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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Thursday, February 25, 2010

Keep Knitting...

I have ten inches left of knitting left on the meditation rug. Right now: 382 stitches per round. Depending on how things work out, I think I will have 764 stitches for my border and then I will make a knitted on edging with intricate cables.

I will be lucky if the main portion of this rug is done by closing ceremonies of the Winter Games. I have 90 rows left, but all of this garter stitch is the boring part...the border and edging is the fun part! That will be thrilling...if I can decide the order and placement of the runes. lol

In other knitting news: I think I will be taking my socks out of time out. I am feeling the sock itch again. (No there is NOT a cream for that!) Not sure which sock I will take out first...prolly the cute bees kness knee highs...because I don't beed to seriously rework them like i need to rework the Cat Bordhi socks I am working on that refuse to go over my heel.

Refresher pictures!

Miss B's Stockings

These are super cute no thinking required (not my pattern afterall)


Like the cute strappy, but it's pulling the instep too tight. Must solve the puzzle, but I do not, at this time, want to spare the brain cells.

HP Sock progress

These (I forgot to mention them above), need more design work. I am stalled creatively on these.

Right now my brains is stuck on a few other things more lacey in nature. It's a good thing because I have a new project that I welcomed into my lap (Super Secret though) and my knitting bunnies have been working over time weaving a pattern in my head.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009


My sweet lovely husband found these for me online at Lily Bug Boutique.

Custom box, pin and pen

I totally squee'd when I opened this up. Even a casual reader of this blog knows I love bees (it's a little obvious). It's so cute!!!

This little darling is going to be pinned right above my Ravelry pin on my knitting bag.

Bee Pin

It's roughly the size of a quarter and made of resin. It's adorable.

This pen is FULL of awesomeness!! It also writes beautifully in black ink (my favourite).

Bee Pen

Christine even made me a custom bee box to hold the pen!! These are certainly new treasures. Now, I need to find an equally cute/beautiful notebook to go with it. Grin. (I am also a collector of notebooks)


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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lovely Husbands

This post was written under the influence of Mika: Life in Cartoon Motion AND a massive sinus headache.

- - - - - -

Jamey surprised me on Tuesday by taking me to the Yarn Barn. We were going to buy a Barbara Walker Treasury (my plan was to support both my local yarn shops and purchase one book from each of them--BW has 4 stitch treasuries but I really only WANT/NEED the first two). But Yarn Barn didn't have it, would not consider ordering it. Oh well, Yarnivore will; so they will get the money. But Jamey did buy me a new hank of Handmaiden Sea Silk (for a brand new Super Secret Project--so this is the only form you will see of said Super Secret Project). I love him.

Handmaiden Sea Silk

I love him lots and lots.

I also picked up this hank of cotton for a non secret special project (details to come when my head isn't pounding). But it will be a bird and it'll be for a special person.

Blue Sky Cotton

Jamey also picked out the colour. Grin, it is his favourite colour. So I shouldn't be surprised by his choices. Jamey also threw this into the pot. He knows how much I love bees (and it smells REALLY good).

Bee Bar Lotion

Bee Bar LotionBee Bar Lotion

You can get this wonderful smelling and all natural lotion here at the Honey House.

I love my husband; I think I'll keep him. ;-)

Oh and knitting progress, Jamey is very surprised at my progress on Lorelei's Twirly Skirt (he did think it would take me the entire summer to finish this).

Twirly Skirt Progress

I am sure my progress is going to screech to a near halt since I am now knitting over 100 stitches every round now and I still have ONE more 20% increase row. But it is a fun knit and I do need a mindless knit right now. The Birdy brain is slightly fried. I am also nearly done with my commission for my friend (it is a quick knit--so no biggie).

I am anxious to start knitting a bit on my Bettie Lace Stockings. Just because I can hear them crying.

I am trying something new (tell me if you like it or could care less or hate it): when ever I am listening to my music whilst writing a blog, I thought I would share what I am writing to. Now, I almost ALWAYS have music playing (drowns out the screaming of my children), this should be a regular feature.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Birdy's Bees

Well most of you know that Birdy just LOVES bees. If not, one look around our site and it should just jump out at you. So while I was on artfire I thought why nto search for some Bee items, and see if I could find some I thought Birdy might like. Then I thought why not use the new ByHand spotlight feature as anouther test to see what I can do with it, and post it here for you all to see. This is a sampling of the items that I found that I thought Birdy might enjoy. The center item is our Bee Hive Stitch Markers, which links to our Etsy Shop, but the rest are from ArtFire. Please Enjoy!


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