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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Thursday, February 25, 2010

Keep Knitting...

I have ten inches left of knitting left on the meditation rug. Right now: 382 stitches per round. Depending on how things work out, I think I will have 764 stitches for my border and then I will make a knitted on edging with intricate cables.

I will be lucky if the main portion of this rug is done by closing ceremonies of the Winter Games. I have 90 rows left, but all of this garter stitch is the boring part...the border and edging is the fun part! That will be thrilling...if I can decide the order and placement of the runes. lol

In other knitting news: I think I will be taking my socks out of time out. I am feeling the sock itch again. (No there is NOT a cream for that!) Not sure which sock I will take out first...prolly the cute bees kness knee highs...because I don't beed to seriously rework them like i need to rework the Cat Bordhi socks I am working on that refuse to go over my heel.

Refresher pictures!

Miss B's Stockings

These are super cute no thinking required (not my pattern afterall)


Like the cute strappy, but it's pulling the instep too tight. Must solve the puzzle, but I do not, at this time, want to spare the brain cells.

HP Sock progress

These (I forgot to mention them above), need more design work. I am stalled creatively on these.

Right now my brains is stuck on a few other things more lacey in nature. It's a good thing because I have a new project that I welcomed into my lap (Super Secret though) and my knitting bunnies have been working over time weaving a pattern in my head.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All Knitting All The Time

So house is clean and ready for the holidays, the way is clear for me to knit worry and guilt free. I am having issues with my Super Secret Projects...not loving them. Usually this isn't a good sign. Sigh. I alternate between SSP and the DIP that I can actually show you! I got far enough along on this new DIP, which still has no name, to show you new pictures, complete with transition!

Lacey Shawl

I am loving the colours of this yarn. I love that I am kept guess what colours are next...I think it's pink, NOPE it's purple. It's going to be a beautiful shawl.

Lacey Shawl

Here's a close up of the transition and new motif--it's the same just spread out a bit.

Lacey Shawl - Detail

I see great promise in the pattern and I am super excited about it...more so than my other projects. Blaregh.

Onto other things..I totally stalled on the slippers--I really hate the pattern. The Kitteh is going looks rather, ahem suggestive right now. I'll prolly start the other legs this evening.


Oh stick the next day or two I have a new (previously secret) pattern for you!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where's My Motivation?

On most things I am a self started and independent. However when it comes to cleaning? I could be doing SO MANY other things, so I push it off and off, until I am a candidate for How Clean Is Your House. In order to get me to actually clean, I give my self deadlines...super serious deadlines. I invite people over. I must clean my house because people need a place to sit and they WILL JUDGE ME. And I don't wanna be judged, so I clean.

This time I gave my self TWO deadlines. The first was my in laws coming to visit and the second was a potluck I am hosting for my local knitting group. Well, in laws had to cancel their visit due to health reasons; THANK DIA I had a back up because with my submission and Christmas deadlines I would have found a reason to put off the cleaning.

So I have not been knitting all that much this week (I did squeeze a few rounds on the Yet To Be Named shawl whilst at the laundry mat AND bunny/kitteh has a body and one leg). But I did manage to finally finish (well mostly--I'd say 95%) my den and turn it into a work room for me and a school room for the kids. We have our dining room back!!!

Here's a preview of where I set up shop for me.

Where I Work

I still have a lot of work to do before I roll out more pictures. I hung the yarn on the cork board for inspiration and for the pretty view.

I also reworked the Lorelei stole scarf--it is back to being a scarf. Woot!

Okay back to work for me! (I was taking a break-the dust was killing me)


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Friday, September 11, 2009

Hold My Hand

This is SO gonna hurt. I decided after a good week of agony to frog more than three inches of lace work. I asked some friends their thoughts on the matter, "Did this bit look okay?" I was beginning to be very displeased with how the lace pattern was coming out. Everyone told me it looked good. But still niggling in the back of my mind..."no no no no it looks like crap!"

