom.

I also need to work on my Super Secret Projects--there are still two. Hmmm and ya know what they are also blue. I am on a blue kick. Can not wait for RED. or Gold. Or Multi coloured!!!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Hold My Hand

This is SO gonna hurt. I decided after a good week of agony to frog more than three inches of lace work. I asked some friends their thoughts on the matter, "Did this bit look okay?" I was beginning to be very displeased with how the lace pattern was coming out. Everyone told me it looked good. But still niggling in the back of my mind..."no no no no it looks like crap!"

I hate frogging. It usually takes me so long to knit--it's just going backwards right? But the wise Yarn Harlot says, but hey YOU GET TO KNIT AGAIN-YOU GET TO KNIT MORE!!! What's so awful about that?? (I had to shout this last bit to give me some confidence).

So here it goes...heavy sigh...somebody hold my hand?


soft sobs

Damn this is taking forever...ouch...hold tighter, please.

Whew. Done.

to frog or not to frog

Wow. I feel much better, much lighter...even though I pretty much have to start all over again... It will be a better design. And the yarn is a delight to work with (it's Buffalo Gold Lux).

Sorry but I couldn't tell you WHAT I am frogging. It's super secret...but soon I promise to spill ALL the beans.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Juices Are 'A Flowin'!

After spending the weekend (and most of the week) wrestling and chasing various knitting bunnies: I finally had a break through! Relief! I can now attribute most (if not some) of my ferociously bad mood this week to the naughty, difficult Knitting Bunnies. I think what helped the break through was the spontaneous mitosis of a knitting bunny. One shawl design that's been percolating in my brain for upwards of 5 years became two shawls. Somehow this just let the dams burst forth and helped the other design that was giving me fits smooth out and play nice.

So two shawls were born this weekend: one will remain secret and will be featured in a special event I am planning with a yarny friend of mine. The other: not sure if it'll be totally secret (this is the Thistle/Scottish themed shawl)... We shall see.

I took better pictures of the Helen's Lace this morning.

Helen's Lace Gray's Corner

I am all hot and ready to swatch, but I have some detangling ahead of me.

Helen's Lace Gray's Corner

See that bit of yarn barf behind the cake? A while back the kids got into my stash and played with my lace...Mic used THIS yarn my favourite yarn to make a spider web. So before I swatch I need to untangle. Which, really isn't a horrible thing...I enjoy this sort of thing. It's sort of zen for me; calming and centering.

While I was re-taking pictures of the Helen's Lace, I figured it would be a good idea to take a picture of some green malabrigo lace I kept forgetting to record for my stash on Ravelry. So I bring out this bag from my stash dresser:

Most of my Malabrigo

Jamey just about had a mini-stroke. "What is all THAT?! Where did THAT come from." LOL. Slowly slowly, piece my piece, through out the months and years. Hee hee. But I do have a lot of yarn...which is why I have been trying to slow up my yarn purchases. But it's so hard when I see pretty pretty softy yarn!

He also didn't think my idea of keeping a duffle bag near my yarn dresser was particularly brilliant. (My thought was in an emergency and we need to leave the house and maybe not come back...I would need something to carry my yarn in) He thinks my priorities are messed up.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Very Busy, Shhhhhhh

I am spending a lot of time at the drawing board, coaxing the Knitting Bunnies I see in my head to come out on paper and later in fiber. It's hard to blog about that process when it's for publication. Knitty's Fall dead line is June 1, and like a masochistic junkie, I am preparing two submissions. I am also fighting looming self doubt. So it goes.

I do have happiness to share. During my knitting retreat, I shopped at Hill Country Weavers...I picked up that gorgeous hank of Prism lacewool and 2 hanks of HabuTextiles Bamboo lace weight. When I got home, Jamey looked over the receipts and noticed I had been charged for 3 hanks instead of the two. Oops! I emailed the owner and she was awesome: gave me the option of a refund or sending me the yarn I bought. Well obviously I got the yarn, money already spent right? And now I can make a massive intricate knitted reproduction of Jason's Golden Fleece (I am on an Ancient Greek kick aren't I?)

And happier news, I just got word that a yahoo group of Texas knitters is doing a KAL of Flit 'N Float! Awww, I feel loved. (Well the scarf feels the love, but it's enough love for me to share, natch!)

Sorry to say I have no pictures. Super Secret Projects just don't photograph well...grin.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Pretty and the Ugly

This is Isobel:

Isobel in progress

Isn't she pretty?

