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Grab your knitting needles and come relax with me.
Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Can't Take the Knitter Out of the Gal

I have been a huge U2 fan for years. For a time, I was quite, quite enthused and spent a great deal of time doing U2 related things. I have laid off of the enthused bit, a lot, although it does peek out from time to time. (Most noticeably when Bono or really any band member is on TV or in any sort of media--I tend to let out a barely audible "squee" and grin like a maniac).

Last night Jamey took me to see U2 3D at our local IMAX. Folks, it was fantastic and truly surreal. I desperately missed my mates (Phisto and Quimby share my U2 enthusiasm), knowing they would have got the joke in some odd gesture or expression -- Adam's expression when Bono groped his leg was PRICELESS! Despite the enormity of it all and having Bono "nearly touch my face" (it IS 3D after all). I thought knitting: whenever I saw The Edge, I thought how handsome he would look in a nice handknit hat. Maybe something like the Koohaas {Ravelry}...

So what do I obsess over last night?

The logistics of getting the beautifully knit, with a soft, fantastic yarn, hat to The Edge. Including the packaging (none except for a small note pined to the hat), who to hand it off to...this all assuming I could actually get to a concert and find someone "important," and making sure to include contact info. Because after all The Edge would want to know who to thank and to tell me that Bono wants some handknit socks for his tiny little feet.

Insane? Possibly.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

A Must Knit

I am supposed to be working on my second sock, I know, but I was browsing my regular blogs and oooo, Looking Glass Knits just released a to DIE for cardigan pattern, Radcliffe Cardigan. WOW! And it's not just because it's read, but it's a classical, fitted, wonderful work of art!

Now, I don't do sweaters. I wear them sure, but I live in S. Texas and given the amount of time it takes to knit a sweater versus the amount of time I might actually wear it (like 2 days!) But it's a cardigan, so it is versatile--it's so hot A/C is used like it's going out of style--and it's BEEUUTIFULL!

I am so knitting the sweater exactly down to the colorway.

Of course WHEN am I going to find the time to knit it--I'll find time what if Jamey doesn't have fresh underwear.


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One Down One To Go!

I finished the first heart sock for Ivy!

Heart Socks

I had Micci model them--they are a tad long, but Ivy is growing fast so I think it'll be perfect.

Heart Socks

I really am pleased how they turned out. Even though I got no response from my white trim question where ARE you loyal blog readers, I went ahead with the white trim and it looks AWESOME.

Heart Socks

I think the next sock will knit up fast since I worked all the kinks out with this sock--so here's to having it in the most by the end of the week!!

Lorelei is clamouring for her own and I got an email that Micci's tiger sock yarn is in the mail. I will be up to my eye balls in socks in February I think.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Designing On The Fly

So I was thinking yesterday--"Birdy, why don't we cast off the sock in white. It might make a cute trim on the cuff." I am planning either a picot cast off or a sea anemone cuff, and instead of casting off in pink; I would cast off in white.

What do y'all think?

I have about 3 more inches to go (4 heart motif repeats) and then I'll make the cuff (1 x 1 ribbing-'course that begs another question regular 1 x1 OR twisted 1 x1 ribbing--is the twisted too tight to fit over the heel??)


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Tuesday Tips: DIY Stitch Markers

I forgot Tuesday Tips last week, oops! Thank my swiss cheese brain.

Today's tip: clean, simple stitch markers.

A Birdy Dish

I use simple jump rings. You can get them in packs of a hundred (or so) in various sizes. I think I may have paid 99 cents? If not $2.99--no biggie. I use these especially for lace weight when you don't want big bulky stitch markers. I did have to use a tool to pinch the gaps away. I have two in 4 mm and 6 mm. They also work great for socks on small needles. Like I said small, unobtrusive and if you lose one you have HUNDREDS more.

And really all those fancy 20 dollar stitch markers just use these, some pliers, beads, and bead pins and poof fancy stitch markers.


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Making lemonade

I finally downloaded pics today--so a wealth of piccies for the next few days.

I'll start with pictures from earlier this week.

As I wrote earlier I "fixed" Phil vest my mom knit for him. (Totally not her fault pattern is wonky!)

So I did this:

A temporary fix, mind you...just so he could go out to Louisana to get his ex wife's car. When he came back I fixed it better, so no weird corset ties.

