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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy Bees

Today, actually this week, has been full of cleaning, not so much knitting being done. I am still knitting away on my Super Secret Project-it's fun and right now easily memorised. Really all you need to remember is TWO rows. Easy peasy.

It's been drizzling today, the sun never even peeked out of the clouds...I know because I was up before dawn...and once again no soccer. Today was supposed to be Micci's make up game for last Saturday's game that was rained out. Oh well. Just gives me more time to clean, less time to knit.

We have about a week before we HAVE to migrate off of Blogger...I keep bugging my husband: you are running out of time!! Come on! Poor guy is overworked. This Spring has been murder on us. Between Jamey volunteering with the Final Four and special project AND Micci and Lorelei's activities our evenings have been jammed up.

Hopefully the Super Secret Project can be finished before May starts and I can concentrate once again on projects I can actually show you. I'll prolly work on the shawl and Kimmy's baby blanket. The blanket needs to be done by June. I do not want to procrastinate on it this pattern again. We all remember the pain I was in trying to complete the first Snow Flurries--I do not want to relive that!

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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Knitter

Like Anne Shirley says: It's a brand new day with no mistakes. I am one of those annoying types that sets goals (not resolutions) for myself for the coming year. Since this is a knitting blog, well then: I get to share my knitting goals and plans for this year.

I decided to lay off going after submissions. I thought the deadlines would help, but they just made me feel panicky (and cranky) and began to stifle my creativity. I am not saying I am NOT going to submit anything, if a deadline happens to fall in line with a complete project, then I'll mosey it on over, but no more chasing. I want to concentrate releasing patterns here at my shop for all of you lovelies (and of course on my family--they are young and need me to be more present).

I also need to finish up some UFOs that are so near completion that it's ridiculous that they are still UFOs. Bad knitter, no cookie!

My rusty Ribbon Lace Scarf has like a few more rows and it's done. Purple slippers need to be seamed.

Lace Ribbon ScarfGrandma's Slippers for Lorelei

Then there's the UFOs that are halfway done. My Knitting Bunnies are excellent at knocking UFOs out of queue. I'm figuring that I won't let myself start any more outside projects (outside meaning Other Designers (OD) work), until I finish those UFOs.

Celtic ToteMiss B's Stockings

Because I really want to start Citron from the latest issue of Knitty. I figure having one or two OD projects would be very restful from any sort of decision making when I am working out the Knitting Bunnies.

I also need to work on a few of my older BK projects: one of which needs to be finished by June for the arrival of my brand new niece or nephew.

Snow Flurries ProgressTwisted Scarves

The purple one is done, need to finish the red one. The other two socks are still in time out. My brain hasn't had the time to work out the wibbley wobbley sockie wockie problems.

I also have a few very OLD projects from when I first started knitting that I really ought to finish--almost forgot about those. Nice easy mindless projects...sometimes lately I have needed the easy and mindless. This year my brain felt very overtaxed. And from my current state of ain't gonna get better.

Also less submission less Super Secret Projects: so the tantalizing teasing will be lessened. Grin.

I also need to conquer the big near unravel of 2007.

Stop Gap!

One more thing before I go knit some more. The kids LOVED the knitted toys (Yay!) and someone wants a shawl like Granny's Shawl, but in pink. Grin.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vacation Knitting

As a knitter packing (getting ready) for vacation is a bit more involved that it is for the "muggles." Since we go to the same place every year, I already know the locations of all the area yarn shops. Before Ravelry I found them by searching online; now it's easy peasy using the myriad of Ravelry's search features and forums. It is a little known fact that vacation yarn doesn't count in a Yarn Diet. Grin. So for me what's left: what knitting to bring.

I am project whore. I have several going on at once, because for me different projects suit different moods and environments. Example: lace should not be worked while waiting in line at a post office, but a sock or are a simple patterned scarf--totally. Knowing I am going to have a 2 hour wait at a Doctor's office: break out the lace or difficult cables. Nevermind there are different projects that sooth a rumpled or excited spirit. Anyhoo, I must pack accordingly for vacation.

