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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brain Freeze

My Super Secret Project is giving me a Super Serious Headache and Brain Fatigue. I have swatched it all out and the stitch patterns look awesome. The headache and fatigue is coming from trying to stick the lovely stitches into a shawl shape...I don't have enough yarn for anything full. I need half shapes. No squares or circles or even rectangles...I need half moons and triangles.

I think this wouldn't be so hard if my brain was already overwhelmed with mental clutter and stress.


This is the extent of my vocabulary lately: blah, blergh, bleck, gah, and ugh; lot's of nonsensical jumbles of consonants and vowels. Oh, what I have been reduced to! My muse is buried underneath it all.

I want to run away and escape into comfort projects: ones with PATTERNS already written. But, deadlines and promises cling to my back, reminding me I have obligations and not to runaway for too long.

Right now, I have been working on the Still Unnamed Shawl. (It's bugging me it still has no name; BUT at least I know where I am going with this pattern) It's pretty and growing at a nice clip.


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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Muse is a Masochist

Or is it sadomasochist? (Is the muse me? Or something separate?) Anyway...dude! I think she likes it when I am panicky and stressed.

So I was in the shower and I got this new great idea for the Siren/Lorelei scarf I have been working on. (I am hating what I am knitting now.) So I will have to frog, yet again. Not to mention TRY to work this new design out in my head. I have 18 days to have it knit, written up, and photographed if I want to submit it to Spring/Summer Knitty (they combined issues which for me kinda sucks since I do mainly Spring and Summer stuff). ARGH!!!

This is a late night rant brought to YOU by Birdy's Knits and her Muse.

AND you don't need to tell me how apropos it is so get inspiration for a water/mermaid/siren themed lace pattern IN THE SHOWER. Grin.


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Friday, August 14, 2009


Knitting Bunny knitted and I hate it. I don't like how it turned out. And I am thoroughly disgusted with it. A mature designer would let a small sigh escape her lips and start all over. But the impetuous designer I am tosses it in the corner and considers it a bad job...which may languish or not. I am pouting.

So I started something new, something cute and relaxing with no brains behind it because I didn't have to exercise any braincells. I found the cute plaything while reading my Curly Haired forum at Ravelry, Dream Swatch Head Wrap. I am a big fan of Wendy Bernard. She's built like me (ahem, slender) and she designs sweaters to fit herself. IF (big if) I ever knit a sweater for myself, it would probably be one of hers (okay, this is cute too--oh and I am still lusting after that birdy one from Ysolda). Anyhoo--I am enchanted with this headwrap.

Dream Swatch head scarf

I have all this hair now (it's nearly to my waist) and it needs some reigning in and the scrunchies I have been using aren't as cute.

I dug out a ball of plain icy blue bamboo and acrylic blend I bought a few years back. And went to town this morning during a jag of sleeplessness.

It kept my mind off disaster and of course (OF COURSE) it helped grow a new bunny. I am wondering now what this stitch pattern would look like if the loops were crossed individually. A wrap would be cute and I am thinking finer yarn...a bit more delicate...or shiny or...I don't's newly born and the eyes aren't open yet.

Dream Swatch head scarf

(Oh I also learned something valuable this week. If you are feeling down, quite inexplicably down: GET THEE SOME CHOCOLATE. There's a great chance it'll make you feel completely better.)

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Of Lost Videos and Found Yarn

Today I recorded some video of my lace surgery. But no one will get to see it. At first, I thought the video was lost. I had taken three showed up, one was not even a second in length, and the third was GONE. Poof. Disappeared.

So I swore and grumped, then got over it.

THEN I found the third video. But then I watched it. 90% of the video is of my very freckly shoulder.


I have two options right now: I can wait until I make another mistake (I surely will) or I can enlist the help of my husband as the cameraman to hold the camera over my head away from my shoulder, make sure the lace is in focus and I can ladder back down AGAIN and pretend that I didn't fix the mistake at all.

If I chose the later, I may have video for your on Friday. The former? Well who knows the next time I make a mistake...could be tomorrow...or in several weeks.

No video today, but I do have yarn pr0n.

Manos Silky Blend

I bought this Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend from Yarnivore on Sunday during the good bye party for one of my knitty friends. Not sure if I am going to make one of the scarves that is SO very popular to be made with this yarn...or something else...I was thinking perhaps something vesty.

