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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Monday, March 31, 2008

Feeling Just Great!!

Absolutely brilliant. Obviously proof reading is not my strong suit. We're in the midst of reformatting and printing our patterns for our new Birdy's Knits booth at our local craft mall. Jamey just found a mistake.

Copyright 2008 Birdy’s Knits All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, distribution, or sale of items made from this pattern is prohibited with express written consent.

Read very carefully. This is what it ought to read:

Copyright 2008 Birdy’s Knits All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, distribution, or sale of items made from this pattern is prohibited without express written consent.

We're not going to reprint the ones we've already done--thankfully we just started.
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Brick and Mortar

Jamey rented us a booth at our local craft mall. So I've spent this weekend, reformatting patterns, knitting up more swiffer cloths and playing with some silk for some fancier caralets. We'll mostly be selling Jamey's stitch markers and earrings, under the moniker: Birdy's Baubles. Cute, huh?

I'll probably toss Anne a cone of cotton so she can help me whip some swiffer cloths for me. I really can't stop knitting her garter and I am a terribly slow knitter, besides that.

It's been dreary here and it's put me in a bad mood. Overcast equals exhaustion for me, so that doesn't help either. Poot.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Bunnies Everywhere!

I never mentioned that this week was supposed to be a VERY busy week. I also spent most of the week with Anne helping her with HER super secret project.

Tuesday we took the kids to Chick-Fil-A and then to Barnes and Nobles where I got the Spring Vogue Knitting magazine.

I like about half of the patterns inside--which is reallysaying something.

And this calls to me (the green one--the others are eh). The green sweater is something I could see myself wearing without a problem--esp. here in S. Texas. It's super cute and it might even give me the illusion of hips. Unfortunately it won't be meeting my needles any time soo, not while I am being attacked my knitting bunnies!

I found this bugger in the clearance basket at HEB for 75 cents--booya! Soon my bunny collection will outnumber my bee collection.

I had a terrible time sleeping Wednesday night, mainly due to knitting bunnies--but out of the sleeplessness came my theme for my super secret project II (Super Secret Project I--is still blooming to fruition). I found all the stitch patterns I want to use and oooo I want to start it NOW!

And how?! HOW can I say no to a face like that?

I have had to stop knitting Lori's sock yet again. My stitch count is wonky and I don't know why. I have a sneaking suspicion that I might be over thinking this. So I have been working mainly on the garter for Anne...which I have to get finished in two weeks--at the latest. I still have a foot to go.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

One sock finished

As promised picture of the finished sock. I really need to find a way to get a proper close up of the bind off. It's real cute but kinda hard to make out the stitch definition. Since I am going to sell the pattern (remember the offer still stands if someone send me a good name for this sock pattern they'll get the pattern for free), I want to have a good detail shot of this cast off.

Sock Jewelry

This bee row counter I made is fantastic! It's really making the increases a lot easier to manage. And it's cute to boot.


The two pairs together! I am almost to the heel...I am hoping (against hope) that I will finish by the end of the week. Woot! With Lorelei riding my back though, I might be one even earlier.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Enter Stage Right: My BRAIN!!

I finally figured out how I cast off on the heart socks (this past Thursday right before Mic's soccer practise). I had half made up this fun cast off. (I really need to figure out how to take a good close up of the cuff.) It's sorta picot but it also resembles waves. In any case it's a lot of casting on for binding off, nice and stretchy. Now I am just beginning the arch increases for the second sock.

I am refining the pattern as I complete this 4th sock. Trying to explain the bind off is proving challenging--will it make sense?? I am having a friend test knit it for me (well she volunteered I need to re-ask her). As much as I would like to knit an adult size (for ME!), I am not sure I have it in me to knit the same sock again especially with all the other knitting bunnies that are fighting for brains scraps. (I will I think someday, I have the perfect yarn for it too...)

I did take picture of the completed sock--but the allergies are still kicking my butt and it's_just_too_much_effort.

Bad bad knit blogger.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008


I swear I have been going to my local yarn shops (lys) more often than I thought I ever would--thanks to Anne I am going at least once a week. Sometimes just to look or support, but more often than not something comes home with me. Yesterday was a bumper day: we went to BOTH LYS here in SA (yeah it's a tragedy we only have two). I held out at the "Yarn Barn (I've been there so often this month I have already bought what I wanted), for some yarny goodness at Yarnivore.


Pure Silk by Debbie Bliss

I bought silk--pure 100% silk--finally. I have been terribly afraid to buy some. It is a tad expensive and I am terrified the kids or me will destroy it.

When I saw this sitting in it's little cubby at Yarnivore I knew it's destiny! And perhaps it'll be a super secret destiny!

