Behind the Knits

All your questions answered! I'll use this space for questions, tutorials and all the stuff that goes on behind the knitting needles and in my brain. Like many things in the creative process, it's like making sausage. You enjoy the end product but sometimes you don't really want to know what goes in to it. But if you're like me--you like that too.

If you have a question or a suggestion for this space, please email me at birdy at birdysknits dot com. (Ya know the drill--make it look like real email addy replacing words with the appropriate symbols)

The most common question I get is: where do I get my inspiration from?

A: Everywhere. I look through stitch dictionaries, take inspiration from current fashion, and I take into account my hot hot. So you won't be seeing a lot of sweater patterns at Birdy's Knits. Sometimes the yarn comes before the design, some times the design comes first.