So this made me think though. WHY DO I KEEP BUYING YARN!! I put myself on a yarn diet. I don't need any more...I have enough knitting bunnies chewing up my brains to give them more fertile ground with all this new yarn.

THIS is the yarn I have been buying since I put myself on a yarn diet.

Recently purchased yarn

And every one of those skeins were bought with some sort of rationale why I NEEDED the yarn despite being on a yarn diet. (I did forget to include the yarn I bought at Myrtle Beach, tho). Okay that green yarn, bought in Alexandria at Knit Happens: it's vacation yarn. The big hank of red Baruffa Cashwool is also vacation yarn, bought from Aylse Woolgather's. The gold bamboo and red lace cake (it's alpaca) was WHIBSIB yarn. The yarn cake in the cool autumn colours and the red Malabrigo I bought while I was up in Austin seeing the Yarn Harlot. It's all special!!! The pink in the back...well that WAS an impulse buy months ago at Yarnivore.

I really need to stop buying yarn...

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Over Socks...

This post written under the influence of Jason Mraz. My own official song of Summer 2009.

Right now I am hating socks and all I want to do is throw all the socks in progress in the bin. Grr...argh! I admit it is rather extreme (I am blaming hormones), as it's only one sock that is giving me fits...the others are blameless and are behaving themselves. I am just very aggravated.

Too Tight!

The heel will not fit over my heel.

Sigh. It's not the sock's fault. It's MY foot. I have a high instep and I neglected to take that into account. It's easier though to be mad at socks than my own feet. I can change/fix my feet those are unfixable. AND really I do like my feet, a lot actually. And so the sock (all the socks actually) will suffer.


It's so sad. I have to tear out SO much. The entire heel and the inch I already knitted PAST the heel. I was so excited about being able to knit this up to my knee, with that band swirling up my leg. Well, at least I discovered it now and NOT after I was done knitting that knee sock.

Sock Fail

That would have sucked.

In other knitting news: I finished the Isobel a few days ago...but it still needs blocking. I bought new pins on Monday, but was in no mood to block it Tuesday (mad about the socks and other things). Tomorrow, I think I'll squeeze in some time to block it. It's fabulous and I miss knitting on it. Knitting with silk is just wonderous during the summer when the weather is so hot and swarmy.

Granny's Shawl is coming along great as well, but it's ceasing to be a good carry along project.

Granny's Shawl

So I have been looking at my project page and stash pages on Ravelry...trying to find some inspiration. Nothing on the needles seems to please me. I have some nice cool type yarn, but I feel worn and stretched and designing just doesn't appeal. But I think I need to force myself out of this rut. I do have several designs that need to be started and just because I am not feeling super duper creative doesn't mean I should slack off.

You know what I mean?

Being an artists does take a lot of discipline. You gotta go hunting for that spark of genius.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random Musings

Written under the influence of Nick Cave.

As always, I am thinking ahead to Fall Submission deadlines...and of course I am thinking scarves. (Because I am Scarf Girl-to me scarves complete an outfit. I have scarves on de brain.) But Fall is all about sweaters. I don't do sweaters. I live in South Texas: we do NOT live in sweater country. Maybe light cardigan country. And I am decidedly NOT a sweater girl.

And for me: as a designer...well I suck as a "design for everybody" designer. I mainly design with myself in mind. (Well sometimes, if I am making a gift, then I keep that person in mind). But for a sweater? Since one, I don't wear them and if I did: I am skinny...with no boobs--most sweaters look like crap on me. And B) did I mention I live in S. Texas? It's too hot to wear a sweater, except MAYBE one week out of the year when it gets to the 40s and why spend so much time and money knitting/designing a sweater when I can only wear it once?? And lastly: when I dream about yarn and knitting (yes, amongst other things, yarn figures heavily into my nightime escapes): I do not dream about sweaters.

I think I am also afraid of grading (ack the MATH and WOULD it work???) And see what I just did? I just admitted a fault: and YOU know what year it is? Yep, year of Get Over It!! So guess what I am gonna be working on in my brain (whilst I design the next scarf--you saw that handmaiden...): a sweater.

For someday.

p.s. I am on the 4th colour (burgundy) of the Twirly Skirt, woot the end is near! 4 months 3 weeks ahead of schedule!!


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Monday, March 9, 2009

Took Me Long Enough

Was kidnapped last night for some coffee/book buying/knitting time last night by A. I finally found a copy of Franklin's It Itches.