See looked very nice from the front.

When he got back into down the next day, I took it in on the sides and made it look more manly. He really loves the sweater, but now he wants mom to make him a blanket monster suit to scare Micci with.
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Birthday Yarn!

Only a knitter would get yarn for her son for his birthday.

Granted it IS tiger stripe yarn. Yeah like I need a another UFO! I've got knitting bunnies jumpin' out my ears here!

Aside: Yet another one started gnawin' on my grey matter during my massage yesterday.

I've been having Micci model the heart sock since they (Him and Ivy) both have (sorta) the same feet--so naturally he wants some socks too. I talked him out of Zebra socks (which they are out of) to the prettier and more interesting tiger pattern.

Speaking of my Heart Socks--the heel is done!! And I am working on the cuff. I've sketched out most of the pattern and will I do the second sock I'll finalise the pattern.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Been out all day. No knitty pic so here's a kitty pic.

This is where Gina spends her time when she's not laying in my lap, ignoring my knitting or my blogging fingers. Even though this snappy is a few weeks old, we still have our tree up. What it's not like it's Valentine's Day yet...besides it's pretty.

We got massages today--felt wonderful but I think I'll need A LOT more than one massage to get all untwisted.

Sock update: Almost done with the short rows...soon I'll be working the heel flap. If I get it finished before it gets too late tomorrow I'll snap a picture of the complete heel. What did you honestly think the whole sock would get finished? HA!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Yarn Review

Knit Picks Essential really holds up well to multiple froggings. Just so you know.

I knit all the way to the first row of the heel turnings (I had already short rowed the heel) and did a re-read and a stitch count (making sure I was on track). And lo' and behold--I can't read or do math. So I frogged back to the arch increases and I am adding the two increase rows that I neglected to knit.

Someday, this one sock will be finished!!

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Monday, January 21, 2008


May we always keep this in our hearts.

Happy Martin Luther King Day


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Blame Game

Okay okay, it wasn't blogger's fault it was my server's fault. The hosting company was playing fun and fancy free with the servers and changed the FTP access on me. All fixed and now you can see all the posts I have made this week. I haven't abandoned you.

Sock woes: I ripped and ripped and listened to that horrible horrible sound of stitches being ripped out. Shudder. I figured out what I did wrong in my sock math. Yeah we all know I go all wonky when it comes to math. I calculated the arch and heel length instead of the toe the toe was a inch too long before the arch increase. All torn out and already have 3 increase rows done.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hmmm, I think we have a problem

Let's all pretend we are frogs and rrrrrppppppiiiiitttt!!! Sob.

Side View

Yes, the heart socks are too big--a good inch unstretched too big. I had a bad feeling for a a day that these were too big, but I had hoped the heel would work it out...nope. I want this to be worn and fit nicely this year. So I tried it on Mic.

Front View

And they are obviously waaay to big. But guess what?!?!

SIde View

They fit me just fine!

Bottom view

Just dandy!! But they aren't supposed to.

Top View

Now the toe is too short for me--but after all they ARE toddler socks. So a frogging I will go...all the way down to just above the 3rd heart repeat. I had so much fun knitting the arch increase and the heel--and I will have fun knitting it all_over_again!

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weird Cats

The Cat Whisperer. I laughed so hard I was crying. Kittenhead used to get curious of the shower, but that was ages ago before he got fat. Although his favourite place in the summer time is the bath tub.
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Sorry for no posts

Blame blogger it's all their fault. Sigh.

Quick update: I am starting the heel on the heart sock. Woot! Did I mention this is my first heel flap? It'll be fun!

Today will be busy--I have some baking and cleaning to do for a knit club meeting (it's not at my house but I am getting picked up so let's pretend I am not a total slob).

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Friday, January 18, 2008

You Just Shouldn't

Knitting at 1 am is just a bad idea.

My heart socks weren't that bad off--I just mistakenly worked a patterned row on a non patterned row on ONE side of the heart.

Aside: Sometimes I think I have a knitting elf. I swear I have had mistakes before I go to bed and when I wake up poof there is NO mistake. Wooooooooooooo...