I am knitting with Debbie Bliss's Pure Silk. Ah, it is so nice. Hang around me long enough and you learn that I have a raging selfish need/craving for silk. I will push you out of the way in order to get to the silk bin in a yarn shop (most LYS I have been to keep their yarn organised by fiber, so yes there is a bin or a cubby or a table just for siiiiilllllk). Yum!


Anyhoo I have been saving this silk and this pattern for a year and I finally started it this weekend at WHIBSIB. It's goin' fast, however I have Super Secret deadlines so she'll prolly be ignored till June. Insert sad face here.

Speaking of Super Secret. I lost a whole days worth of work when I realised I had accidently attached a size 4 needle and a size 6 needle to my KP interchangeable cable. (I thought the fabric was looking looser than it ought to). Sigh, so I had to frog and curse and fix the problem. Bleh. (You may have heard me curse on Twitter)

I have about 2 or 3 things (maybe 4) in the Super Secret queue (okay FIVE! The bunnies are jumping!!). So lot's of hinting and tip-toeing and holding of the breath. I can give a hint--they will be scarfish and or stoleish (so shoot me, I LOVE scarves! I love things I can wrap around my self and twirl around myself)

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Monday, April 27, 2009


WHIBSIB (What Happens In Buda Stays In Buda), my yearly Knitting Retreat with my beloved gals pals from Lone Star State Knitters was this past weekend. MUCH hilarity ensued and a nice recharge was had.


Flip through that...

My mates and I only went to one yarn shop, Hill Country Weavers. But it's my favourite in that area and I never get to go to it. THIS is yarn heaven. Yarn coming out of bins and shelves at you--it's just the best. And of course I FORGOT to take pictures of the yarn shop. Sigh. But I got stopped by nearly everyone to comment on my Clapotis (rav link). It was cool. I fell in love with some lace weight and of course I took it home.

Prism Lacewool

It's Prism, ember. It screams Autumn! I love what it looks like in the yarn cake as well.


Yes that IS David Tennant...grin.

I also fell in love with this lace weight bamboo from Habu Textiles.

Habu Textile

It's GOLD. This is gonna be a FUN lace project to design. It's gonna have to take it's place in the ever growing queue, but it'll be brilliant to work with. My head is dancing with the possibilities.

We also ate lunch at my favourite pub IN THE WORLD. Whose Guinness, I imagine, is comparable to any pub in Dublin--it is THAT good. Smoooooth as silk. They also have fantastic burgers and fries. I already miss it. I also took a few snap shots of my first apartment (it's next door to the pub). Dreary dreary place.

My first apartment

Folks demanded to see the Flit N Float live, and I got many oohs and aahs. I also got to see one of the gals knitting up hers (such a thrill) AND she had me sign her pattern. Grin, I felt like such a rock star. I had a few gals try to nick my Aegis as well... Well, why not it's gorgeous (if I saw so myself). Smirk.

I finished a washcloth--to add to my collection (I need to take pics of all the one's I finished...4 now?) and I started knitting the Isobel (rav link). I haven't taken pics yet, but the link goes to the one that inspired me to use the same yarn, Debbie Bliss-Pure Silk. I need to take a piccie of it--I finally have enough done that pictures make sense.

I am also working on a brand new Super Secret Project. Right now I am swatching--bleh! I swatch ONLY if I ABSOLUTELY have to. But so far so good.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lovely Husbands

This post was written under the influence of Mika: Life in Cartoon Motion AND a massive sinus headache.

- - - - - -

Jamey surprised me on Tuesday by taking me to the Yarn Barn. We were going to buy a Barbara Walker Treasury (my plan was to support both my local yarn shops and purchase one book from each of them--BW has 4 stitch treasuries but I really only WANT/NEED the first two). But Yarn Barn didn't have it, would not consider ordering it. Oh well, Yarnivore will; so they will get the money. But Jamey did buy me a new hank of Handmaiden Sea Silk (for a brand new Super Secret Project--so this is the only form you will see of said Super Secret Project). I love him.

Handmaiden Sea Silk

I love him lots and lots.

I also picked up this hank of cotton for a non secret special project (details to come when my head isn't pounding). But it will be a bird and it'll be for a special person.

Blue Sky Cotton

Jamey also picked out the colour. Grin, it is his favourite colour. So I shouldn't be surprised by his choices. Jamey also threw this into the pot. He knows how much I love bees (and it smells REALLY good).

Bee Bar Lotion

Bee Bar LotionBee Bar Lotion

You can get this wonderful smelling and all natural lotion here at the Honey House.

I love my husband; I think I'll keep him. ;-)

Oh and knitting progress, Jamey is very surprised at my progress on Lorelei's Twirly Skirt (he did think it would take me the entire summer to finish this).