No flickr today kidlets--Momma and Flickr are having a disagreement. HA! Momma lost her brain and can't remember her sign in!!

It's fabulous (and had me in stitches) and it just makes me want to meet Franklin ALL the more (hmmm, he lives in Chicago, maybe he's a U2 fan and would let me crash...hmmm. Nah. That would be weird. LOL. Sorry I learned today that I will have to be driving 5 hours to see my precious band and I am kinda bummed. I was hoping to trick Bono to peeing on the J/K really.). LONG inset there, sorry. I was so close to meeting him too! He sent this lovely card with my friend.

On to other things: The Aegis scarf. I have about 20 more ounces until I need to start the border. My math got way off so I am not even sure how many more repeats that is.

See I am just plowing through it:

I really need to magically learn to knit faster--my blog would be so much more interesting and I would get SO MUCH more done!! Grin, but really, then I wouldn't be the same obsessive compulsive Birdy now would I??

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Deadlines Are Not For the Faint of Heart

Aiieeee!! I have three days to finish knitting, photograph and compose a pattern. Sigh...I've been so busy trying to squeeze in knitting time in between Holiday prep, I have been having knitting night mares.

So--I am not planning on sleeping much these next three days. I hope to see you on the flipside of December with actual projects I can share with you ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving! (And for my non-American readers--Happy November 27th!!)

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Completely Useless

Okay so--I bought some yarn for a crayzee scarf when I was in Austin. Didn't bother buying a size 0, 16 inch circular needle because I had one at home. I was so excited, that when JoAn broke out the winder and swift at the Knit 'n Eat--I asked her to wind up the silk for me too. And as soon as I got home I cast on! Woot! Crayzee Scarf here I come!!

pointless circs

I cast on twenty or thirty stitches and ran into a "snag." Huh, the stitches wouldn't fit over the JOIN!

join won't fit through a size 0

For some reason the makers of these Boye needles thought that having a size 0 needle with size 2 joins would make a useable knitting device. Argh.

join WILL fit through a size 2

What morons! After cursing... I cast on using some dpns while I order myself some circs from Knit Picks. Then the next day I realised I twisted the cast on. Doh!! So I am waiting to restart until I get my new circ. Lovely just lovely.

Now that am having time to think and now that I have knitted the scarf a bit--I thought after I start again--maybe I should knit one side in stockinette and the other side in a modified dragon scale pattern. How pretty that would be (the silk is a tonally variegated dark teal)! But--is that crazy enough--this makes a nice mindless project--but really DO I do mindless very well? I still need to order the knit picks so I will have time to mull this over...

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A plea and a tempation

Sorry I have been out of pocket. Life got super busy there.

The Samara Scarf has entered an ugly phase and I am not so sure about it.

Samara Progress

Okay it looks pretty here...lot's of purples, and mauves.

Samara Progress

Not so bad...the green adds some interest. But then...

Samara Progress

A BRUISE!!! It would be different if there wasn't such a big expanse of pretty purple-ness. But the colour change is too shocking after so much soothing colours.

Am I nuts? What do y'all think? Does it work? I am very tempted to tear out the bruise colours and cut it out, continuing with the purple.

Samara Progress

In other news:

I got attacked by a new knitting bunny and it's going to be a Super Secret Project. So no pictures, just lot's of hints and I am sure grumping and groaning (right now it's all about the wedge of EVIL!). Hmm let's call it Super Secret Project 3. It's going to be entered for submission somewhere--just haven't decided where yet. And it's going to be a gift.

Reading my knitting blogs I came across the most fantastic knitting accessory ever. Growing up Mormon, we are drilled in emergency preparedness--we take the Boy Scout code very seriously. We have 72 hour kits (for evacuations), food and water storage (the goal is a year's worth), and so on. Bad things happened: BE PREPARED! I myself have laid awake nights what I will do in case of a fire: how to save both my children and my yarn and not come off looking like a putz. But, this idea is just right up my alley! I really want to get it--but what I really need to do is convince that I need another knitting bag. (Someone buy a pattern so I can justify my knitting existence!!)

Last night we moved our weekly informal (it's started out as a cry for company and now it's a week;y thing) knit meet up to Anne's house. Quite lovely. We talked and cooked/chopped/snuck pieces of food more the knitted, but we got a few rows in I think. And it's the companionship that's important--not the actually knitting, right?