I already decided to start a new plain jane sock (out of that lovely Acaundadia sock yarn I bought last week)--that's gonna be my beach sock or talking with people sock...mindless...just keeps my hands busy. Now car knitting (since we are driving 24 hours to get to Virginia), I will need a varied amount of knitting. I will get bored so I need to have a variety of things to keep me occupied. I am thinking of bringing along my neglected Swallowtail Shawl. I am nearly done and I am working on border nupps (pronounced NUPS!! I am sorry in no way should it be pronounced noops, that us just SILLY. If it was MEANT to be pronounced NOOP then it would either be spelled noop or nupe!!! Sorry small side rant that has been bubbling up for quite awhile) and beading. My only "fear" or concern, is I may finish it while on vacation and will have to wait on blocking until I get home. Yes, stupid concern I know.

As I am trying to decide what to bring, I will invariably just bring all my current projects (at least the top six in my Ravelry project tab). I think the hardest part is to resist the urge to bring virgin yarn, all my Barbara Walker books, and the Knitting Bunnies. YES, the knitting bunnies are staying HOME!! This is a vacation after all...

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tired Knitting

The past few days I have been knackered--utterly and completely. I have two knitting bunnies gnawing on my shoulder (the tired brains aren't very tasty apparently). But I am just too tired to care. I am blaming allergies. But I have been knitting.

I dragged my arse off the couch (or whatever reclined position seemed fit) and took some pictures. I've been knitting on fairly easy stuff, nothing I need brain cells for.

The snow flurry blanket looks less like a hat or a tam now:

Snow Flurries Progress

A bit more like a blanket, or a small place mat. Grin. It's simple and fun: just knit, knit and every so often insert an eyelet or something.

The Lace Ribbon Scarf is nearly done--roughly.

Lace Ribbon Scarf

I am guesstimating I have about a foot left to knit. My plan is to knit till I run out of yarn. The skein is looking pretty empty.

Lastly, I have been knitting intermittently on my Crayzee Scarf (inspired by the lovely Amy Singer). Somehow it's very soothing.

Crayzee Scarf-Front

Two pics because I am indeed certifiable and decided to go all the way crayzee. I have a long way yet to finish--but finishing isn't the goal. Knitting is the goal.

Crayzee Scarf-back

See, this is rest. Hee hee. I do love this yarn: it's Claudia's Handpainted...and I love the subtle colour change. The yarn did scream for a scale pattern didn't it.

I haven't worked on the Bettie Lace stockings at all since I last posted about them...too tired. I am hoping to shake these exhaustion soon (before I lose my shoulders).

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The End and the Beginning

Last night was my knitting clubs monthly potluck: once again no piccies. Saturday was so high energy, I was too pooped to snap. I had taken nearly 70 pictures that afternoon of the Aegis scarf, I took about 50 more today. Not sure if I am happy with how they turned out.

Aegis a scarf

The pattern WILL be up Monday. I have to decide what pictures I want to use in publishing it and polish up the formatting in the pattern as well.

So I'll ask y'all a question (or two): What do you like to see in pattern pictures? What is it that makes or breaks whether you'll buy/knit up a pattern based in the image?

Last night, I was finally persuaded to take the dive and join I did in spades. I joined both as an individual and a business so look for me (if ya want) as Birdy Evans or Birdy's Knits. So far I feel lost and I am a definite newbie. And since we are on the subject of social networks, I am also on MySpace, as the same.

Now that I am finished with Aegis and before I start a new design, I decided to start some socks. I decided upon the Bettie's Lace Stockings (rav link) from Spring 09 Interweave. I just started them so I don't have proper in progress pics. I did decide to do my own toe (instead of following the pattern, so I had to rearrange some things when the lace pattern started). I am using some of the new sock yarn I got for my birthday, a delicious red yarn.

