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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Knitting

About three years ago, I bought this felt kit.

Advent Calender package pic

And about 3 days ago, I thought it would about time I finished it.

I had only the golden sequins and the roof top snow done. The rest I completed in two days.

Advent Calender - the progress

Once again my inflated sense of what I can accomplish in a certain time frame strikes again. Looking at it now, I am like, "Dude I should have gotten more done!" Grin.

It's a fun project. Lorelei is delighted in each new piece I add. I know I am NOT going to get all the little figures done by midnight, but I am hoping at least for the first few (at least one!). And I can work on each new little piece each day.

Even though I have a lot still to do knitting wise...this is the kind of thing the kids would enjoy now. So it goes.
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Muse is a Masochist

Or is it sadomasochist? (Is the muse me? Or something separate?) Anyway...dude! I think she likes it when I am panicky and stressed.

So I was in the shower and I got this new great idea for the Siren/Lorelei scarf I have been working on. (I am hating what I am knitting now.) So I will have to frog, yet again. Not to mention TRY to work this new design out in my head. I have 18 days to have it knit, written up, and photographed if I want to submit it to Spring/Summer Knitty (they combined issues which for me kinda sucks since I do mainly Spring and Summer stuff). ARGH!!!

This is a late night rant brought to YOU by Birdy's Knits and her Muse.

AND you don't need to tell me how apropos it is so get inspiration for a water/mermaid/siren themed lace pattern IN THE SHOWER. Grin.


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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kid N Ewe Round Up.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers and happy Thursday to everyone else! I just realised I forgot to blog about my trip (and purchases) to Boerne's fiber festival, Kid N Ewe. Bad Birdy!

This year I went mainly for the friends--I was determined NOT to buy yarn. Well not just any yarn...I was only going to buy bamboo lace weight. I saw this wonderous stuff last year AFTER I spent all my money, so I was determined to get my hot little hands on some THIS year.

Bamboo Laceweight

It's more grey in real life, but yes it does look like the sky. And because it's bamboo its so silky. Sigh. I love it! It also has a lot of yardage...I think around 1000. So it'll make a nice stole, or something. Not sure what I'll make yet.

Anyhoo, I got it from Fiberlady's Booth-they provide unspun bamboo fiber as well. If you are into that sort of thing (I am not, I won't let myself be...I have enough to do without spinning too!)

This was supposed to be it! Maybe buy some yarn as a gift, but then A. showed me undyed silk...1500 yards for TWENTY-FOUR DOLLARS!!! Dude...this stuff is usually twice that, or more. So it went home too.

Silk Laceweight

This is from Color Me...and I don't think I will dye it--I love it just this way. I am thinking though I might use this to knit an Estonian stole/shawl. I hear it whisper Estonian when I pet and stroke it. Grin.

The kids had fun running around and they got to see the animals and pose with the Alpacas (which Micci thought were lamas).

Lorelei and Micci with Alpacas


Lorelei with Alpacas

I spent most of my time catching up with old friends from all over Texas...and knitting of course.

The LSSK Gals

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All Knitting All The Time

So house is clean and ready for the holidays, the way is clear for me to knit worry and guilt free. I am having issues with my Super Secret Projects...not loving them. Usually this isn't a good sign. Sigh. I alternate between SSP and the DIP that I can actually show you! I got far enough along on this new DIP, which still has no name, to show you new pictures, complete with transition!

Lacey Shawl

I am loving the colours of this yarn. I love that I am kept guess what colours are next...I think it's pink, NOPE it's purple. It's going to be a beautiful shawl.

Lacey Shawl

Here's a close up of the transition and new motif--it's the same just spread out a bit.

Lacey Shawl - Detail

I see great promise in the pattern and I am super excited about it...more so than my other projects. Blaregh.

Onto other things..I totally stalled on the slippers--I really hate the pattern. The Kitteh is going looks rather, ahem suggestive right now. I'll prolly start the other legs this evening.


Oh stick the next day or two I have a new (previously secret) pattern for you!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where's My Motivation?

On most things I am a self started and independent. However when it comes to cleaning? I could be doing SO MANY other things, so I push it off and off, until I am a candidate for How Clean Is Your House. In order to get me to actually clean, I give my self deadlines...super serious deadlines. I invite people over. I must clean my house because people need a place to sit and they WILL JUDGE ME. And I don't wanna be judged, so I clean.

This time I gave my self TWO deadlines. The first was my in laws coming to visit and the second was a potluck I am hosting for my local knitting group. Well, in laws had to cancel their visit due to health reasons; THANK DIA I had a back up because with my submission and Christmas deadlines I would have found a reason to put off the cleaning.

So I have not been knitting all that much this week (I did squeeze a few rounds on the Yet To Be Named shawl whilst at the laundry mat AND bunny/kitteh has a body and one leg). But I did manage to finally finish (well mostly--I'd say 95%) my den and turn it into a work room for me and a school room for the kids. We have our dining room back!!!

Here's a preview of where I set up shop for me.

Where I Work

I still have a lot of work to do before I roll out more pictures. I hung the yarn on the cork board for inspiration and for the pretty view.

I also reworked the Lorelei stole scarf--it is back to being a scarf. Woot!

Okay back to work for me! (I was taking a break-the dust was killing me)


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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's hard to keep your eye on one bunny when you have a herd of bunnies hopping all over the place. I am not feeling as overwhelmed as I once was, but I also feel my confidence level sinking. Is it worth continuing to seek out submission opportunities (with deadlines) every season or should I concentrate on my self publishing?

Also, with my time crunch some of my ideas aren't working out as well as I hope. I am quickly falling out of love with the Lorelei sea silk project. Sigh.

So I will leave this late night rant/confession and go to bed and end with a kitteh with half a body (but now HAS a body--now I need to add legs).

half a kitty

And I hope for a cheerier and clearer tomorrow.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Belated, like always

So I took a bunch of knitting pictures, edited them, and uploaded them to flickr. Then I promptly forgot to blog about them--I think somewhere in my rattled brain, I thought I did. Well obviously I didn't. Oopsie.

My kitty is half done, NOW, but I only have pictures of a wee kitteh head.

Sofeh Kitteh

I should be a good knit blogger and take updated pictures tomorrow. Should. We'll see how it goes: I have cleaning to do and Micci's soccer game. But not in that order. Hee hee.

Progress is going well (even though it is number three on my list of current Designs in Progress [DIP]) on the lace shawl that is yet to be named. I am still working in the shoulder area, so the pattern is the same. I am toying with spreading out the motif so it become separate blocks of lace instead one big lacey piece. Anyway, onto the knit pr0n!

New Shawl

New Shawl

New Shawl

More Lace

More lace

Nice huh. This yarn is really nice, Daphne by Elegant Yarns and I am using a US size 2 circ. I am still in cream, can't wait for peach and pink!

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