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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Monday

Today was fun--lot's of knitterly fun.

First, one of my wonderful readers sent in a picture of one of Birdy's Knits stitch markers in action.

You can get your set here

When Jamey and I came up with these stitch markers we only thought about knitting and perhaps earrings (where do YOU store your stitch markers when you aren't using them in your knitting?) Because I don't crochet (I can handle 2, 4,5 needles, but one hook it's beyond me), I didn't even think how useful these are for crocheters. Most of our stitch markers can also be used for for either crochet or knitting.

Knit Picks Booty

THEN, I got my Knit Picks order in the mail. It was sent on Tuesday and came today--woot! I guess I can't read because I didn't realise that the Knit Picks interchangeable cables come in sets of two. I bought 4 set of cables (8 cables) and 3 needle tips. That's like 72 needles for like 30 bucks!! (Right?) I also got my size 0 16 inch circular needle--I get to start my crayzee scarf. Woot woot!

Lastly, Anne came over to knit. Her husband is between jobs and he's driving her nuts. I didn't get to start my crayzee scarf, but I did help her start some toe up socks. (I am a very nice friend.)

After a very late dinner--I am finally starting my trip to the funny farm. I have decided though to do one side in dragon scales because between the color and the sheen of the yarn it just screams scales. So: is a patterned scarf on size 0 needles on lace weight crazier than a pure stockinette one?? Smirk.

Oh and I highly recommend to all those on a yarn diet, but seriously loving the new Knit Picks yarns--buy your self a color card. It gives you a taste and a way to fondle the yarn. I, myself, spent a few minutes stroking the swatches on my Shimmer color card.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whot Happened??

Seriously this week flew by and although I actually had knitting content--I just couldn't seem to blog about any of it. And although I am suffering from a sinus infection right now (and am pondering just how much snot the human head can hold before it explodes), I must keep my lovely readers updated.

Hmmm, knitting progress or new toys--hmmmm. Eeny Meeny Moe...which one?


Tiger Socks progress

Anne suggested I purl the black to add interest (esp for me since I tend to shy away from pure stockinette). So I tried it.

Tiger Socks progress


Tiger Socks progress

It looks better in the photograph than it did in person. It seemed that the purl made the black too dominant--it threw things off for me. So I ripped it back to the marker (which if you like you can get at the shop) and have since knitted it past the point where I frogged it. I have learned doing socks that sometimes boring stockinette can be relaxing and necessary.

I have been working on my skinny scarves intermittently. I am about half way done--3 feet along. They are getting to the point where doing two at a time is becoming cumbersome. I had hoped buying two wee bags to keep the yarn in would help. I might try tucking the scarf ends in the bags as well--see if that will help.

Twisted Scarves

Now the toys.

I have been looking for a bound graph paper note book (with little teeny squares 10 to an inch). I finally gave up and bought a tablet and a portfolio case to hold it in.

My new purty notebookVery useful

I like the polka dots. It's bigger than I had in mind, but it'll work. And it's already in use and have proven very handy.

I also got something I had my eye on for a while now.

Fancy Yarn Holder

And it's red.

I also ordered (much to the dismay of Jamey--but I had to celebrate a large BK order!!) some needles from Knit Picks. One set is for Super Secret Project 3 and of course a set of 16 inch size 0 circulars for my crazee scarf. I even dreamed about getting them last night, I am THAT excited. I was a tad disappointed they didn't come today. LOL. They only shipped on Tuesday. I ordered enough needles for some upcoming projects. Woot.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Special Surprise

My friend Lei Lani casually mentioned she had something for me--so keep an eye on the mail box. Well, I promptly forgot and my husband overlooked it in the incoming mail--and I found her envelope a week after she sent it. Then I remembered!

Lei Lani's surprise

I love the cute little cat playing with yarn (thank god my cats completely ignore MY yarn). And inside:

What Lei Lani wrote

I could have cried, it is the sweetest most un-silly thing any one has ever done.

What Franklin wrote!

I was horribly disappointed I couldn't go to the 1000 Knitters photo shot and meet Franklin (ya'll have to know by now that I desperately want to be famouz--grin). I was a mite disappointed only 67 showed--with this big state of knitters you would have though there were more knitters that weren't camera shy. I think there we many like me that just could not arrange it with their schedules. I WAS able to go to Austin 13 days later and see the art work Franklin left on the walls of The Knitting Nest.

I saw Dolores!Dolores and Franklin

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Week Late; A Dollar Short

Last night (Saturday) we had our monthly Knitting potluck. However, I was too out of it to take pictures...we even had two new gals come! Our hostess also had scheduled a birthday party for her two sons earlier in the afternoon, so not only was it a very long (but fun day), I had the kids with me.

I've been super busy this week--hence why this post is dated for Sunday the 22nd but being posted on the 27. And I haven't made much progress on any knitting that I can actually show you.

On top of that I think I am coming down with something, me, Micci and Lori. It's been a little over a week since the kids had their annual physical: so we're on schedule for some sort of sickness!! Ask me why I hadn't taken the kids to the sick in two years... because I was fed up catching the latest disease from the office. Argh. I haven't been able to sleep because of the sore throat and Lori cried herself to sleep last night because she was in pain (wouldn't touch the sore throat drops).


