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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Saturday, March 13, 2010

Knitting: Not So Much

Well, I am knitting, quite a lot actually--every spare minute I am knitting on my meditation rug. The runes are coming out WONDERFULLY. But so far the project isn't very photogenic and I am not totally sure what I did with my camera. I am very excited to be nearly done (well nearer anyway), I really needed this rug for a very long time.

The "Not So Much" refers more to the fact that this post won't be about knitting. If you also follow my personal (non-knitting blog) Dubh Croi you will have noticed it's gone, replaced by one of those annoying placeholder search engine thingys. My domain registar hasn't been returning my emails or anything and my domain name is expired. Grrrr argh. I have been tryimg to work this out, but I am being ignored on all fronts it seems. (No fear this website is hosted and registered with someone else)

I am seriously missing my blogging outlet, so I am gonna spew all that personal non knitting stuff here, because ARGH I need my outlet!

On a related blogging note: this blog is gonna be a changin' soon--hopefully without too much down time. I use Blogger (and have since April 2000) as my content manager, before then I hand coded and FTP everything myself. This included handcoding at least two pages and FTP multiple files (including pictures). Back then there was no such thing as blogspot either. Blogger did all the dirty work for me and all I had to do was write the post and click a button; everything was archived for me. Sigh. Blogger (rather Google) is tired of dealing with FTP and is no longer allowing FTP type blogs: which files are hosted on the server of my choice. Blogger/Google wants my content on THEIR servers. Nuh-uh, am I giving them any sort of control over my content (I write many blogs not just this knitting one). Yes, it's a control thing. WordPress is an option but my in house TechGuy (Jamey) hates WordPress and we might use an open source CMS. Fun times! SO now you know, weirdness might abound this Spring.

Which leads me to this rant: Sunday is Spring Forward. NOOOOOO!! Already? I am NOT READY!!! I have been sick and depressed with our car situation and I am SO behind. I am playing catch up and losing an hour overnight is NOT HELPING! Sob I really don't buy the whole energy saving spin on Daylight Savings. Office buildings and stores ALWAYS have lights on no matter how many windows they have letting in the bright light. My house is always dark no matter what so the lights that are on during the day are the same I have on at night. It's all VERY pointless. It's just an aggravation that at this point in time I DO NOT NEED. Stomp, stomp

(Not I am not having a tantrum)

One last word, a nice bookend, KNITTING. Because my meditation rug is rather pagan (I am a pagany type of Christian chick), I am planning on designing a Christian themed rug as well. I am also toying with other religious symbols as well, such as the Buddhist Ashtamangala. Although I am a bit weary committing myself without knowing it'll be needed or appreciated since I have a new big project coming up (the yarn is in the mail-and it's definitely a Super Secret Project) and the Knitting Bunnies are beginning to froth at the mouth.

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Monday, February 16, 2009


I gots me a new bag! And it's RED!!

My new Bag

And dude, it was only $29.99! Jamey was balking at getting me a laptop bag. They are SO expensive. Never mind you want one in RED...going to be close to a $100. I love Target.

My new bag-inside

Ain't it sexy? There's lot's of room for knitting stuff.

And for the obligatory "knitting" content.

Another Samara

I am starting another Samara. Yes, I haven't finished the second one--it is still in time out.

Aegis is going on well: no pictures cause it still "looks" the same.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Noticing a Trend

Everyone might be aware of it, but since I tend to be wrapped up in my own style and ignore current fashion: I just noticed it today. Scarves. They are everywhere...and not the heavy duty-wear with a coat when it's cold. But it seems everyone is wearing scarves all the time.

I like FINALLY being in fashion. Grin.

And it's a good thing I LOVE to design scarves.

I am making great progress on my newest scarf (still un-named, too busy knitting!). I have about 4 repeats done...yes, I am slow!! Anyone want to test knit? See if they can beat me to the finish line?

Anyway, let's hope this scarf trend continues. Speaking of scarves: The Lace Ribbon scarf is going well too (even though I noticed a teeny mistake--that I am proudly NOT ripping out). This scarf is my carry around project, the pattern is easily memorized. The Crayzee Scarf--is going at a snails pace, grin.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009


I tried writing this last night but I had no knitty muse. Today--well tonight I have a little bit.

So goals: what do I want to do with myself (knitting-wise) this coming year? I want to try my hand at colorwork. I have this little sweater (Rav Link)in mind. But, really in order to tackle it, I need to work from my stash and working from my stash means I need to crank out more patterns. I have a ton of laceweight that needs liberation AND most importantly a purpose.