Celtic Tote

And the mistake on the Celtic Tote? The judge has ruled it a design element. Upon the light of day I was going to ladder down AND take pictures. Thankfully reason intervened and told me in no uncertain terms:

Birdwell, YOU are nuts! It's 7 rows down a complicated cable. But that isn't THAT big a deal really, because you are knitting the BACK piece of the tote and NO ONE will EVER see that tiny mis-crossed cable. So breath. Put those stitches back onto the needle and just calm down.

So all it well in my knitting world and no knitted thing has suffered as a result.

Celtic Tote

This was going to be a tutorial before I came to my senses.

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So if you notice down there (previous post) on that picture of my Celtic Tote. A cable is crossed the wrong way. It's not obvious, not really...and it's not distracting...but it's wrong.

I also spent the last 30 minutes try to figure out my new photo editing software (it's Corel Photo Shop Pro X -- I MISS my PS PhotoDraw!! I knew that program) to make a stupid &%^#@ circle or arrow or something!! Not sure why I can't do it. It IS nearly 1 am I should be asleep...but still I just can't figure out my new program. Anyways, my technoweeniness ranting aside. I can't show you a fancy image of what I did wrong. So just trust me--it's that last crossed cable, closest to the needles. It's an ugly glaring mistake.

Because, it's nearly 1 am--I don't really care it's wrong and refuse to ladder back or even frog back. So there--a DESIGN element. Poot. Enjoy!

Thanks everyone that has commented here, on Ravelry and via email that liked the heart socks. Sometimes I need the affirmation. Okay that's a lie, I always need the affirmation and praise.


Ha! I nearly forgot, I am totally lost in these heart socks. Not a good sign when YOU are the designer of said socks. Not sure what happened or what went wrong--I don't even know how to explain it...but then again it is 1 am.

Go to bed Birdy!


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Despite the overcast weather I got some Works In Progress snappies. All weekend and Monday I have been working on the I said I am jealous of knitters that can knock out a pair of socks in a weekend. Oh well.

Heart Socks for Ivy

Is is a snappy--so it's a tad blurry. It's overcast and icky out. But you can still see the heart motifs and the ribbon thingys there. I am having some issue getting the left leaning cables to behave themselves, but other than that I am really pleased. I am further trying to confuse myself by adding a purl stitch here and there to the sides as the gusset increases the stitch count--I also want it to go inline with the back of the leg once I knit that up. If that made any sense--nah didn't think so. It's confusing me too.

Heart Socks for Ivy

Here's the back, or the sole of the sock. I am loving the Riverbed increases! So pretty, so hidden, yet ooo peekabo when you walk. I can not wait to make some socks for myself using this architecture (but that means finishing the Neverending Socks).

Celtic Tote Progress

I have also been working on the Celtic Tote,'s a must faster knit and I worked on it mainly last week. I keep telling myself--Birdy, you MUST finish these socks of Ivy's!. This weekend I have been a good Birdy...but oooh I have been tempted!

Knitting Bunny!!!


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Tuesdays Tips

New feature! Tips, tricks, hints, and all around general advice.

Cheapo sock case

Viola! Cheap and handy sock suitcases.

I've drooled over fancy sock suitcases and broke a few dpns that were allowed to run loose in my knitting bag. However, I like to spend my money on yarn and needles. I can invent notions. Today's notion? Eyeglass cases make perfect sock suit cases. They're available for a dollar or if you're like me you have several kicking around from years of eyeglass wearage.

Cheapo sock case-open


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Monday, January 14, 2008

Turtle Slow

They say slow and steady wins the race. Hmpf...not when it comes to knitting. I love the process, but still I envy the knitters that can finish a pair of adult socks in a weekend. Me...I worked on toddler socks all weekend and I got 2 inches?

They are progressing well though. I am happy with the heart and ribbon design and I just started the arch increases for the Riverbed architecture from Cat Bordhi's new book. I am really excited to try this architecture for a Me sock. My first (and only) pair of socks I did a toe up sock with short rows. They came out great (well came isn't right, I am not quite finished knitting them, BUT I am well past the heel on the second sock), but I have a high arch and so the sock is tight over that bit of foot that meets the leg (WHAT is that bit called???). I am expecting the riverbed will fix that.

If I can get my camera to give me my pictures, I'll put some up snappies of the heart socks.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm calling it CRAY-ZEE!

