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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Monday, October 27, 2008

Wacked Out Mojo

I have been a bad knit blogger.

Life interrupted once again...I have also been extremely boring in the knit department. I am still working on sock and scarf. Although I am about to release a new pattern!! But I am waiting on my techie guy to create the shop page.

I am working on a new pattern, but I am submitting it so I can't show and tell...just say right now---it's going into fits and not cooperating. Grrr.

I have loads of knitting pictures--but I need to unload them still. Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow will be a busy day though. Eeek! Revise previous statement: Birdy WILL be a good girl and will release knit pictures for blog!!

I can never walk into a yarn store without leaving with some yarn, especially if it's empty and I am being talkative with the owner/clerk (it just seems wrong not to support the local business). On Friday we were checking out a new HEB (Alon Market place--Allons-y Alonso!!!) and Jamey just had to drop this gem: Do you know where we are? Looking around real quick: Aha! Yarnivore! I relieved a few balls of yarn from their clutches.

Rowan Tapestry

Look closer, ain't it GORGEOUS! (I do love Fall--the light is just wonderful for taking photos!!)

Rowan Tapestry-close up

I think I'll be making another Samara Scarf. These were the last two balls and I had to have them. I may make a scarf as a gift or just gift the yarn and pattern to someone. So pretty.

On Saturday (which needs a post all it's own), I got some of this beauteous yarn from our yarn bob. I know it's superwash wool, but I am at a loss to figure out where it comes from (can't find it in Ravelry). Anyone here read German???

A german yarn

The yarn wants to be a pair of wrist speaks to me.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To Knit or NOT To Knit

Question my dear readers, I am presuming all y'all knit (if you don't wow thanks for reading and ignore this question). It's summer and here in San Antonio we have unofficially hit a hundred degrees already and it's been in the nineties for a while now. Are you still knitting.

I was at my Stitch and Bitch yesterday and every one (okay two folks but it was half the group--me and Phisto being the other half) weren't knitting and said lately they didn't feel like knitting because it was SO HOT!!


Not_knitting_because_it_was_hot. I am not shocked at not knitting in the heat--I understand the idea, but well not the practise. I told them, "Really? I can't NOT knit. I knit all the time, in fact the last thoughts of mine before falling asleep IS knitting. If I am not knitting I am thinking about knitting (so much so that I have to GO back to knitting--esp. when it keeps me up and night)."

So folks--how many are still knitting and how many are as obsessed as I am and knows that someone will have to pry my knitting needles from my cold dead hands.

Completely unrelated to the question BUT related to the fact that we went to SnB: after the SnB ended (it was short)--we went to the ice cream shop (homemade gelato--YUM) and who should I see on the couch? A knitter and I recognised her from Ravelry (I run the San Antonio group and and try to welcome everyone personally and have been known to hunt the San Antonians down making sure they know about the group-got over a 140 knitters woot!). I exclaimed, "I know you! You're on Ravlery and I am Birdy!" (See famouz in my own head!) So Phisto and I had another (impromptu) knit meet up, for about an hour. It was a great way to end the evening. (Well for me...P. met someone one the way out and her own brand of fun ;-) )

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Friday, May 16, 2008

A not so quiet knitting post

Front end knitting right now is pretty boring. I am still knitting on the scarf and tiger socks. But they are both boring to look at...the scarf has grown a foot. Well no--that's not true...I am really enjoying the tiger socks. Watching the new colors that grow under my fingers is just fun to watch.

Tiger Socks-one side

So pretty and I can't decide which side I love the most (which is important once I start turning the heel).

Tiger Socks-the other side

And yet, there is a sweet spot on this side of the sock, that just thrills me (Yes I am easily amused). Isn't it neat? Yeah I thought so, just me.

Tiger Socks-the sweet spot

Oh and most importantly: the Ravlery merchandise I ordered Saturday came in the mail yesterday. Woot!!

My Ravelry Shirt

It fits beautifully and I can't wait to wear it to the Knitting Potluck tomorrow. It's even nice and long (perfect for my long torso) belly shots!

