I'm Birdy. I've been knitting and designing for nearly 4 years--and I_can_NOT_stop. My mother knits (like a fiend--currently has over 40 UFOs! She knits in the DARK and at stop lights) and she tried to impart her knitting savy to me as a youngster. I was a cross stitcher--THAT was my thing and I just couldn't get my hands and fingers around these two needles and the yarn--it was just beyond me.

Until one Sunday evening, after dinner, my husband and I asked my mom to teach us to knit. Earlier that day we bought one of those learn to knit kits at Wal-mart. BUT we needed my Mother the expert to walk us through this path of confusion. And after 20 years of fog--the path cleared, the light shone, and I never understood why I waited THIS long.

After I knitted a green swatch--I was ready for a project! This was my first project.

A scarf--it was a pattern for a Harry Potter scarf--but I am not a fan of gold and red together so I used an off white and away I went.

I noticed something odd though about my stitches when comparing them to my husbands. They were oversized, but only every other row and they laid funny. Hmmm...maybe it's my tension... I was hoping it would work it'self out Then I figured it out--I was twisting my stitches. AH HA!! By then I had already gone through one color change-and I liked the look of the fabric. And poof I became a designer. I don't think I have EVER knitted something up exactly like the pattern said to. I quickly learned that plain stockinette bored me--so I would change up the pattern. I would get ideas for things to knit up when I was thumbing through stitch pattern books. Patterns schmatterns--I don't need a stinkin' pattern (okay yes I do--I enjoy many many fine designers, but I also have knitting bunnies and they too must be appeased).

I like scarves, stoles, wraps, and extremity accessories. Like most knitters I also have a soft spot for baby things. Now sweaters--have I mentioned it's REALLY hot in South Texas? I make them for my kids and my teddies and dolls--any bigger it's not worth the time of knitting when I get to wear to for maybe one day a year.

I hope you enjoy my store and my gratis patterns. Please let me know what ya think-I need the affirmation and I also love seeing the things people create using my patterns. If you send me pictures--I will put them up in my gallery.

My husband never got past his swatch--he can still knit, but his job drives him nuts and he finds playing computer games much more relaxing that knits--the silly man. But he IS the brains behind the heavy duty java script code in this website...everything beyond HTML and CSS is his work (that's all me). Genius that he is. My husband also created the bee buzzing around the yarn ball graphic (while the rest is again all me).

Speaking of graphics: why is it Birdy's Knits when I have this giant bee hovering over a delicious ball of yarn and I got all these beehives all over? Well, I love Bees. And most people DO call me B. (yes B with a dot). And Birdy IS short for Birdwell and Birdwell is a nickname and NO you may not know my real name--I hate it and once I can get the courage to break my Momma's heart I will go to the court house and get it changed.