I hate frogging. It usually takes me so long to knit--it's just going backwards right? But the wise Yarn Harlot says, but hey YOU GET TO KNIT AGAIN-YOU GET TO KNIT MORE!!! What's so awful about that?? (I had to shout this last bit to give me some confidence).

So here it goes...heavy sigh...somebody hold my hand?


soft sobs

Damn this is taking forever...ouch...hold tighter, please.

Whew. Done.

to frog or not to frog

Wow. I feel much better, much lighter...even though I pretty much have to start all over again... It will be a better design. And the yarn is a delight to work with (it's Buffalo Gold Lux).

Sorry but I couldn't tell you WHAT I am frogging. It's super secret...but soon I promise to spill ALL the beans.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Now Where Was I?

Oops, totally forgot to show y'all the finished head wrap!

It's a Wrap

I love it and wear it all the time. It's great for second or third day hair when my curls stay excellent but the front, not so much. I found the pattern through my Naturally Curly group on Ravelry. They've helped me learn SO much about my hair and how to make it look its best. It amazes me that I actually thought I had straight hair!

hair after honey treatment

(I took this piccie after I did a deep conditioning treatment with honey and olive oil.)


You can sorta see what my hair looked like before I discovered it was curly/wavy. I just thought I had unmanageable straight hair. Then I learned to stop brushing it and stop using silicones and sulfates.

Anyhoo--knitting! I just finished a pattern submission, so I am taking a mini knitting break to focus on the house. I neglected it trying to make my deadline. Unfortunately most of what I am and will be working on is Super Secret. BUT, I have a knitting field trip coming up: gonna stalk, oh ahem, meet Amy Singer, the editor of Knitty. Then the following month is the Hill Country Yarn Crawl AND then the next month is Kid N Ewe Fiber Fest. Yarny goodness! I also have that extreme lace surgery to show y'all.

I've been a very bad blogger and I hope to rectify this in the coming days and weeks. Thanks for readin' y'all!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Of Lost Videos and Found Yarn

Today I recorded some video of my lace surgery. But no one will get to see it. At first, I thought the video was lost. I had taken three showed up, one was not even a second in length, and the third was GONE. Poof. Disappeared.

So I swore and grumped, then got over it.

THEN I found the third video. But then I watched it. 90% of the video is of my very freckly shoulder.


I have two options right now: I can wait until I make another mistake (I surely will) or I can enlist the help of my husband as the cameraman to hold the camera over my head away from my shoulder, make sure the lace is in focus and I can ladder back down AGAIN and pretend that I didn't fix the mistake at all.

If I chose the later, I may have video for your on Friday. The former? Well who knows the next time I make a mistake...could be tomorrow...or in several weeks.

No video today, but I do have yarn pr0n.

Manos Silky Blend

I bought this Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend from Yarnivore on Sunday during the good bye party for one of my knitty friends. Not sure if I am going to make one of the scarves that is SO very popular to be made with this yarn...or something else...I was thinking perhaps something vesty.

So this made me think though. WHY DO I KEEP BUYING YARN!! I put myself on a yarn diet. I don't need any more...I have enough knitting bunnies chewing up my brains to give them more fertile ground with all this new yarn.

THIS is the yarn I have been buying since I put myself on a yarn diet.

Recently purchased yarn

And every one of those skeins were bought with some sort of rationale why I NEEDED the yarn despite being on a yarn diet. (I did forget to include the yarn I bought at Myrtle Beach, tho). Okay that green yarn, bought in Alexandria at Knit Happens: it's vacation yarn. The big hank of red Baruffa Cashwool is also vacation yarn, bought from Aylse Woolgather's. The gold bamboo and red lace cake (it's alpaca) was WHIBSIB yarn. The yarn cake in the cool autumn colours and the red Malabrigo I bought while I was up in Austin seeing the Yarn Harlot. It's all special!!! The pink in the back...well that WAS an impulse buy months ago at Yarnivore.

I really need to stop buying yarn...

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Over Socks...

This post written under the influence of Jason Mraz. My own official song of Summer 2009.