Essential Kettle Dyed

I picked up the needles on the Lace Ribbon Scarf and the Snow Flurries Blanket. I'll prolly start sketching my new design this week...letting the knitting bunny work itself into a slather sometimes makes the design have a bit of punch to it. Grin.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

A Sigh of Relief

Well, my Super Secret Project is finished!! Well see in the Spring what becomes of it...

It went much faster toward the end than I thought it would be--I didn't have to do any all nighters...woot! As soon as I was done: I promptly started knitting on the Snow Flurry Blanket and the Crayzee Scarf. After a month of knitting monogamy, I am looking forward to being a Knitting Slut. Grin. I had so much knitting planned this month--when I was actually free to knit something different.

I have been day dreaming of designs for that luscious skein of bison fiber I bought at Kid 'n Ewe. Then some arm warmers from the rose yarn I bought just last week...and a shield themed scarf/stole with the Handmaiden. I also been toying with the idea of making Micci a shoulder bag for his Bakugan.

After my latest trip to the yarn shops I decided I need to lay off the yarn buying. It's not really the wallet--it's the fact that I have a sizable stash and it's waiting for me to turn it into something glorious. I have hanks of silk, laceweight, and sock yarn that is crying out to me: make me into something?! Make me BEAUTIFUL! I have to resist the siren call of laceweight and silk...and stop buying more pretties until I knit up my current pretties.

We'll see how THAT goes. HA HA!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's New Cock-A-Do!

I started my own Snow Flurries Blanket. Some of my mates think I'm crazy, but it is a fun pattern.

Snowy Blanket

At this stage many are confusing it for a hat. And really it could be, to do so I would just stop increasing. While I was knitting the first one for my cousin, I thought it would be cute to make a matching sweater/hat set.

I also swatched up the's a bit insane because at the point where I cast off--I have about 700 stitches that I then increase by 4 times. But i don't think the cast off will be as brutal since so far i am not planning on a marathon cast off session like last time. Grin.

Snow Blanket with a picot swatch

The yarn I am using for the edging doesn't actually have any green in it, but I think the colors are just cute and will make a precious blanket. Who for, well... Idon't want to go there right now.

I am nearly to the heel on my sock...

HP Sock progress

For a while I was unsure if I liked how the design was coming. Still not sure, it might grow on me, but I am more unwilling to frog back to were I started the increases.

The gusset increases are inspired by Car Bordhi's sock-itecture....where the increase on on the top of the foot. In the increase section that will become the leg of the foot, I decided to center the ribbing on the purl instead of the knit...just to mix things up a bit. I might do another version after I finish this socks.

I had to frog my newest Super Secret project, it looks beautiful, but was coming out too big. Redux!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Pattern Release

I can finally let one Knitting Bunny aka Super Secret Project #1 out of the bag.

Snow Flurries Baby Blanket

I had entered it in the Lone Star State Knitters Dogs Days of Summer design contest and it won first place (it tied actually with a sock design from one of my best friends--oh sweet!) I have been waiting to tell its story for months!! It was knit for Jamey's newest baby cousin and despite some problems with the edging motifs--I was able to gift the blanket before we left Virginia this summer. My job on vacation was to finish this blanket. The picot bind off (on very nearly 700 stitches) took me 3 solid 16 hour days. It nearly undid me, I had to place warm cloths on my arms to go to bed at night. But it turned out beautifully and I am very proud of it.

Snowy Swatch

I played with different snow flake motifs and finally decided on one I worked up myself (but I am sure it's already been done before)--it's the motif between the white and red pins. I had originally wanted to use a rocking horse motif for the edging, but I was having problems turning it upside down so I decided to go with the pinwheels for a more blizzardy snow theme.

The pattern is available for sale for $6.00 as a three page PDF file. The Ravelry pattern page is here.

Snow Flurries Nursing ShawlSnow Flurries detail large

I hope y'all enjoy it, it was a blast to design and knit (even though the cast off can be brutal if tackled as I did--in one fell swoop). It was so fun I am working on another one right now.

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