What is a Knitting Bunny? Where do they come from?

Knitting bunnies are what I call my design ideas. They multiply like...er, bunnies. Usually while I am knitting the bunnies will start to form. If I don't knit out the bunnies, like true rodenta they will chew their way out of my brain.

Now, what inspires me? Yarn inspires me. I frequently get my ideas from colorways and I only buy yarn that has a purpose.

I also get ideas from stitch pattern dictionaries. I am always borrowing Barbara Walker books from the library. I am hoping to someday by my own set.


I'll most likely record my Knitting Bunnies here, unless there super secret spy bunnies, but most likely I'll blog it as well.

As of right now--I've had a knitting bunny in the form of a lace shawl. I am currently knitting an already published pattern to learn the construction (this is appeasing the knitting bunny) and after I finish one more shawl, I'll be ready to start sketching and swatching a new lace shawl.