Right now I am hating socks and all I want to do is throw all the socks in progress in the bin. Grr...argh! I admit it is rather extreme (I am blaming hormones), as it's only one sock that is giving me fits...the others are blameless and are behaving themselves. I am just very aggravated.

Too Tight!

The heel will not fit over my heel.

Sigh. It's not the sock's fault. It's MY foot. I have a high instep and I neglected to take that into account. It's easier though to be mad at socks than my own feet. I can change/fix my feet those are unfixable. AND really I do like my feet, a lot actually. And so the sock (all the socks actually) will suffer.


It's so sad. I have to tear out SO much. The entire heel and the inch I already knitted PAST the heel. I was so excited about being able to knit this up to my knee, with that band swirling up my leg. Well, at least I discovered it now and NOT after I was done knitting that knee sock.

Sock Fail

That would have sucked.

In other knitting news: I finished the Isobel a few days ago...but it still needs blocking. I bought new pins on Monday, but was in no mood to block it Tuesday (mad about the socks and other things). Tomorrow, I think I'll squeeze in some time to block it. It's fabulous and I miss knitting on it. Knitting with silk is just wonderous during the summer when the weather is so hot and swarmy.

Granny's Shawl is coming along great as well, but it's ceasing to be a good carry along project.

Granny's Shawl

So I have been looking at my project page and stash pages on Ravelry...trying to find some inspiration. Nothing on the needles seems to please me. I have some nice cool type yarn, but I feel worn and stretched and designing just doesn't appeal. But I think I need to force myself out of this rut. I do have several designs that need to be started and just because I am not feeling super duper creative doesn't mean I should slack off.

You know what I mean?

Being an artists does take a lot of discipline. You gotta go hunting for that spark of genius.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mojo Reclaimed??

Well this has been a busy week or so...sorry for the lack of blogging. Between practically losing the mojo and getting ready for my brother's visit (read frantically cleaning the house), life has been both busy and poor blog fodder.

This week or so, I am the proud host to a teeny crocheted version of The Doctor (yes THAT Doctor).

The Doctor surveys his surroundings

A group I belong to on Ravelry called Who Knits is doing a Traveling Doctor Passalong. So I have been showing the tiny Doctor (heretofore referred to as TinyTen) San Antonio's sights and sounds. You can see all our doings at the Alamo, in my backyard (otherwise known as the Land of the Lost), and at the Ood Bank from last week. This weekend, TinyTen met my brother and his wife AND attended a Texas style Luau BBQ. This week he will meet the Yarn Harlot and help me fold laundry. Here's the
Traveling Doctor Photoset.

As for my knitting mojo: eh...I am feeling better about the Super Secret Project. Last week I was about to tear IT and my hair out because of feelings of inferiority and simpleness. So it goes. But I am feeling better about the knitting and I am looking forward to playing with my handmaiden sea silk.

Handmaiden Sea Silk

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aegis is FINISHED!!

Woot. Stayed up late last night finishing it. The pattern ought to be ready next week. It's blocking and I have been told to let Handmaiden SeaSilk dry for a few days (please join me in hoping my cats stay off of it!). And then I still need to take the final pictures.

But here is the scarf blocking: it blocked out to 12 inches by 57 inches.

Aegis Scarf

Aegis Scarf Blocking

Aegis Scarf

I decided to play around with the edging as a finished the scarf--it's slightly different from the beginning. I am just glad it's done--it was a fun scarf to knit and the yarn was absolutely sublime to work with.

Speaking of yarn I had 6 grams left of the 100 gram hank. I cut it very close--but that's good--one wants a project that uses up a whole hank of expensive yarn.

Yarn Left Over

Oh and the yarn smelled EVEN better while it soaked than it did dry. LOVE this yarn. Grin.

My Photo Set, if you want to check out all the beauty shots, as well as the rumpled mess it was pre-blocking. Oh and I got to use my new foam mats to block--love them!