Ravelry pin

And a wee pin for my knitting bag: the Ravelry logo. It's so cute! It's about the size of a dime.

And I had intended this to be a photo free post--haha! I also got a decent picture (finally) of the lace stitch markers that have become popular among my customers.

Lace Stitch Markers

Because of Jamey, I have definitely become a stitch marker girl. I am finding so many uses for them. I am using the dual use ones to mark the placement of random _____ and ____ in my super secret pattern. I even used the extra large size lace markers for the tulip blanket.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Back from the Dead

Neverending Sock

I am finally knitting on my sock again. Presenting the Neverending Sock!! And it's not because I am knitting tights as it has been suggested. I call them neverending because it took me forever to finish the first sock and it has taken longer than forever to finish up the second sock. Not to mention this socks go up for forever. Grin.

Neverending Sock progress

Funny enough in this snap shot of my first sock, I am just about in the same right no in the second sock. Perhaps when the sun rises today, I'll take a picture of the second sock for a little show and tell. (Yes it is almost 5 am here an I have been up since 4 am--blasted allergies and stupid brain)

I managed to work on the sock intermittently yesterday, while helping Anne get ready for her trip and having the kids spend some time at the library/soccer pictures.

As I mentioned prior, I am up at an obscene hour. Due to allergies, but mostly an over active brain. Last night I stumbled upon a thread in a forum on Ravelry asking folks if they have ever ordered from Birdy's Knits. It was posted 14 days ago and hasn't received any replies. So I replied to the poster directly and (hopefully) reassured them and explained that I am a new shop--so I haven't had a ton of orders--esp orders that require shipping, most of my business has been free downloads (with a few paid orders--thank you !!! you know who you are!). I also took the extra step of emailing some Rav mates and asking them, if they felt comfortable, to respond to the thread reassuring the poster that a third party thinks I am trustworthy and a maker of valuable goods. THEN I emailed folks on my yahoo email list (all friends as well) and asked if they would write some product reviews for me. Now I am worried that I over stepped or have been perceived as over stepping...does this make sense? What do y'all think? I really want this business to at least support my yarn habit (and or enable me to finally buy my OWN copies of the Barbara Walker Treasuries 1-4), but I also hope (as does Jamey) that Birdy's Knits can someday support our family.

One can hope.

I also am afraid (because I do worried a lot) how I will handle negative attention on Ravelry and on here. I do want to be popular, but with that comes also the "haters." And of course that prays upon my feelings of inadequacy: down deep a little voice says that I am nothing special and all I do is derivative works. I know the internet can really tear people up.

Okay enough rambling at 5 am.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

The Colors!

One of the many reasons I love Ravelry is all the new things I am exposed to.

I found KnitLab today. He has created some beautiful colorwork patterns. My two favourites are Scandinavian (the top left blue one) and Concertina (esp. the bottom left purple one).

Recently a knitting bunny turned into two colours on me and I really want to knit some two color socks (in red and tan) with a celtic motif (knots, medallions, and such). But WHEN shall I have the time? I've got knitting bunnies chewing on my brains and a shop (mine) demanding I knit things up.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meet Ups and New Obsessions

Last night, we had our March San Antonio pot luck and knit fest.

Great fun was had by all...if I mention half of what happened I would have very very interesting and inappropriate ads on my side bar. I brought Texas brownies with some Irish baked in (Irish Cream--oh it MADE the brownies.) I put the recipe in the pages at the Ravelry ACK group.

I showed off Jamey's stitch markers and sold three sets. Woot! I also showed off my bee row counter. Seriously get yours total I have sold 5 sets.

Bee Row Counter

I have requests for this too...I got the idea from TurtleGirl. Added my own touches and voila made just for me. Wendy things I should make some for lace charts that have 20 repeats. I love it because it's got bees!

I made reference to the chocolate Jamey brought me when I was in desperate need of it. I finally got it out of my camera...I ate the lady bugs and beetles, but the bees had to have a photo op. But even then in the end they got eaten as well.