Ms Amy from Knitty is out of her mind. Literally--I got proof--just LOOK at her blog. You can see it plain as day. She's nuts. Too much Knitty work and she has left her senses (her Canadian cents!).

Sadly--I can see this coming for me. (Lorelei will someday totally separate me from my senses) And I see the allure. Sometimes, when I walk by the needle section in my Hobby Lobby and see the size 0 16 inch circs, I pause....and wonder. Then I STOP myself.

But when I start talking about seriously doing this call my husband and let him know that it's NOW time to take away my needles and take me away to a nice quiet soft place.


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Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's so preeety

I just coined a new knitterly term: sock swoon.

Just after I saw these bee-uuu-tiful socks from Cookie A. I want them! Not sure though, since I have freakishly skinny feet. Smaller needles, thinner yarn?

But they are so pretty...

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Code Blue!!

Once again--Dr. Birdy is being paged.

I dropped a mess of stitches on the Swallowtail on row 5 on the 7th repeat of the second chart. Causation? Improper securing of circulars.

Luckily in lace surgery, although prep must be done ASAP, the actual procedure can be put off. You want to be calm, cool and collected when you are messing with fine thread. I noticed I dropped the stitches when I pulled out my knitting after dinner...I was so looking forward to quietly knitting lace. Instead I worked a few rows on the Celtic Tote.

And collected myself.

I didn't take pictures of the surgery because I have no good way to photograph it without major blurry issues (and the good camera has low batteries). And it just may be too graphic for some was a mite ugly this time around. It was a new pattern, 2 decrease stitches and a some yarn overs. 3.5 rows down as well...not too deep...I've done deeper in the Adamas, but I knew the Adamas. I actually had to go back once and redo. But ya know what--you can't tell I fubar'd.

I really wish I could explain the surgery--a big part of it is experience and a knowledge of how the stitches fit together. You need to see the big picture AND the little picture. And now I am making it sound all hoighty-toighty--see--suck as a knitting instructor.

Hmmm--next time I drop a ton of stitches I'll wait until day light and see about documenting the grisly details.

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For 4 months I will spontaneously dance around and whisper WHIBSIB is almost here! FREEDOM!!!

My knitting group had a yearly retreat in the Buda area--it's pronounced beeeeuuuuuda. I kno, but it's a Texas thing. Anyhoo--the retreat is called "What Happens in Buda STAYS in Buda" hence WHIBSIB. This year we are staying in cabins (like last year) in Wimberly (a bit outside Buda). It's three days and two nights with no kids and no husbands! Just the girls and lot's and lot's of knitting!! And maybe some yarn shopping at the Alpaca farm.

Because I am SO excited--I am also making every one name badges. Every one is excited and thrilled I am doing this. LOL I am totally doing it for me because of my swiss cheese brain. I need help putting faces to names. I bought a bunch of wooden shapes and paint yesterday and ooo I get to be crafty!

So expect the random snoopy dance as I look forward to my retreat.

Last night, I escaped the house to knit with adults--I had little kids hanging on my legs as I tried to reach the door, so it was a definite escape. Most of the gang couldn't come, but heck I would have been happy to knit by myself with in kids...but luckily Enid came and we gabbed and knitted and had a great time. Afterwards, I spent my Borders' giftcard on a neat knitting reference book, The knitter's Companion. Normally I don't buy books at those big boxes (I prefer used books stores), but this book is normally used until it's in pieces...or pried from some one's cold dead fingers.

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Monday, January 7, 2008


I am really really enjoying the Celtic Tote.

beginnings of a Celtic Tote

I am further along than this-about two inches further along. However, I am being bad--I should be spending more time knitting Ivy's Heart Socks (need some good sun time for pictures), but the tote is so darn addictive. I don't know if it's the larger needles and yarn or what, but it's so fun!

Out and about today we managed to stop by Michaels and I persuaded Jamey I needed more wool to for this gorgeous thing (ravelry link). It's a doily pattern, but with worsted weight yarn and bigger needles, it'll be a great lap blanket. And it's so pretty! I think I'll do this one instead of Hemlock Ring (another Ravelry Link) by Brooklyn Tweed (sorry BT) but I love that the outlaying pattern changes up a bit. I bought 5 skeins of Patons Classic Wool in Rich Red (of course red)--it was on clearance. It won't go with the orange chair in the living room, but hey I like red. It's still far out in my queue--it might be my list for next year when it gets cold.