P.S.: What do work on next? I am itching to start the lace knee highs I have been jabbering about. BUT the Knitting Bunnies need tending too. AND I still have several projects, yet unfinished, that well need some finishing. Oh the dilemmas us knitters face. Grin.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Knitting Woe

The other day a Knitting Bunny jumped out of my head fully formed. Yea!! It's one I have been working on for that Buffalo Gold yarn I bought a few months back (at Kid N Ewe).

Now, I am wishing that damn Bunny could knit too! My swatch is giving me a headache on top of the sinus headache (thank YOU allergies!) I already have. The numbers aren't adding up and with this head ache--GOOD BYE!

So I frogged the blasted thing and threw the yarn back in the drawer. Arggh! I think I might swatch again with some left over lace yarn to work out the numbers (don't want to ruin this nice luxury yarn with multiple froggings). The yarn looks great knitted's really lovely.

Now, the Aegis scarf is coming along swimmingly...if I could behave myself and I might be able to finish it this weekend (yeah didn't I say that LAST week?) And very very soon you all will get a nice surprise: one that's been cooking for months...

P.S. I hope y'all have enjoyed my husband's posts. He's having lot's of fun writing posts when I come up "dry."

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Monday, January 19, 2009

A Solution

So, to tackle my problem and prevent bloodshed. I don't want knitting or writing to win out--a compromise IS needed. I am going to (ah the Dread) try to schedule myself. Knit in the afternoons and evenings; write in bed before I go to sleep (kids asleep or at least quiet in their room). I am even going to schedule myself some design time.

Now, I just need to figure out how to compromise my high knitting standards and learn how to knit faster. Yeah that is totally happening...hahaha!

I also need to decide which knitting bunny to tackle first. Do I go the easy road or the hard road: one is pretty much designed in my head; the other the IDEA is in my head and is a more complex design. Should I rush it? Grrr...argh.

Today, I am cleaning and getting tidy. I'll sneak some knitting time in after dinner. And maybe then, I'll decide which knitting bunny to placate.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Duel at Daybreak

At heart I am a creator and a dabbler. It's good and it's bad. So it goes. (All that is a rant of it's own).

Right now I've got knitting to do: projects I want to finish up; projects I want to start. However, my writing mojo is coming back. I have missed my writers self. For many years that was fundamentally who I was, then it died (it wasn't pretty). Not sure how, however I do like to place blame on working at evil soul sucking bank, it just left me.

I could knit on WIPs while I brainstorm characters and plot, but inevitably the knitting bunnies want a piece of me as well. I DO really NEED to get some design work done.


This is where the dabbling messes me up.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not Knitting

I think the Mountain Cedar is turning me into sleeping beauty: I've knit just a few rows in 3 or 4 days. Too tired to take snap shots of finished dishcloths. Blah.

It's a new year and I have knitting plans! However, I feel like I am already falling behind. My new office is still unfinished: I need to clear the way for the desk. But I need the desk to clear the way. Heck, I need to unearth the desk from the garage: I don't even know if I have the screws to put it back together again. I love my's big, with lot's surface area to work and some shelves and hidey holes.

I have knitting bunnies to feed and ideas to create...

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Friday, December 19, 2008


Yet UnNamed Mitts

Based on all the input I received I have decided on a name.

Ring 'Round the Rowses

It's a play on one of my favourite (and gruesome) childhood rhyming games. Jamey's concerned that the name isn't gender neutral enough for these gender neutral mitts.

What do you think??

Pattern should be ready very soon. Tomorrow I should throw it to a test knitter and before Christmas, I'll have a pattern for y'all.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Okay, even after asking my huge group of internet knitting buddies, I still haven't found a name for my mitts that sing to me. I am probably overthinking it--I have my own name issues, so it's not surprising.

So far the list is thus:
Twiggy Stones
Grey Snap
Ribbon Rose (rib and rows said together fast)
Ribs and Rings

Eh--when I look at them I see chains--and like Fran said they also look medieval to me. Hmmm, maybe I should look in my Tennyson or Frost poetry for some more inspiration. I do like Pathways and Ribbon Rose.