Bee Candy

On the heart socks front: I am having serious issues with my cast off. I can't remember how I did it. I wrote it down...and now the instructions make no sense. Le sigh. I'll get it eventually, but right now it's ever so slightly aggravating.

Almost forgot: I finally have my caralets on sale on the shop as well.

Boysenberry Caralet

Just a taste...

All of them are also available for me to knit up for YOU custom in any color you want.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Leap Day Fun!

I am very behind. Read further down a few posts for WHY? So we have an abundance of posts for today.

Leap Day--was a fantastic day!

Anne and I met up with a knitter we met through Ravelry. She's from Sydney, Australia and was in San Antonio for a conference. Being the friendly sorts we are (when she asked about local knitting stores and restaurant recommendations) we offered to take her out to local eateries and our beloved Yarn Barn. It's becoming quite the tradition to take out of towners to Blue Star Microbrewery. They have an awesome menu and a terrific homemade root beer. (Jamey was off and watched the kids and Anne's grandson-so it was a wonderful child free afternoon). I stuffed myself with a fantastic tortilla soup and a salad. Then on to the Yarn Barn.

For three hours or so. Aww it was great--we left at 5.30, only because they closed. Because Yarn Barn is going out of business (read why here, everything was 20% off or more. We had a grand time. We all made off like bandits. The other's more than myself...grin.

Wrapped in ComfortSkacel 100% Merino Lace

Wrapped in Comfort by Alison Jeppson Hyde and Skacel Merino Laceweight in what I like to call wildflower. I have been salivating over this book since it came out. I really like Alison and love her blog. While I don't normally buy pattern books--I wanted to support her and I am really intrigued with her shawl construction. I was also pulled in by the fact that each pattern has a story. Anne, Cecilia and I each bought a skein of the merino and we are all going to knit the shawl called Michelle, as a remembrance of this wonderful day and the start of a great friendship.

Collinette JitterbugDrops Alpaca

I bought the Jitterbug for my friend Leah, because it's BURNT ORANGE. It's been calling me for months and it was the last hank in the cubby and it was time that that poor hank went to a good home. The two hanks is Drops Alpaca, it's a light fingering. I feel in love with this color--it's rusty, but with bits of blue, borwn, red, and green in it--like autumn.

Vineyard Silk ClassicVineyard Silk Classic

I bought the embroidery thread and beads for some more caralets (beaded, lace bracelets). It's silk, I normally knit them in cotton, but I want to try something more elegant.

0000 dpns

Yes, those are size 0000 dpns...that's 1.75 mm. I can't wait to try them out using some cotton thread. Oooo!

I actually put some yarn back...I was eyeing some more jitterbug for myself in Saraha--beautiful shades of purple, cream, brown, black, sounds weird but it was beautiful. I had to go sit at the tables and start knitting because I could feel myself going crazy with all that yarn, needles, and books...not to mention the racks and racks of patterns. I think all three of us sat at the tables sorting through our piles, stuff to definitely buy, maybe buy, and I don't reeeeaaly need this. Anne bought three of Barbara Walkers stitch dictionaries. Now--if I need a stitch pattern--I can go to my library of Anne instead of the San Antonio Library (who has nasty late fees).

I am looking forward to our friendship KAL--I just need to wind that massive hank of lace weight--1375 yards!! I know I have other things ahead of it in queue, but--it's for friendship!! We'll see how far that flies with Jamey.

I was also spotted by a fellow Ravelry member--she recognised me by my avatar and Anne shouting "Birdy" all over the store...grin. We had a good talk. We also met with two newbie knitters soon to be full on knitters soon under our careful "guidance" smirk.

All in all a grand day--the night not so much, but the day was a great way to spend leap day.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Slow Going

I am averaging two rows a day on the edging of the Adamas. Not good. It's harder to see the colour variations in the beads (I don't want all the same colours to clump up together) at I have been knitting the beaded row during the day and by the time I finish that row and do the purled row night has fallen and I can't see the beads as well...that and all the Christmas stuff going on.

