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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Yarny Side of Vacation

The best part about vacation for me is vacation yarn shopping! We were so buzzing busy this year it's amazing I got to go to any yarn shops. My mom took me to two yarn shops in the D.C area (I am highly disappointed in her lack of enthusiasm over the 10 other shops she won't look for). And i scored some MORE red lace weight.

Barafulla- Red

It's funny: after YEARS of searching for red lace weight and coming up empty, suddenly I have been able to find some nearly every where I go. I got these pretty specimen (and as you can tell it's rather large) at Aylin's Woolgatherer.

I found some pretty Schaeffer Anne at Knit Happens in Alexandria. My Mom hated trying to park (in the rain no less), but I told her Knit Happens happens to be my favourite yarn store in her area.

Schaeffer Yarn-Anne

I am seeing a pretty elven scarf for this yarn.

We were only in Waynesboro a short time so I couldn't go to my all time favourite yarn shop (poot!), but next year I WILL take myself to On The Lamb (many times in fact!).

On the way our of Myrtle Beach we stopped in Knitting Up A Storm. We got yarn for Granny's Christmas presents and yarn for me.

Yarn for Granny's shawl

This is for a warm shawl for Granny, I am thinking a triangle shawl with a feather and fan pattern. Something like this. I might chance up a few things...not sure if I will use the exact stitch pattern. And I will definitely chart it out. Written out lace instructions are just too long and cumbersome.

This will be felted slippers for Granny

I will be making some felted slippers with this yarn. Not totally sure what sort...I was thinking I would like a high cuff to keep her ankles warm, but I also like the lower style too. We shall see.

A pretty scarf

So pretty and soft...I am thinking it will make pretty cowl or something.

I knit quite a bit on vacation--with the 24 drive up (and back) and the driving all over VA and down to SC. Then there's the beach and pool--even with 70+ SPF I still don't spend much time in the sun and I knit under umbrellas.

I knit on my beach sock when I was at the beach and poolside.

I had completed the toe increases before I left for vacation and while on the drive I frogged a few dozen rows. I was going for a pattern but I came to my senses and just kept it simple.

I did bring nearly all my projects, but really the only other project I worked on was the silk Isobel scarf.

IsobelIsobel got knocked out

It's nearly finished. And in the heat we endured on the drive was the only fiber I wanted to touch.

I was also on vacation from the Knitting Bunnies, but on the drive back inspiration hit and I got some great ideas for the wildflower scarf that's been simmering in my cerebellum. Now that I am back home, I got some patterns to work on and some gift knitting and perhaps some baby knitting, as well (and NOT for me).

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Sock Weekend

I pretty much spent this weekend knitting socks. I wanted to start my new Corolis Sock before we left for vacation. And then I saw my poor neglected Harry Potter ribbed sock, had to knit on that some. And POOF there went my weekend.

And now I have SOCK pictures!!!

First the Corolis Socks (not sure that will stay the name...whirly socks?).

Toe of Corolis sock

I am LOVING how the colour is turning out. But next question: which side will be the instep (the top)?

Toe of Corolis Sock

I am leaning toward this side as the top, but I will have a better idea for sure as it progresses. I am still stuck on a name...because the colour of these socks...they need a special nome. Not just Corolis (that's the name of the structure of the socks...and the name is being USED all the time). I like being unique.

I worked the heel on the Harry Potter sock on Saturday, ALL DAY and practically all night. I wanted to finish this heel!!

HP socks

The new Harry Potter movie is coming out in little less than a month and a friend suggested that wearing them to the film would be Harry-tastic! Grin. I was planning on knee socks...let's see how that works. I was also planning on those ribs doing some traveling up the leg, we'll see how that works out as well.

More Pics!!!

HP sock collage

This sock uses the Upstream Sockitecture from Cat Bhordi's book.

I also worked on some can see the results on my other blog and some good news as well. Here's a sneak peek...

Sneak peak

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Sunday, June 7, 2009


My sweet lovely husband found these for me online at Lily Bug Boutique.

Custom box, pin and pen

I totally squee'd when I opened this up. Even a casual reader of this blog knows I love bees (it's a little obvious). It's so cute!!!

This little darling is going to be pinned right above my Ravelry pin on my knitting bag.

Bee Pin

It's roughly the size of a quarter and made of resin. It's adorable.

This pen is FULL of awesomeness!! It also writes beautifully in black ink (my favourite).

Bee Pen

Christine even made me a custom bee box to hold the pen!! These are certainly new treasures. Now, I need to find an equally cute/beautiful notebook to go with it. Grin. (I am also a collector of notebooks)


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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yeah, so that idea of plain jane sock, lasted all of five minutes. Those that know me well probably snickered while they read my last post, "Birdy, YOU plain jane? You never do plain jane!"

I decided to knit spiraling corolis socks with a whirl pool toe.

A Beginning...

I took this yesterday, now I am a full inch in and am about done with the toe increases. (I bought a long awaited book last night and it cut into my knitting time). I also got distracted by another sock. I pulled my Harry Potter sock off the back burner. I discovered I was done with the arch increases and could start the heel. It was so long abandoned, I had to dig around and figure out what the hell I was doing. Grin.

I bought a new sock bag as well, and the bag is the perfect fit for the yarn cake. All snuggly and cozy. ;-)

Yarn Bag

Yarn Bag inside

I am not sure what to call my new socks. So far there is a definite stain glass feel to them. And with the band that will be going up the sock... Shrug. I may cable the band (yeah yeah I can't do simple, can I?).

Hopefully I'll have some good progress pics Tomorrow or Monday.

We'll see...

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vacation Knitting

As a knitter packing (getting ready) for vacation is a bit more involved that it is for the "muggles." Since we go to the same place every year, I already know the locations of all the area yarn shops. Before Ravelry I found them by searching online; now it's easy peasy using the myriad of Ravelry's search features and forums. It is a little known fact that vacation yarn doesn't count in a Yarn Diet. Grin. So for me what's left: what knitting to bring.

I am project whore. I have several going on at once, because for me different projects suit different moods and environments. Example: lace should not be worked while waiting in line at a post office, but a sock or are a simple patterned scarf--totally. Knowing I am going to have a 2 hour wait at a Doctor's office: break out the lace or difficult cables. Nevermind there are different projects that sooth a rumpled or excited spirit. Anyhoo, I must pack accordingly for vacation.

I already decided to start a new plain jane sock (out of that lovely Acaundadia sock yarn I bought last week)--that's gonna be my beach sock or talking with people sock...mindless...just keeps my hands busy. Now car knitting (since we are driving 24 hours to get to Virginia), I will need a varied amount of knitting. I will get bored so I need to have a variety of things to keep me occupied. I am thinking of bringing along my neglected Swallowtail Shawl. I am nearly done and I am working on border nupps (pronounced NUPS!! I am sorry in no way should it be pronounced noops, that us just SILLY. If it was MEANT to be pronounced NOOP then it would either be spelled noop or nupe!!! Sorry small side rant that has been bubbling up for quite awhile) and beading. My only "fear" or concern, is I may finish it while on vacation and will have to wait on blocking until I get home. Yes, stupid concern I know.

As I am trying to decide what to bring, I will invariably just bring all my current projects (at least the top six in my Ravelry project tab). I think the hardest part is to resist the urge to bring virgin yarn, all my Barbara Walker books, and the Knitting Bunnies. YES, the knitting bunnies are staying HOME!! This is a vacation after all...

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