It was supposed to start warming up today, but it's nearly 4 and I am still wearing my mitts. I am almost done translating my notes into a pattern and will soon toss out a few for test knitting in various sizes. These mitts to wear tight--they leave indents on my hands, but then again I like that. Is that bad? I could also put a note that increasing the needle size a number or so should ease the snugness factor.

Really, I am not always this indecisive.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

A Sigh of Relief

Well, my Super Secret Project is finished!! Well see in the Spring what becomes of it...

It went much faster toward the end than I thought it would be--I didn't have to do any all nighters...woot! As soon as I was done: I promptly started knitting on the Snow Flurry Blanket and the Crayzee Scarf. After a month of knitting monogamy, I am looking forward to being a Knitting Slut. Grin. I had so much knitting planned this month--when I was actually free to knit something different.

I have been day dreaming of designs for that luscious skein of bison fiber I bought at Kid 'n Ewe. Then some arm warmers from the rose yarn I bought just last week...and a shield themed scarf/stole with the Handmaiden. I also been toying with the idea of making Micci a shoulder bag for his Bakugan.

After my latest trip to the yarn shops I decided I need to lay off the yarn buying. It's not really the wallet--it's the fact that I have a sizable stash and it's waiting for me to turn it into something glorious. I have hanks of silk, laceweight, and sock yarn that is crying out to me: make me into something?! Make me BEAUTIFUL! I have to resist the siren call of laceweight and silk...and stop buying more pretties until I knit up my current pretties.

We'll see how THAT goes. HA HA!

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Adventures in Monogamy

Okay--I took the advice of a reader and am knitting on the tiger sock and only the tiger sock. I knitted on it during the Silver Stars (WNBA) game last a little over 2 inches done--woot. When I got home, I continued knitting on...but then I heard a whimper.

Looked down: it was coming from my knitting bag. It was the Lace Ribbon scarf....begging for my attention. Poor neglected thing!

Still, I held on to my sock needles--and continued knitting.

Trying to help me in my pursuit of knitting monogamy suggestion; I take it one day at a time. Focus on ONE project a day and on the next day--continue on OR work on a other one.

Sounds good to me. Especially since I really need to work on the squares for a charity blanket for The Knit Nite with the Silver Stars next Saturday. Like always the days ran away from me--a week to go and I hadn't started on a single square.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Knitting Monogamy

So I am think of giving some monogamy in my knitting a try. I tend to have at least 5 knitting projects going on a one time...and I really don't spend a significant amount of time on any of them. Sorta just skipping around.

So I really don't get anything finished.

It's getting rather aggravating--especially when I don't feel right starting new projects because I have nothing finished.

But what to concentrate on, Lace Ribbon Scarf, Swallowtail Shawl, Tiger Socks, Celtic Tote or those two skinny lace scarves I have been working on my my little shop.

Lace Ribbon ScarfSwallowtail NubsTiger SockCeltic ToteTwisted Scarves

Jamey suggested I work on the project that is closest to the finish line. That would be the shawl, but it's in time out (I am beading the edging and the beads are giving me troubles--and I need to tink half a row). I think the socks are next, then the tote and skinny scarves. Course I am really loving the Ribbon Lace Scarf--so I don't want to stop knitting that. And knitting on plain jane vanilla socks doesn't sounds appealing.


I am hopeless.

Any suggestions?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Knitting Updates

I've made some good progress on my crayzee scarf--which let's you in on my mood lately. Sigh. Oh well, life is brightening and I am perking up. I am really LOVING this yarn, Claudia Hand Painted Lace in's so yummy.

Crayzee Scarf Back

The pattern on the reverse side (front? maybe--it'll depend on my mood when I start wearing it--some day) has been giving me trouble...mainly me forgeting to SSK or KTOG when I am supposed and me trying to ladder back.