Twirly Skirt Progress

I am sure my progress is going to screech to a near halt since I am now knitting over 100 stitches every round now and I still have ONE more 20% increase row. But it is a fun knit and I do need a mindless knit right now. The Birdy brain is slightly fried. I am also nearly done with my commission for my friend (it is a quick knit--so no biggie).

I am anxious to start knitting a bit on my Bettie Lace Stockings. Just because I can hear them crying.

I am trying something new (tell me if you like it or could care less or hate it): when ever I am listening to my music whilst writing a blog, I thought I would share what I am writing to. Now, I almost ALWAYS have music playing (drowns out the screaming of my children), this should be a regular feature.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally, I Can Scream From the Rooftops!


Flit n Float

Here's the issue and here's the pattern.

>Happy Dance!!<

This is my second Knitty submission and my first acceptance. I was beyond excited and thrilled, but I was also terrified. It didn't feel real. It felt wispy, so I told almost no one. I told: my husband (first thing actually--I screamed and cried), then my best friend, Phisto, then my mom. Eventually I also told A. and S. But told no one else, and of course only hinted it on the blog, I was petrified that some how they would change their minds and I DO NOT like to tempt fate by being a blathermouth. Knitty Spring just went live and few know yet. The Thrill!!

Flit n Float

This has been a Super Secret Project since last fall--one of the two and now both revealed. I finished it mere days before the December 1 deadline and only had my self to photograph and model. So all these pics of me? It's me, a tripod and a green chair (GOD, my thighs hurt SO MUCH the next day from stepping up and off that chair 50 times). I set my camera to timed shoot with two shots--the first shot was crap the second the focus and color worked out. I must have taken finally 60 shots (many also that I deleted straightway because of well, they were shite). And yes for San Antonio--it was VERY VERY cold. I did my best to pretend it was Springy with shorts and tank tops.

Flit n Float

I took these shots right after Thanksgiving, I think on November 29 or 30 (the camera was relatively new and I hadn't changed the time on it yet, so Flickr says all these were taken August 28, 2058. Yeah, time travel baby...and you were wondering who the Doctor's next companion would be? Hee hee.) The chalk you see in the background is Micci's art work on his wooden playset in our backyard.

Flit n Float

The scarf itself is meant to be a short flirty scarf (one can make it longer, if desired). It's worked in one piece with no grafting, just a little bit of "magic" in the cast on.

Flit n Float

This is the green chair I stood upon while taking most of my shots. It turned out to be a very handy chair. Grin.

Flit n Float

The book that I am "reading" in the shots is The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes. I LOVE this book. I also used it in the shoot because of the color of the cover, it fit perfectly with the white/dark theme of the shoot. But honestly, if you love a book that makes you think: READ's an amazing read.

I am so happy and enthused that my pattern was selected; not to mentioned honoured and blessed. New visitors welcome! Old friends: try to hold me down so my head doesn't get too big, grin. And a BIG congratulations to the other Knitty contributors: I am in such a wonderful group of designers. A big woot for all of us!!

Flit n Float

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Knitting Woe

The other day a Knitting Bunny jumped out of my head fully formed. Yea!! It's one I have been working on for that Buffalo Gold yarn I bought a few months back (at Kid N Ewe).

Now, I am wishing that damn Bunny could knit too! My swatch is giving me a headache on top of the sinus headache (thank YOU allergies!) I already have. The numbers aren't adding up and with this head ache--GOOD BYE!

So I frogged the blasted thing and threw the yarn back in the drawer. Arggh! I think I might swatch again with some left over lace yarn to work out the numbers (don't want to ruin this nice luxury yarn with multiple froggings). The yarn looks great knitted's really lovely.

Now, the Aegis scarf is coming along swimmingly...if I could behave myself and I might be able to finish it this weekend (yeah didn't I say that LAST week?) And very very soon you all will get a nice surprise: one that's been cooking for months...

P.S. I hope y'all have enjoyed my husband's posts. He's having lot's of fun writing posts when I come up "dry."

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Monday, December 1, 2008

A Sigh of Relief

Well, my Super Secret Project is finished!! Well see in the Spring what becomes of it...

It went much faster toward the end than I thought it would be--I didn't have to do any all nighters...woot! As soon as I was done: I promptly started knitting on the Snow Flurry Blanket and the Crayzee Scarf. After a month of knitting monogamy, I am looking forward to being a Knitting Slut. Grin. I had so much knitting planned this month--when I was actually free to knit something different.