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Socks--Some Progress

The picture drought is over! I finally made enough progress on Mic's tiger socks to show you a picture.

Tiger Socks side view

Mic is really excited that his socks resemble socks now.

Tiger Socks Instep

I took some time deciding what should be the top and bottom of the sock.

Tiger Socks Sole

Unfortunately my favourite part of the sock (if you remember is two stitches in the middle of the first tan stripe--in the whiter part between the tan) is on the same side of the weird zebra toes. So my favourite two stitches will be on the bottom of the sock.

Yes, anal and weird, but you've been reading long enough to know that already. I am also good at pointing out the obvious.

I am not about an inch after the heel and I am following some advice from Anne. I am purling the back parts to add some interest. I am only a few rows into it--so we'll see if it looks okay. It's too early to know if I like it or not.


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Completely Useless

Okay so--I bought some yarn for a crayzee scarf when I was in Austin. Didn't bother buying a size 0, 16 inch circular needle because I had one at home. I was so excited, that when JoAn broke out the winder and swift at the Knit 'n Eat--I asked her to wind up the silk for me too. And as soon as I got home I cast on! Woot! Crayzee Scarf here I come!!

pointless circs

I cast on twenty or thirty stitches and ran into a "snag." Huh, the stitches wouldn't fit over the JOIN!

join won't fit through a size 0

For some reason the makers of these Boye needles thought that having a size 0 needle with size 2 joins would make a useable knitting device. Argh.

join WILL fit through a size 2

What morons! After cursing... I cast on using some dpns while I order myself some circs from Knit Picks. Then the next day I realised I twisted the cast on. Doh!! So I am waiting to restart until I get my new circ. Lovely just lovely.

Now that am having time to think and now that I have knitted the scarf a bit--I thought after I start again--maybe I should knit one side in stockinette and the other side in a modified dragon scale pattern. How pretty that would be (the silk is a tonally variegated dark teal)! But--is that crazy enough--this makes a nice mindless project--but really DO I do mindless very well? I still need to order the knit picks so I will have time to mull this over...

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Austin Fun

Well we made it to and from Austin in one piece, much knitting hilarity ensured and I didn't buy that much yarn AND I made some contacts for our stitch markers. We also rescued a kitten.

And we got to see the famous SABLE (Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy) of JoAn, our hostess.

We got a late start on our road trip to Austin and got lost trying to find Hill Country Weavers. Apparently Yahoo Maps doesn't know there is a difference between 1701 S. Congress and 1701 Congress. We're talking abut MILES here. Anyhoo I lost my marbles and bought something so I could make a Crayzee Scarf. Yep lace, stockinette, and size 0 circs...oh yeah! I am so excited!

Once at the Knit and Eat--great fun and hilarities ensued and Leah rescued a poor starving stray kitten from our hostesses' back yard. As you can see it's a mouser--with thought huge ears! It's the sweetest thing ever.

After the luncheon we stopped by The Knitting Nest and saw the evidence (make sure you look at my entire slide show above) Franklin left when he came for the 1000 Knitters event (I wish I could have gone!!). I also bought some Malabrigo lace--because the factory burned down dude!! That and the owner bought some of our stitch markers so I felt that I had to reciprocate.

We all had such a nice time and we came to the conclusion we need to go to Austin more often ;-) I ain't gonna say no.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am on a yarn diet. I have plenty of yarn and enough projects in the works that I feel like I am drowning. Because I buy yarn with something in mind for it...stop the excessive Knitting Bunnies by not buying more yarn. Sigh, if only it worked that way. (Can you hear the Knitting Bunnies cackling? They are mocking me.)

Being on a yarn diet is all well and good, but the tempation out there is just overwhelming. Take Knit Picks--tons of beautiful yarn (especially lace weight) at very very affordable prices. I really really want some of the new Shimmer Colors (specifically Lilac Dream and Sherry)--drooool. Never mind tomorrow I am going to Austin for a Knit n Eat luncheon with a stop at Hill Country Weavers A.K.A. Yarn Heaven!! and perhaps a stop at the Knitting Nest. HCW: seriously yarn jumps out at you and INTO your bag!

Sigh. I am also in the doldrums because all my current projects are still stuck in the middle, with no end in sight!!

Speaking of meet ups: last night was our weekly impromptu meet up (yes, the irony is NOT lost on us), we've decided to pare down the extravagant dinners out and had dinner in. Beth made beautiful pot roast...and helped me in an ahem rather personal matter....much to my embarrassment. I took my camera--but pretty much forgot about it entirely. It was great fun.

I will report on tomorrow's road trip (which starts at a ghastly hour!)--on Saturday. And I will NOT forget to take pictures.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've Been Knitting!!

Really really I have!

I also have been working on making more videos of my lace surgery. Good news, they are better lit. Bad news, you can't really see any detail. It also affirms just how much I hate my voice...argh it just is horrible. But it also does explain how I do my thang.