Right now, I have a very short term goal. I want 7 dishcloths. One for each day of the week--enough to get me through without having to use a stinky cloth. Maybe I'll only need 4 or 5. We'll see how it goes as I knit them up. I am halfway through the first one--sadly I've been working on it all day. So far, I am not planning on being creative (that may change), all simple grandmother favourite dishcloths.

I finished knitting Jamey's mitts--I just need to do the finishing. I also need to pin that man down so we can upload the pattern. It'll be a for sale pattern, but I am pricing it lower than my other for sale patterns.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Bit Stretched...

I've not been feeling the knitting lately--basically going through the motions. I am rushing to finish up my Super Secret Projects. I also have a few days till we leave for vacation. We'll be in Virginia for two weeks--posting here will definitely be spotty, at best.

Like I said, I am feeling stretched. I think it's a collusion of things. Family fun stuff (not the one I made, but the one I was put into) mainly--with other stresses sprinkled in. So I found something to put myself in a better mood. While it DID put me in a grand (grand) mood, I was tethered to the couch for a bit.

I chronicled my tethering (smirk) on The other Blog. Really I don't want to have to re-write the post here as well--so go!!

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whot Happened??

Seriously this week flew by and although I actually had knitting content--I just couldn't seem to blog about any of it. And although I am suffering from a sinus infection right now (and am pondering just how much snot the human head can hold before it explodes), I must keep my lovely readers updated.

Hmmm, knitting progress or new toys--hmmmm. Eeny Meeny Moe...which one?


Tiger Socks progress

Anne suggested I purl the black to add interest (esp for me since I tend to shy away from pure stockinette). So I tried it.

Tiger Socks progress


Tiger Socks progress

It looks better in the photograph than it did in person. It seemed that the purl made the black too dominant--it threw things off for me. So I ripped it back to the marker (which if you like you can get at the shop) and have since knitted it past the point where I frogged it. I have learned doing socks that sometimes boring stockinette can be relaxing and necessary.

I have been working on my skinny scarves intermittently. I am about half way done--3 feet along. They are getting to the point where doing two at a time is becoming cumbersome. I had hoped buying two wee bags to keep the yarn in would help. I might try tucking the scarf ends in the bags as well--see if that will help.

Twisted Scarves

Now the toys.

I have been looking for a bound graph paper note book (with little teeny squares 10 to an inch). I finally gave up and bought a tablet and a portfolio case to hold it in.

My new purty notebookVery useful

I like the polka dots. It's bigger than I had in mind, but it'll work. And it's already in use and have proven very handy.

I also got something I had my eye on for a while now.

Fancy Yarn Holder

And it's red.

I also ordered (much to the dismay of Jamey--but I had to celebrate a large BK order!!) some needles from Knit Picks. One set is for Super Secret Project 3 and of course a set of 16 inch size 0 circulars for my crazee scarf. I even dreamed about getting them last night, I am THAT excited. I was a tad disappointed they didn't come today. LOL. They only shipped on Tuesday. I ordered enough needles for some upcoming projects. Woot.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

WNBA Season!

Well now that the Silver Stars season has begun...I am knitting in a large public. A few games ago I was even caught on the JumboTron knitting.

Here's my sock! I was actually knitting on a Super Secret Project--but I can't snap a picture to show ya'll --so my sock is a stand in.

Socks at a Silver Stars Game

Kim arrived on Thursday for her stay--we're not sure if it's temporary (as in she'll move back to D.C.) or permanent (as in she'll stay here until she has enough money to get an apartment here in SA). The kids attacked her when she got here and have been very reluctant to letting her out of their sights.

The kids and Kim

My mom sent this beauteous necklace--I LOVE it. I put it on as soon as Kim got her luggage (a day after she arrived-looong story).

Bee Necklace

Detail shot--isn't it fantastic!

Bee Necklace-up close

Thanks, Mom!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Clutter Problem

I am glad I am not alone, both Wendy B. and Stephanie are going through clutter problems. I do keep a messy house because (like Stephanie) I'd rather be knitting. But it really does bother me, I feel heavy with all this clutter. Thankfully, the dreams (like Wendy) haven't started yet. But I have had the ol' you are back in school panicking because not only did you forget that you should have been going to English class all semester, but you have NO idea where that class is held!

It's hard: clutter makes it hard to be creative, so I should roll up my sleeves and get dirty, HOWEVER I still have that spark of creativity that needs to be nourished.

Oh and after my rare Tuesday knit night: I've got a new knitting bunny in the form of a new knee high sock! I have got to start nurturing them. The knit night was fun: met a new knitter and got more acquainted with another. Although if you read the twitter to the side there: I had horrible OLD cheesecake. Shudder, it was hard/gummy and tasted like the freezer.

Tomorrow I will be doing some babysitting--I am hoping to do some tidying--namely laundry. Then another knit meet up (this week is raining meet up opportunities!)

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