My quandary? I want to start it NOW!! I have the pattern envisioned (mostly-I am still trying to figure out an edging--oo a clue!). But I am still banging my head against the wall with Lori's sock (still can't remember my special cast off) and of course theres all the other beauties hanging on to my needles (see that side bar--it's enormous!)...never mind my Leafy Spring Stole! I am dying to start that one as well. Of course I could start it once I finish the garter for Anne--and I really need to hurry up an finish the Swallowtail Shawl.

I love blogs--I just talked my self down. I will be patient and start the SSP after I finish the garter. And I NEED to finish that shawl. Heck I need to finish everything on that pesky side bat of mine.

On funny story from Yarnivore. I am not sure how long we spent there...a far amount. Lori enjoyed playing with the dollies and legos provided at the store, but then got bored and started running around giggling like a mad thing. Finally we get the hint and pay. And knowing us yarnies--it still takes a while to leave cause we're still talking. Meanwhile, I am chasing Lori around and scoop her up in my arms. And she's chewing on something. I never gave her gum or candy?

"Lori what are you eating? Open up!"


Yes folks, I pull a wad of roving (pink and purple unspun merino and possibly silk) from her silly little mouth. I guess the child need more fiber in her diet.

I offered to pay for the ruined wad; but Melanie told me not worry about it and tossed the icky wad into the trash.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Errata: Swiffer Re-Usable Cloth

Sorry folks, stupid error I thought I fixed, but in fact may have unfixed.

This is how the instructions ought to read for the following rows.

row 51: repeat row 1
row 52: repeat row 2
row 53: repeat row 1

Of the few that have made it on Ravelry none have caught it, because this pattern is intuitive.

I am nearly finished with the second cloth (which is how I caught the mistake--I don't have a stable of copy editors, yet) and unfortunately I couldn't squeeze two cloths out of one ball of Lily's Sugar and Cream. I had three inches left with 3 more rows and a cast off still to go.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meet Ups and New Obsessions

Last night, we had our March San Antonio pot luck and knit fest.

Great fun was had by all...if I mention half of what happened I would have very very interesting and inappropriate ads on my side bar. I brought Texas brownies with some Irish baked in (Irish Cream--oh it MADE the brownies.) I put the recipe in the pages at the Ravelry ACK group.

I showed off Jamey's stitch markers and sold three sets. Woot! I also showed off my bee row counter. Seriously get yours total I have sold 5 sets.

Bee Row Counter

I have requests for this too...I got the idea from TurtleGirl. Added my own touches and voila made just for me. Wendy things I should make some for lace charts that have 20 repeats. I love it because it's got bees!

I made reference to the chocolate Jamey brought me when I was in desperate need of it. I finally got it out of my camera...I ate the lady bugs and beetles, but the bees had to have a photo op. But even then in the end they got eaten as well.

Bee Candy

On the heart socks front: I am having serious issues with my cast off. I can't remember how I did it. I wrote it down...and now the instructions make no sense. Le sigh. I'll get it eventually, but right now it's ever so slightly aggravating.

Almost forgot: I finally have my caralets on sale on the shop as well.

Boysenberry Caralet

Just a taste...

All of them are also available for me to knit up for YOU custom in any color you want.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I have got to thank all of y'all who have bought my Swiffer Cloth pattern. In hours of its release--I had dozens of downloads! I have received so many sweet comments, my teeth are beginning to ache. Thank you!


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New Knitty!

Spring 08 Knitty is up!

I am really pleased with this issue. My eye, went straight to the lace shawl, Laminaria and to the lace scarf, Lace Ribbon. I am such a sucker for scarves. I also LOVE the Posey socks--totally innovative.

There is also three very cute sweaters, Jaden, Majorie, and Yosemite. They are totally cute and I am almost afriad to make them for fear I will ruin them.

There is an article this issue that is AWESOME! Multisize ME! I will be printing this out and it'll become dog eared and ugly.


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Friday, March 7, 2008

Ready Steady Go!

Finally, I am releasing the Swiffer Cloth pattern. Jamey thought I was nuts just for offering it on the blog and not easy peasy PDF form. So after a few days of work and tweaking (pixel issues)--it's all set.

Swiffer Cloth with Mop

Have at it!

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Tickled Green!

My friend Brenda posted some pics of her Monkey Socks in the yarn I dyed for her for Christmas. (Take a look!!)

They are so beautiful! It's so cool seeing something I did being used--which is a duh moment because OF COURSE she's gonna knit with it. I can't wait to see the socks in person.

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Feeling Lacey

Working on Anne's shawl made me yearn for some real lace. So I picked up the Swallowtail Shawl to work on during the storms we had yesterday. (After the parched winter we NEEDED a good soak--it rained all day, had a nice quiet power outage--no loud children's shows--, and then some high powered winds) I think I am nearly to the half way point--a few more repeats. But then again--I could be wrong--I need to do a stitch count to be sure.