So here it is in two parts...a bit under 20 minutes combined. Enjoy. I will try to continue to perfect these videos and have something a lot better.

Knitting Surgery 6.8.08 - Part One from Birdy Evans on Vimeo.

Lace Surgery 6.6.08 - Part Two from Birdy Evans on Vimeo.

Aside from the videos, I have been mired in FOs that seem neverending. BORING. But I have been very good and I have not started any new projects.

Tomorrow I have our weekly Impromptu meet up--we have come to our senses and will restrict our eating out. On Friday, some of the San Antonio gals are truckin' up to Austin for a special Knit and Eat they have up there. And perhaps a stop at Yarn Heaven will be in order (Hill Country Weavers). Grin.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

WNBA Season!

Well now that the Silver Stars season has begun...I am knitting in a large public. A few games ago I was even caught on the JumboTron knitting.

Here's my sock! I was actually knitting on a Super Secret Project--but I can't snap a picture to show ya'll --so my sock is a stand in.

Socks at a Silver Stars Game

Kim arrived on Thursday for her stay--we're not sure if it's temporary (as in she'll move back to D.C.) or permanent (as in she'll stay here until she has enough money to get an apartment here in SA). The kids attacked her when she got here and have been very reluctant to letting her out of their sights.

The kids and Kim

My mom sent this beauteous necklace--I LOVE it. I put it on as soon as Kim got her luggage (a day after she arrived-looong story).

Bee Necklace

Detail shot--isn't it fantastic!

Bee Necklace-up close

Thanks, Mom!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

In Which Hubby Gives Me Toys...

I mentioned to Jamey that I needed a tripod because I had to balance my camera in my bra while I recorded myself repairing lace. And I also mentioned the same to Anne. So she produced a cute portable tripod. Which works GREAT! for recording my knitting.

Want evidence on how terribly slow I knit?

Here ya go!

This is me knitting with kids. Ha!

When I got home from my Wednesday knit meet up Jamey had this for me as well!

My new Tripods

You can also see my new wee tripod as well (which fits in my camera bag and is great for small stuff).

Yesterday at Anne's (I typically spend the entire day at Anne's--first we go to the Farmer's Market and then we let our kids play in her back yard then head over to Starbucks for our "Impromptu" meet up and dinner), I managed to knit several inches of the skinny scarves. Woot! I had put it aside for a bit and Jamey guilt tripped me into working on it some more.

Speaking of our Impromptu meet up: we typically knit outside Starbucks after we get our assorted iced drinks (I always get a venti Mocha Frap--I really need to broaden my horizons). Yesterday a woman and her two young daughters walked by and we heard her mutter to her kids, "How nice they are learning to knit." In a very condescending manner, by the way. She had already passed so she didn't see the multiple obscene gestures we made with our knitting needles. THEN, a very nice lady walked by and said, "How neat! My mom knits and she tried to teach me, but I just can't do it." So we shanghaied her and Beth showed her her way (left hand continental). She told us her name was Kathy (who is also left handed) and we got her to say she will come back next week. One more knitter for the fold!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

As Promised

I apologise in advance for the bad lighting on the video. I like to do lace surgery after everyone is asleep. I did learn a very important thing while taping this video: I NEED A TRIPOD. I tried several different ways to hold up the camera: balanced in on the couch, the armrest, on some legos, on a tray. I ended up balancing the camera in up my bra. That was interesting.

In any case this lace surgery was very easy and simple. So it's a short video, about 2 and a half minutes.


Lace Surgery from Birdy Evans on Vimeo.


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Monday, June 2, 2008


Happy June y'all. I don't have much to show you knitting wise because half of it is boring (me being a slow knitter and all there's really no new progress shots to show you--they look they same) and half of it is top secret Super Secret Projects (the kind I could show you but then I'd have to kill you type--heh). Because I HATE being bored, I have pretty much exclusively been knitting on the SSP and not on the boring stuff that if had not gotten so bored--they would have been FOs. Smirk.

I also dropped a bunch of stitches on my Swallowtail Shawl--and haven't had clarity of mind to repair it (ha I don't frog!! I do lace surgery!!). But then I figured: I can finally show you how I repair lace! HA! So now I have to wait for quiet. (No one wants to hear the Wiggles or Bunnytown while listening to a knitting video.) Depending on how long it goes--I could easily put it on flickr or if it runs over the 90 second allotment (poot) I'll see about something else--perhaps Vimeo or YouTube (I am leaning toward Vimeo.

So tomorrow you'll have a video!

And in other news: Guess what Micci has???!?!?!

His very FIRST loose tooth!! Isn't that awesome!! We discovered it when he took a bite of pizza at lunch today--he bit and said OW!!

I am looking forward to holding him down and yanking it out in a couple days--although Mic wants to let an apple or a carrot take care of it for him ;-)

In other other news. For fans of my other blog--it's obviously down very down. This weekend--one of the transformers blew at the site of my hosting. And while the data is all there--the electricity is not. So stay tuned and I'll let you know when my personal blog (ya know where I rant and rave about politics and the family) is up.

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