Ack, my LIST! It just keeps on growing! Of course, Ravelry doesn't help--they're a big bunch of enablers. I've got Lorelei Hats, shawls (and more shawls), scarves, wrist warmers, cardigans... Heck this blog should be called: Birdy Must Knit!

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Friday, January 4, 2008

A Sweater for Moi?

I keep seeing the Minimalist Cardigan on the Knitting Blogosphere (here, here, and here). I can't help but be inspired to make one for myself.

I am not a sweater knitter. I live in S. Texas--I get to wear sweater for a total of a week (and not always in the same span of 7 days) during the "winter". So what's the point of spending months (I am a slow AND distracted knitter) knitting a sweater I might wear for only a day or so--AND stink up with my pesky BO.

However, it's a cardigan. It's light, it's cute, and it's just the thing for the overly A/C indoor Texas. I am tempted by the wool or alpaca blends--but really in S. Texas. I wonder if a cotton would work??

- - - - -

As if I don't have enough WIPs...I started a new one, BUT I had to--no bunnies involved this time tho'. I made a promise to my niece this summer to make her birthday socks. I started them yesterday so far I am past the toe and nearly completed the first heart repeat. Her birthday is later this month--I am hoping these knit up fast since their so little.

Lorelei isn't impressed--she thinks Ivy won't like the yarn. I told her she isn't getting the yarn but the SOCKS...and not to worry I will make her a matching pair.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008


A new meme is thundering across the knitting blogosphere...and it's not really knitting related. The ladies at Mason Dixon Knitting wants us to show them and everyone else our recipe boxes.

I don't use boxes per se, I favor 3 ring binders and page protectors. I have enough clutter issues without having loose bits of paper in my kitchen. My mom had one--it was so cute too, but it was mainly a big mess.

First though, I started a family tradition of giving a new family recipe book as a wedding present to the new couple. (Despite the fact that the first and so far only recipients are now divorced, I will continue this tradition with my remaining siblings and my divorced sib when he remarries. He gave the recipe book back to me and I now have a template of my creation). I am really proud of how this book came out.

In addition to the recipes from both families, I included stories and photographs of the bride and groom. Many of the recipes came from me--expounding on my Mom's old recipes.

Jamey's family has some awesome recipes his Mom put together for us for Christmas. Jamey had transcribed a few of those years earlier and I added our new family recipe faves. I also have an old faithful Betty Crocker cookbook from the 60s, I use for basic recipes.

Someday, Jamey wants to do make a recipe book like we made for Phil and Ashley for his family, but bound in a 3 ring binder.

You know I do have a recipe box, I love it because it is bee themed, but it's just decorative.


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Yarny Goodness

In all the Christmas and New Years rush, I forgot to show off my birthday yarn.

Two of my local knitterly friends got me yarn for my birthday. I feel loved!

Leah presented me with this on her birthday (the 22nd) as a late birthday present...LOL. She said when she saw the yarn she immediately thought of me. Gee I wonder why?

Leah sees a lovely red sweater for Lorelei.

The on the night of Anne's Christmas party on the 29th, I was presented with this enormous hat box.

So much yarny goodness--I don't know where to start!!

Yesterday, I took the kids out to the post office to mail packages--my reward was a trip to Hobby Lobby. I mainly wanted some ribbon for a cardiganette and while I wandered past the yarn section some beautiful purple yarn jumped into my hands. It'll be perfect for yet another Lorelei Hat (can you tell I am drowning my sorrow for Lorelei's shorn hair in yarn).

The purple ribbon will look so cute with a Rose of Sharon hat I will knit for Lorelei.

I decided to further torture my children and dragged them to Hancock Fabrics for a button for the Celtic Tote. I happened upon the yarn section (looking for size 9 dpns--couldn't find any) and what did the kids see. Dozens of bolts of fleece--50% off fleece.

Mic zeroed on a tiger print.

Lorelei went for the hippo pattern.

It was on sale!!! Now I am in the process of cutting and knotting fringe. It tedious, but Micci is SO excited to have a tiger print blanket.

I also started socks for my niece, I promised her special pink heart birthday socks.

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