Last night I made a HUGE batch of sweet potatoe casserole, made bread, cleaned up and then did some last minute Christmas shopping for my brother. See, I knew he was coming for Christmas, but it didn't really sink in that he was going to be here for Christmas and that he needed more gifts and a stocking. I still have cookies to bake...even though I went to the grocery store last night, I totally forgot that we needed baking soda but I did get the honey! (We've been needing honey for weeks and I kept forgetting to pick some up at the store.)

Speaking of honey, I started a bee group on Ravelry. I'm excited that I've gotten a good sized member ship so quickly. I'm looking forward to sharing the bee love and find new bee inspired knit patterns (and learn more about apiarists).

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Busy Knitting

I have been knitting, so much so I didn't have time to blog about it.

The Adamas is coming along great. So is Lorelei's hat. And I started a bracelet for my Secret Santa sister.

My Designer Page on Ravelry got finished today. Yippee--I feel validated!

I also (finally) took pictures of my bracelets that I had made for the craft fair. I had hoped to get them online by Cyber Monday, but it's been so cold-I couldn't go outside to get the natural light for the pics. I need to retake some, but I think by the weekend I'l be able to offer those for sale in the shop.

Lamp Hat

Here's Lorelei's Lamp Hat. I decided to add eyelets to weave a ribbon through. I bought pink and lavender ribbon ust for this hat. It'll loo so cute once it's finished. I am putting it on the back burner till I finish the Adamas...but now that I am on the main bidy of the hat it should go fast.

I really can't wait till I finish my Christmas Knitting (the Adamas, the Swallowtail, and two pairs of toddler socks), because I have some patterns to write and some patterns to re-kit. I bought some yarn today from Knit Picks -- to appease the Knitting Bunnies and for Christmas knitting.

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Friday, August 31, 2007


Wandering around Ravelry today, I found this beautiful lace Dragon Shawl. You can buy the pattern here at Etsy, even though at $12.00, I am putting this on my wishlist, officially...since there's like 3 months to my birthday and Christmas.

It would look awesome in an olive green or even better a gold yarn.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ravelry Here I Come!

I got my invite to Ravelry yesterday. My username is BirdysKnits--so come and say hi!

I love Ravelry, but is keeping me otherwise occupied when I am supposed to get this website off the ground. (Yes, as of this writing it's not even being published--so I am writing to a future you...HELLO!!) But being part of Ravelry does make me want to finish up the site, so I can actually tell people where to get a hold of my patterns.


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Monday, August 20, 2007

The wait...

Since yesterday I have had 7 people ahead of me in line for the invite to Ravelry!! SEVEN. So close, yet so very very vary away. I am hoping that today is not their rest day for invites...


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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Almost IN!

There are merely 83 people ahead of me in the Ravelry queue. All the hype in the knitting blogosphere and on my knitting list is making the waiting torturous.

I finally got around uploading my progress with the Mystery Stole 3--it's been announced the theme is swan lake. The wing portion of the stole hasn't been universally received..but I like it. I think. I am not too concerned since I am still working on the double long clue 4 and the wing doesn't start until clue 5 and people are already finished and blocking there finished stoles. What I need to see for a final determination is how it look being worn. I think it might look weird by itself but simply stunning when worn.

In order: Up to clue 2.

Mystery Stole 3, Clue 2

Detail shot: I love the beads--it's hard to see them with my sucky camera, but they are clear with an opalescence to them.

Mystery Stole 3, Clue 2- detail

Clue 3:

Mystery Stole 3, Clue 3

More detail shot: I really like this portion of the pattern.

Mystery Stole 3, Clue 3-detail

If you missed clue one--see more on my Flickr page. If you want to other Mystery Stole (in a rainbow of colors) once your at the Flickr website do a search for "Mystery Stole 3."

If you missed the KAL all together--Melanie should be releasing the pattern for sale on her website in the coming weeks.

Note, I apologise for the crappiness of the photos--buy more patterns and I can get a new and better camera.

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