I have been day dreaming of designs for that luscious skein of bison fiber I bought at Kid 'n Ewe. Then some arm warmers from the rose yarn I bought just last week...and a shield themed scarf/stole with the Handmaiden. I also been toying with the idea of making Micci a shoulder bag for his Bakugan.

After my latest trip to the yarn shops I decided I need to lay off the yarn buying. It's not really the wallet--it's the fact that I have a sizable stash and it's waiting for me to turn it into something glorious. I have hanks of silk, laceweight, and sock yarn that is crying out to me: make me into something?! Make me BEAUTIFUL! I have to resist the siren call of laceweight and silk...and stop buying more pretties until I knit up my current pretties.

We'll see how THAT goes. HA HA!

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Deadlines Are Not For the Faint of Heart

Aiieeee!! I have three days to finish knitting, photograph and compose a pattern. Sigh...I've been so busy trying to squeeze in knitting time in between Holiday prep, I have been having knitting night mares.

So--I am not planning on sleeping much these next three days. I hope to see you on the flipside of December with actual projects I can share with you ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving! (And for my non-American readers--Happy November 27th!!)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting my Act Together

Seriously, folks, even now looking at the picture I am about to add to this blog post, I am thinking, "I swear I already blogged this!" Yes, there is a good reason I am knitting my self a crayzee scarf.

I finally got my shite together and properly organised and stored my yarn. Before it was all crammed into a big grey tote, with the yarn itself put in shopping bags. And some of it was in a among a big pile of stuff at the end of my bed. Not good at all.

This big dresser:

Yarn Trunk

WAS filled with my prior obsession, cross stitching. I had all my fabrics, floss, needles and patterns tucked out away in those drawers. Then I met yarn and needles and, oh boy, I never looked back...I have barely picked up embroidery since then. Now, it took me a while to actually get a decent stash. For along while I subsisted on my mom's gift of acrylic (I store it in totes in the garage) she no longer had use for (she had already discovered Yarn Barn, and slowly I got a respectable stash. I decided last month that geez, why am I storing my beloved yarn in a tote haphazardly in bags when I have a dresser like this one?

So in my needles went:

Needle Storage

The other top two drawers hold my crafty accessories, scissors, papers, glue guns, ribbon, ya know, craft. The other drawer has a few other larger accessories and some patterns.

The next two drawers hold yarn!!

Yarn Storage

I put all the yarn according to color and weight into gallon sized ziplocked bags and squeezed all the air out. These are store side ways--the drawer is deep with yarn.

Yarn Storage

I also have my cones I got from my friend whose husband is all too happy to destash for her, with her permission of course. This is most of my yarn, all vacuum packed and safe. I might have to get those true vacuum bags but for now this works.

On the bottom drawer has a motley assortment of UFOs that are on the back burner, pattern books, and yarn stash. That top item? Yep the Mystery Stole number Three...I still need to fix that ripped yarn.

Yarn Storage

The other drawer--more non yarn stuff--fabric and what not.

The cross stitch stuff, got put into totes, some stored under the bed and some out in the garage.

I have a sneaky thought...what if I make y'all wait for the yarn pr0n from Kid n Ewe?? I already have a long post here...and Kid N Ewe does deserve it's own post. However, three posts in one day, well that just seems extreme. Yeah, I think I'll make ya wait...

sneak peek


Oh, one more thing: Super Secret Project--it's fantastic! And I have high hopes.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's New Cock-A-Do!

I started my own Snow Flurries Blanket. Some of my mates think I'm crazy, but it is a fun pattern.

Snowy Blanket

At this stage many are confusing it for a hat. And really it could be, to do so I would just stop increasing. While I was knitting the first one for my cousin, I thought it would be cute to make a matching sweater/hat set.

I also swatched up the's a bit insane because at the point where I cast off--I have about 700 stitches that I then increase by 4 times. But i don't think the cast off will be as brutal since so far i am not planning on a marathon cast off session like last time. Grin.

Snow Blanket with a picot swatch

The yarn I am using for the edging doesn't actually have any green in it, but I think the colors are just cute and will make a precious blanket. Who for, well... Idon't want to go there right now.

I am nearly to the heel on my sock...

HP Sock progress

For a while I was unsure if I liked how the design was coming. Still not sure, it might grow on me, but I am more unwilling to frog back to were I started the increases.

The gusset increases are inspired by Car Bordhi's sock-itecture....where the increase on on the top of the foot. In the increase section that will become the leg of the foot, I decided to center the ribbing on the purl instead of the knit...just to mix things up a bit. I might do another version after I finish this socks.

I had to frog my newest Super Secret project, it looks beautiful, but was coming out too big. Redux!

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