Crayzee Scarf Front

On vacation when I went to On the Lamb (I just love that shop and it's owner--Joe is awesome), he pointed out that Claudia's Hand Painted yarns is just up the road 30 minutes away. I am sure the entire knitting world heard my jaw thunk to the ground, "Really?!?!" Sadly, we were leaving the very next day so there was no time for me to take a field trip. Next year? I am so going to Harrisonburg and try not to drool all over the yarn. And hopefully I'll have something to show them as well (yes another Knitting Bunny).

Speaking of On the Lamb, I nearly fainted when I saw the pile of malabrigo lace weight AND on SALE!! Woot! Forgetting (once again) that I am a knitting blogger, I neglected to take a picture of the lusciousness. But I did manage to rescue to skeins and brought them home with me.

Malabrigo in ChocolateMalabrigo in Orchid

I just want to eat them all up.

Yes, I have a small weakness for Malabrigo lace.

Once I finished, my Super Secret Project (to be unveiled soon), I was free to start this beauty. (Yes i also have a small weakness for scarves).

Lace Ribbon Scarf

It's Lace Ribbon Scarf (Rav link) by Veronik Avery. This is such a simple fun scarf. I barely need the pattern any more. Great semi-mindless knitting.

Not so mindless, the Swallowtail Shawl (Rav link). Now I understand the nubs do suck--I have had tink back trying to fix a nub gone wrong. I have cursed when a nub tried to go wrong. Bad BAD nub!! I am half way through the second set of nub horror and hopefully can finish soon.

Swallowtail Nubs

I am considering adding beads to the edging--I just need to find them. I have a sneaky suspicion Jamey borrowed them for his stitch holders. I am looking forward to having this off my needles.

Although I am not sure if I am going to start the Bee Fields Shawl (rav link) or if I want to start a shawl of my own design. I guess it depends on my level of laziness. Grin.

Before I leave for today, I wanted to show you a work of art from Jamey's Grand Mother. I love it (although I may replace the buttons).

Bed Capelet

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Monday, July 21, 2008

A Tinking I Will Go


This is something I can not fix. I tried to fix it--I started out with two less stitches than I was supposed to have--and it just opened up a can of words. I am not sure what I did. So I must tink...all the way down to that 3rd nub. I am NOT looking forward to this. I figured out how to fix lace mistakes so I wouldn't have to tink, but must be done.

It's too late tonight to tink tonight, so I'll have to do it tomorrow.


I am also goign through some knitting blahs...and this is definitely NOT helping.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How I Learned How to Love Stockinette

I've been feeling pretty blah and tired these past few days. But I did manage to knit a bit. Not much though, however I do have lot's of pictures: go figure!

New Bag

I got myself another knitting bag. Like my husband said, I don't need another one, but I saw it and it was pretty. I didn't think I'd be able to find another one like it again. Grin.

Crayzee Scarf

I got lot's more done on the scarf...well...a few rows at least. I also have enough know to show y'all the scale pattern I am knitting on the flip side.

Crayzee Scarf
Crayzee Scarf

I really love the color and the pattern. This scarf really is teaching me the loveliness of stockinette. I am now looking forward to the straight knit bits rather than the pattern.

And it's so utterly soft.

Anne dropped off her Dem Fischer again...she needs my lace surgery skills once again.

A Lace Fix

From how she went on I thought it was a huge mistake. But it's very small. An easy fix.

A closer look

I could repair it now in five minutes, but I want to try doing another lace surgery video so tomorrow I am going to work on both.

I've been feeling pretty sucky for a few days. I haven't been sleeping right...going to bed very late and waking up very late. It had me very drained. Even so, going to bed at a "decent" hour was incredibly hard. I tossed and turned for over an hour and a half. But managed to drag my arse out of bed before 9 am.

I think these helped.


Twelve beautiful things from my dear husband.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am on a yarn diet. I have plenty of yarn and enough projects in the works that I feel like I am drowning. Because I buy yarn with something in mind for it...stop the excessive Knitting Bunnies by not buying more yarn. Sigh, if only it worked that way. (Can you hear the Knitting Bunnies cackling? They are mocking me.)

