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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now Knitting

This post was written under the influence of Sting.

Twirly progress!!!! This skirt is turning viral, both A. and my mom are knitting one up. They are almost done while this slow poke lags behind.

Twirly Skirt

I am really enjoying this bit of straight knitting (I am about 2 inches more into the blue as I type this). The Twirly Skirt is going well, I am not bored and I am EVEN contemplating another one (fantasizing about new colours). I finished up a horrid day of i-cord knitting (bleh!!) and "sewed" the casing for the i-cord to go through. I say "sew" because I merely knitted the cast on edge to the live row about 5 or 6 rounds after the i-cord holes. The white you are seeing is the kitchen cotton I used as a core in the i-cord. I am hoping by both using that core and knitting the cord on size 3s it'll make the cord less likely to go super stretchy.

The Hem

Pretty, eh? Lori is a hard task master. If I am not knitting it she becomes irritated and demands, "Why are you not knitting my skirt!?" I am also knitting a small commission piece for a I am trying to sneak that in. So this week: I am surrounded by cotton. Cotton all day every day. Grin. The I Love Cotton is really soft and easy to work with (unlike the rough kitchen cotton).

Speaking of cotton, I am going to reconfigure the Aegis scarf pattern as a baby blanket (knit with a soft fingering weight cotton) for a friend of ours with a baby girl named Athena. Jamey thought it would be something really cool for her, since the name and the theme of the Aegis was inspired by the goddess Athena. I will be offering the blanket reconfiguration as well. It's to be a free addendum to the scarf pattern. I also wanted something easy to wash, but still blockable.

Further speaking of cotton (dude it IS all about the cotton isn't it??), I picked up some Blue Sky Cotton for a special project. (More to come tomorrow, when I can get pictures and all). It's really neat and I am hoping this will bring this project to more knitters. Anyway: preview, the cotton is a beautiful deep teal...and lusciously soft.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

One sock finished

As promised picture of the finished sock. I really need to find a way to get a proper close up of the bind off. It's real cute but kinda hard to make out the stitch definition. Since I am going to sell the pattern (remember the offer still stands if someone send me a good name for this sock pattern they'll get the pattern for free), I want to have a good detail shot of this cast off.

Sock Jewelry

This bee row counter I made is fantastic! It's really making the increases a lot easier to manage. And it's cute to boot.


The two pairs together! I am almost to the heel...I am hoping (against hope) that I will finish by the end of the week. Woot! With Lorelei riding my back though, I might be one even earlier.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008


I swear I have been going to my local yarn shops (lys) more often than I thought I ever would--thanks to Anne I am going at least once a week. Sometimes just to look or support, but more often than not something comes home with me. Yesterday was a bumper day: we went to BOTH LYS here in SA (yeah it's a tragedy we only have two). I held out at the "Yarn Barn (I've been there so often this month I have already bought what I wanted), for some yarny goodness at Yarnivore.


Pure Silk by Debbie Bliss

I bought silk--pure 100% silk--finally. I have been terribly afraid to buy some. It is a tad expensive and I am terrified the kids or me will destroy it.

When I saw this sitting in it's little cubby at Yarnivore I knew it's destiny! And perhaps it'll be a super secret destiny!

My quandary? I want to start it NOW!! I have the pattern envisioned (mostly-I am still trying to figure out an edging--oo a clue!). But I am still banging my head against the wall with Lori's sock (still can't remember my special cast off) and of course theres all the other beauties hanging on to my needles (see that side bar--it's enormous!)...never mind my Leafy Spring Stole! I am dying to start that one as well. Of course I could start it once I finish the garter for Anne--and I really need to hurry up an finish the Swallowtail Shawl.

I love blogs--I just talked my self down. I will be patient and start the SSP after I finish the garter. And I NEED to finish that shawl. Heck I need to finish everything on that pesky side bat of mine.