Lace was particularily calming when The Mood hit me like a brick yesterday. I texted my husband to "Pleeeeeeeeeeease bring home chocolate." When he came in he asked how i was feeling and said--ick--I was beginning to get a headache. To which replied, "Maybe you don't need the chocolate then."

"Sure, if you want to see my head start spinning around! Gimme!!"

No new pics--since the weather was so dark yesterday.

But knitting the shawl woke up some knitting bunnies so I sketched some notes for a stole that's been in my head for a while now. Once the needles I am using on the shawl are free: I am off to start Spring Stole (tentatively titled). Yippy skippy!!

On a side note: I am trying to convince hubs to let me go to the Yarn Barn for some needles...wish me luck!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Lace Doctor is IN

Once again I forgot to properly document a lace surgery. I didn't think of taking a before picture of the lace with all the dropped stitches, until I was nearly finished fixing it.

Fixed Dim Fischer

I am quite proud of myself though--this is my friend Anne's shawl and I have never worked with this pattern before or studied the pattern before today. Yet it's all fixed and looks beautiful. I don't think you can tell where I re-knitted the dropped stitches. (They are the ones that are on the needle--about 3 or 4 rows down).

Fixed Dim Fischer Close Up

I am still working on Lorelei's sock--rather staring at it and thinking about working on it. It's annoying working on the fix without being about to lie the problem flat.

Purple N**s

Stop LOOKING at me!

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Whistling Dixie

I am wondering if I have totally lost it. I've been ignoring Lorelei's sock ever since I laddered down...I have to be in the right mood and it has to be very quiet in my house for me to repair lace work. I am wondering if I bit off more than I can chew--especially when I counted the rows I laddered: twelve! Ack!

I think part of the problem is that I can't really stretch the area out it's easy to loose the "rungs" of yarn.

I am also hungering for some reallace. The kind with itty bitty airy yarn. Sigh, but I have to sneak it around Lori--she's quite the task mistress.

And I totally forgot to tell James to upload the Swiffer Cloth pattern when he came home. He setup the shop and I have NO idea how he uploads the patterns.

Back to the mine of lace sock repair--actually I lied--it's off to bed. I am still getting over the stomach bug and I am wiped.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Donning my Gloves

Looks like I've got more knitting surgery on my hands. I noticed a mistake a repeat down in my sock. I really don't want to tear back since I am just about done knitting the heel. I've already laddered back, but haven't had a good moment of concentration to perform my "work". I have a quadruple decrease to reverse engineer. Fun fun! I knew my numbers were too good to be true...poot.

Sock Surgery

I also have a shawl from Anne that she wishes me to fix (it's the turquoise one--she's got lot's of shawls on her needles). A sick weekend got in the way of some lace surgery.

This evening I should have the pattern up for the Swiffer Cloth as well. I am knitting another one up as a test and because I need more. But it's a simple pattern so I don't need to wait for a successful test.

Swiffer Cloth with Mop

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Leap Day Fun!

I am very behind. Read further down a few posts for WHY? So we have an abundance of posts for today.

Leap Day--was a fantastic day!

Anne and I met up with a knitter we met through Ravelry. She's from Sydney, Australia and was in San Antonio for a conference. Being the friendly sorts we are (when she asked about local knitting stores and restaurant recommendations) we offered to take her out to local eateries and our beloved Yarn Barn. It's becoming quite the tradition to take out of towners to Blue Star Microbrewery. They have an awesome menu and a terrific homemade root beer. (Jamey was off and watched the kids and Anne's grandson-so it was a wonderful child free afternoon). I stuffed myself with a fantastic tortilla soup and a salad. Then on to the Yarn Barn.

For three hours or so. Aww it was great--we left at 5.30, only because they closed. Because Yarn Barn is going out of business (read why here, everything was 20% off or more. We had a grand time. We all made off like bandits. The other's more than myself...grin.

Wrapped in ComfortSkacel 100% Merino Lace

Wrapped in Comfort by Alison Jeppson Hyde and Skacel Merino Laceweight in what I like to call wildflower. I have been salivating over this book since it came out. I really like Alison and love her blog. While I don't normally buy pattern books--I wanted to support her and I am really intrigued with her shawl construction. I was also pulled in by the fact that each pattern has a story. Anne, Cecilia and I each bought a skein of the merino and we are all going to knit the shawl called Michelle, as a remembrance of this wonderful day and the start of a great friendship.

Collinette JitterbugDrops Alpaca

I bought the Jitterbug for my friend Leah, because it's BURNT ORANGE. It's been calling me for months and it was the last hank in the cubby and it was time that that poor hank went to a good home. The two hanks is Drops Alpaca, it's a light fingering. I feel in love with this color--it's rusty, but with bits of blue, borwn, red, and green in it--like autumn.