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Brick and Mortar

Jamey rented us a booth at our local craft mall. So I've spent this weekend, reformatting patterns, knitting up more swiffer cloths and playing with some silk for some fancier caralets. We'll mostly be selling Jamey's stitch markers and earrings, under the moniker: Birdy's Baubles. Cute, huh?

I'll probably toss Anne a cone of cotton so she can help me whip some swiffer cloths for me. I really can't stop knitting her garter and I am a terribly slow knitter, besides that.

It's been dreary here and it's put me in a bad mood. Overcast equals exhaustion for me, so that doesn't help either. Poot.

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Friday, January 18, 2008


So if you notice down there (previous post) on that picture of my Celtic Tote. A cable is crossed the wrong way. It's not obvious, not really...and it's not distracting...but it's wrong.

I also spent the last 30 minutes try to figure out my new photo editing software (it's Corel Photo Shop Pro X -- I MISS my PS PhotoDraw!! I knew that program) to make a stupid &%^#@ circle or arrow or something!! Not sure why I can't do it. It IS nearly 1 am I should be asleep...but still I just can't figure out my new program. Anyways, my technoweeniness ranting aside. I can't show you a fancy image of what I did wrong. So just trust me--it's that last crossed cable, closest to the needles. It's an ugly glaring mistake.

Because, it's nearly 1 am--I don't really care it's wrong and refuse to ladder back or even frog back. So there--a DESIGN element. Poot. Enjoy!

Thanks everyone that has commented here, on Ravelry and via email that liked the heart socks. Sometimes I need the affirmation. Okay that's a lie, I always need the affirmation and praise.


Ha! I nearly forgot, I am totally lost in these heart socks. Not a good sign when YOU are the designer of said socks. Not sure what happened or what went wrong--I don't even know how to explain it...but then again it is 1 am.

Go to bed Birdy!


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Monday, January 14, 2008

Turtle Slow

They say slow and steady wins the race. Hmpf...not when it comes to knitting. I love the process, but still I envy the knitters that can finish a pair of adult socks in a weekend. Me...I worked on toddler socks all weekend and I got 2 inches?

They are progressing well though. I am happy with the heart and ribbon design and I just started the arch increases for the Riverbed architecture from Cat Bordhi's new book. I am really excited to try this architecture for a Me sock. My first (and only) pair of socks I did a toe up sock with short rows. They came out great (well came isn't right, I am not quite finished knitting them, BUT I am well past the heel on the second sock), but I have a high arch and so the sock is tight over that bit of foot that meets the leg (WHAT is that bit called???). I am expecting the riverbed will fix that.

If I can get my camera to give me my pictures, I'll put some up snappies of the heart socks.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007


I hate counting. It makes no sense since most of my hobbies depend on counting: counting cross-stitch and knitting. Today I cast on for a hat for Lorelei (her third year will be known as the Year Lorelei HAD to Wear Hats)--456 stitches!!! ACK it took me freaking hours to cast on. (No she isn't a giant but the hat has a ruffled brim). I counted so many times just to make sure I got it right. I used a circular needle to hold all the stitches and it still wasn't long enough, so counting was a ::insert favourite profanity here:: with all the stitches crammed in together. It's faster for me to cast on using long tail but naturally I need a very long tail. I had to cast on twice because the first time I hadn't used a long enough tail (next time I over estimated and have a ton of yarn left over as a tail). I had to count and count just to make sure I had enough--and argh--it drove me nuts.

Lorelei's White Hat

I am still not totally sure about my math--I hope I don't end up with a hat fit for a NBA Star.

And I call my self a designer? Yeah, I know.

Michael's is in the midst of a yarn sale--so I bought some Paton's SWS 70% Wool, 30% Soy, to see if it woulf be a good yarn substitute for the Samara Scarf (not that you can't use any yarn--Rowan Tapestry is just PERFECT.) Jamey actually let me buy two color ways because I couldn't decide: Natural Violet and Natural Crimson. Both are fantastic colors.

SWS-crimson SWS-Natural Violet

Lorelei also picked out some yarn for a hat. A lovely beige, pink and teal Bernat Satin Sport.--it's called Meadow.

Bernat Satin Sport Meadow

Yeah I need some pictures...I'll see about adding some tomorrow. We came home too late to take pictures.

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