Being on a yarn diet is all well and good, but the tempation out there is just overwhelming. Take Knit Picks--tons of beautiful yarn (especially lace weight) at very very affordable prices. I really really want some of the new Shimmer Colors (specifically Lilac Dream and Sherry)--drooool. Never mind tomorrow I am going to Austin for a Knit n Eat luncheon with a stop at Hill Country Weavers A.K.A. Yarn Heaven!! and perhaps a stop at the Knitting Nest. HCW: seriously yarn jumps out at you and INTO your bag!

Sigh. I am also in the doldrums because all my current projects are still stuck in the middle, with no end in sight!!

Speaking of meet ups: last night was our weekly impromptu meet up (yes, the irony is NOT lost on us), we've decided to pare down the extravagant dinners out and had dinner in. Beth made beautiful pot roast...and helped me in an ahem rather personal matter....much to my embarrassment. I took my camera--but pretty much forgot about it entirely. It was great fun.

I will report on tomorrow's road trip (which starts at a ghastly hour!)--on Saturday. And I will NOT forget to take pictures.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I have a love/hate relationship with Ravelry. It's always opened in a tab on my browser. It's easy and fun to find patterns for yarns I buy, see what others have done, keep track of my projects, and my patterns. And then there's the's great. But then again, sometimes I can't sleep because of a post I want to write in a forum that I know won't be as articulate as I would like and won't be received well because for some reason every vocal person on it tends to be an ultra liberal socialist that thinks stripping is empowering to women and think USA sucks hairy goat balls. (Oops I am going off on a tangent--FULL STOP). Most times: a pattern will hook me and I will want to start it right now, but I can't; I got Knitting Bunnies chomping on my grey matter.

Right now the is one particular pattern that is my siren: Isobel (Rav link) (non Rav link). Happens to be the yarn I have and it looks lovely! I don't think my super secret idea will work with the Debbie Bliss silk I bought. So enter Isobel!

Pure Silk by Debbie Bliss

I am almost done with the Lacy Tulip Blanket. A reward? Thunk. I still have the lacy skinny scarves to finish up for the shop. And the knitting bunnies have to be dealt with...I keep putting them off...soon instead of me blogging you'll have fully formed knitting bunnies with blood dripping from their mouths (a la Monty Python) rampaging the blogosphere.

Okay back to the blanket--this baby needs to be finished! I am almost there.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Progress plus a confession

It's May! And I am a bad knit blogger. Sorry 'bout that. This week was one of those weeks were I had stuff going on every single day and no time to sit down and write any thing. But I did get to knit.

I am about half way done with the Lacey Tulip Blanket.

Lacey Tulip Progress

However, I still have a ways to go in the scarf department. But it is progressing...

new Lacey Skinny Scarves

These are at a foot now...if I match them to my orginal scarf--I have 5 more feet to go. And of course detail shots--this is a really really simple pattern--easy to memorise.

new Lacey Skinny Scarves - detail

And both patterns are available at my shop.

This week I also had time to knit the tiger sock-this particular shot was taken at the zoo! Very apropos--next time though I will take a picture of it in front of the tiger enclosure.

Tiger Socks at the zoo

I had to do some pattern re-writing/editing for a friend who loves designing but hates actually writing out the pattern. Totally understandable. I would much rather watch the design in my head grow under my finger tips than write out the pattern itself (it's fraught with headache and anxiety--what if it makes no sense to any one but me!?! What if it's riddled with errors?). But it's part of being a designer just gotta do it. While I complain about how slow I knit and how many Knitting Bunnies I have yet to knit up, it's been suggested I just write the pattern and hand it over to a test knitter. But then I won't get the treat of knitting up my creation. It might be more productive, but no fun and if I am not going to have fun well I might as well get an office job if my goal is to make money but have no fun. And to further summarize: I am a terrific friend.

I am hoping to treat myself after I finish the scarves and blanket for the shop, with some design time. Especially since in about a month we are going to Virginia, design time would be a rare find.

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