On funny story from Yarnivore. I am not sure how long we spent there...a far amount. Lori enjoyed playing with the dollies and legos provided at the store, but then got bored and started running around giggling like a mad thing. Finally we get the hint and pay. And knowing us yarnies--it still takes a while to leave cause we're still talking. Meanwhile, I am chasing Lori around and scoop her up in my arms. And she's chewing on something. I never gave her gum or candy?

"Lori what are you eating? Open up!"


Yes folks, I pull a wad of roving (pink and purple unspun merino and possibly silk) from her silly little mouth. I guess the child need more fiber in her diet.

I offered to pay for the ruined wad; but Melanie told me not worry about it and tossed the icky wad into the trash.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Demanding Boss

I am knitting on the Celtic Tote (I am almost finished the back end--one row away from BO and the handles), Lorelei looks at me and screams: KNIT MY SOCK!

Lorelei's Heart Socks

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Birthday Yarn!

Only a knitter would get yarn for her son for his birthday.

Granted it IS tiger stripe yarn. Yeah like I need a another UFO! I've got knitting bunnies jumpin' out my ears here!

Aside: Yet another one started gnawin' on my grey matter during my massage yesterday.

I've been having Micci model the heart sock since they (Him and Ivy) both have (sorta) the same feet--so naturally he wants some socks too. I talked him out of Zebra socks (which they are out of) to the prettier and more interesting tiger pattern.

Speaking of my Heart Socks--the heel is done!! And I am working on the cuff. I've sketched out most of the pattern and will I do the second sock I'll finalise the pattern.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yarny Goodness

In all the Christmas and New Years rush, I forgot to show off my birthday yarn.

Two of my local knitterly friends got me yarn for my birthday. I feel loved!

Leah presented me with this on her birthday (the 22nd) as a late birthday present...LOL. She said when she saw the yarn she immediately thought of me. Gee I wonder why?

Leah sees a lovely red sweater for Lorelei.

The on the night of Anne's Christmas party on the 29th, I was presented with this enormous hat box.

So much yarny goodness--I don't know where to start!!

Yesterday, I took the kids out to the post office to mail packages--my reward was a trip to Hobby Lobby. I mainly wanted some ribbon for a cardiganette and while I wandered past the yarn section some beautiful purple yarn jumped into my hands. It'll be perfect for yet another Lorelei Hat (can you tell I am drowning my sorrow for Lorelei's shorn hair in yarn).

The purple ribbon will look so cute with a Rose of Sharon hat I will knit for Lorelei.

I decided to further torture my children and dragged them to Hancock Fabrics for a button for the Celtic Tote. I happened upon the yarn section (looking for size 9 dpns--couldn't find any) and what did the kids see. Dozens of bolts of fleece--50% off fleece.

Mic zeroed on a tiger print.

Lorelei went for the hippo pattern.

It was on sale!!! Now I am in the process of cutting and knotting fringe. It tedious, but Micci is SO excited to have a tiger print blanket.

I also started socks for my niece, I promised her special pink heart birthday socks.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

My head DIDN'T explode!

Amazing: the power of knitting!! With all the technical problems I had this morning--the onl thing that kept my head from bursting open was the calm repetition of knitting the Adamas. I couldn't get too tense because it's lace and lace doesn't not respond well to force.

Unfortunately, the knitting couldn't prevent the headache.

If you stoped by the Other Blog yesterday you know that Lorelei would NOT consent to a hair cut to fix the mess she made of her hair. So I am currently planning on knitting her up some hats to cover up her head. Thank GOD it's getting cool and hats are an appropriate accessory. I have a lace hat on the needles from a year ago (yes still) but I think I made it too big so it should fit her. Only problem is I got lost in the pattern and I hadn't had the will to try hard enough to find my place. NOW I have motivation. I have one other hat idea--but after that I am going to need help. If you know of any resources for cute girlie hats let me know in the comments.

I am toying with the idea of sewing dolly hair to the hats as well I am a total hair mom and this is Murphy's way of sticking it to me.

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