Vineyard Silk ClassicVineyard Silk Classic

I bought the embroidery thread and beads for some more caralets (beaded, lace bracelets). It's silk, I normally knit them in cotton, but I want to try something more elegant.

0000 dpns

Yes, those are size 0000 dpns...that's 1.75 mm. I can't wait to try them out using some cotton thread. Oooo!

I actually put some yarn back...I was eyeing some more jitterbug for myself in Saraha--beautiful shades of purple, cream, brown, black, sounds weird but it was beautiful. I had to go sit at the tables and start knitting because I could feel myself going crazy with all that yarn, needles, and books...not to mention the racks and racks of patterns. I think all three of us sat at the tables sorting through our piles, stuff to definitely buy, maybe buy, and I don't reeeeaaly need this. Anne bought three of Barbara Walkers stitch dictionaries. Now--if I need a stitch pattern--I can go to my library of Anne instead of the San Antonio Library (who has nasty late fees).

I am looking forward to our friendship KAL--I just need to wind that massive hank of lace weight--1375 yards!! I know I have other things ahead of it in queue, but--it's for friendship!! We'll see how far that flies with Jamey.

I was also spotted by a fellow Ravelry member--she recognised me by my avatar and Anne shouting "Birdy" all over the store...grin. We had a good talk. We also met with two newbie knitters soon to be full on knitters soon under our careful "guidance" smirk.

All in all a grand day--the night not so much, but the day was a great way to spend leap day.

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Finished These Ages Ago

Spring Cleaning and then the Big Bug (yeah I know excuses)got in the way of me posting the pink Heart Socks pictures like I promised for Thursday.

The pattern is not quite ready yet, but I have details.

Finished Heart Socks

Pattern: Soon to be available...I used Cat Bordhi's Riverbed sock-itecture
Yarn: Knit Picks Essential in Petunia and white superwash wool and nylon blend in a yarn I can't remember. I got it at WEBS about 2 years ago. I used up nearly every bit of the KP Essential.
Needles: Size 1 (2.25 mm) bamboo dpns by Clover
Notes: It was a pair of socks for my niece and my first pair of real socks to be completed (my knee highs are still not quite finished). I really enjoyed this pattern and it's creation and I am quite happy with it. And I LOVE the Riverbed Arch increases--I can't wait to use it for socks of my very own. These are socks for a child shoe size 12-2.

More Pictures!

Finished Heart Socks

Finished Heart Socks

I've got a few test knitter's lined up for adult sizes as well. I am finalizing the pattern with Lorelei's socks.

Lorelei's HeartSocks
Haven't been able to take a truly current picture though


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A Tale of Sickies

Urgh. It's been sick-ville at Birdy's house--consequently no blogging and very little knitting.

Just today have I been up to knitting or blogging. It all began Thursday: while I indulged in some Spring Cleaning--Mic was coming down with the first signs of a nasty stomach bug. He went through 4 pairs of under wear and pants before 2 pm. Despite all that we got the dining room cleaned up and Mic's room totally cleaned and even washed the carpet.

I knitted a bit that night and got to use my finished swiffer cloth (finished it Wednesday night). (I took a picture that afternoon).

Swiffer Cloth

Swiffer ClothSwiffer Cloth

The bobbles work great and the seed stitch is a great scrubber. And it's reversible--you can poke the bobbles through to the other side.

Okay--after I tested my new cloth on the kitchen floor I sat down to knit on Lorelei's sock. Both kids had passed out on the floor and i was enjoying the had been a very loud day with Seth over (as Anne was helping me with the SC). I don't recall how much knitting got done, but suddenly from a dead sleep, Mic violently tossed his cookies all over the carpet and over some knitting books. Poor thing, would have gone back to sleep if I let him, but I walked him to the bathroom for a clean up and then ran back to rescue the knitting books. Luckily, the books were fine with a quick clean up. The carpet on the other hand was another story. Sigh. A good half hour of scrubbing was in my future.

Thankfully it was a quick bug (for him) and I actually thought it might have been allergies. He was a bit congested. Not so...

Friday was the last delightful day for this household (more in another post)...for Friday night I got violently ill. Then Lorelei got violently ill. So in between tossing my cookies and cleaning myself up, I was cleaning up Lorelei's tossed cookies. My stomach has settled (sort of) but Lori's did not--we've both been eating the BRAT diet and laying forlornly on the couch. Saturday, I managed to upload pics into flickr and that's about it. I slept most of today--along with Lorelei. And made sure to be quick with the vomit bucket for Lorelei. I did feel up to knitting today (finally) and am just turning the heel on her sock.

Jamey has convinced me that putting the swiffer cloth into a PDF is a good idea. So I'll work on that tomorrow.

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